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No Matter How Peaceful The American Freedom Convoy Is, Our Corrupt Regime Will Demonize It

Like those who only peacefully protested on Jan. 6, the truckers will be smeared as domestic terrorists by the administration and media.

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People's Convoy co-organizer: 'We cannot have what's happening in Canada happen here'

The People's Convoy is working with attorneys and sweeping its donation account "a couple of times a day" to put the money in a private bank, said Maureen Steele.

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Canada: Police Confirm Probe into Alleged Officer Texts Celebrating Trampling Protesters

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is "looking into" alleged screenshots of text messages circulating this weekend that appear to show Canadian officers celebrating police brutality against the Ottawa Freedom Convoy protesters.

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Exclusive — Single Dad Trucker: 'It Hurts Me So Bad' My Son Can’t Play Hockey Because He’s Unvaccinated

Christian, a Canadian-Romanian truck driver, said his son is not allowed to play hockey because he did not receive a coronavirus vaccine.

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US truckers organize stateside convoys set to protest COVID-19

A group of US trucker convoys are joining protests against COVID-19 restrictions and mandates in several cities.

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Why They’re So Afraid of the Truckers

“Nonetheless we will still need to react—and by that I mean react concretely—to the stunts of hooligan elements now active in Poland, whom the government has…

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Trudeau Invoked 'Emergency' Act Only After Biden Administration Urged Canada to Use 'Federal Powers'

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act just days after the Biden administration urged him to use "federal powers."

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Israelis Mount Their Own COVID-19 ‘Freedom Convoy’

An Israeli “Freedom Convoy” heads towards Jerusalem to protest against restrictions to contain the spread of COVID-19, near Ein Hemed, …

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BREAKING: Trudeau Will Respond To Freedom Convoy With Unprecedented Emergency Power: Reports

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will respond to the Freedom Convoy by using the nation’s Emergencies Act that would give the federal government additional power to counter protesters across the nation according to reports.

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‘They Can’t Stop Us’ Freedom Convoy Rolls into EU's Capital Despite Ban

A Freedom Convoy scheduled to take place in the de facto capital of the EU is to go ahead, despite authorities banning the demonstration.

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Citizens Protest Canadian Trucker Vaccine Mandates in Buffalo: ‘The World Is Paying Attention’

Demonstrations against Canada's trucker vaccine mandate have spread to Buffalo with a gathering set for Sunday at the Peace Bridge.

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Police Make Their Final Move at Ambassador Bridge

But the protesters have a reponse...

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Alaska Freedom Convoy Rolls on in Support of Canadian Truckers

Truckers traveled from Anchorage to Eagle River, Alaska, over the weekend in support of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, Canada.

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Canadian blue-checks are sharing an anti-Semitic flyer from Miami to smear the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa

Over to you, Twitter.