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The numbers are in: What’s in store for Israel’s population?

According to the nation’s bureau of statistics, Israel currently has 9,593,000 residents, with that number expected to cross 10 million at the end of 2024 and 15 million at the end of 2048.

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Rare, stolen 2,000-year-old silver coin returned to Israeli authorities in US

Quarter-shekel minted in 69CE was smuggled out of country to black market; international probe results in it finally being restored to Israel Antiquities Authority

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Rare First Temple-period document repatriated to Israel

The “Ishmael Papyrus,” which had been in Montana since 1965, was tracked down by the Israel Antiquities Authority

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IDF detains 17 Palestinians in series of raids following Sunday's terrorist attacks

  The IDF on Monday expanded its months-long Operation Breakwater to crack down on terrorists in Judea and Samaria in

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17 States Demand Answers From Ratings Giant Morningstar Over Anti-Israel Bias

Financial services firm Morningstar "may be furthering the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel," 17 attorneys general said in a letter sent on Tuesday and obtained by the Washington Free Beacon—and they want answers as to why


UN Reprimands and Reassigns Official Who Criticized Palestinian Terror Attacks on Israel

The United Nations forced an official who publicly admonished Palestinian terror groups for a spate of rocket attacks on Israeli citizens to delete her Twitter account and reassigned her to a new job, a U.N. official told the Washington Free Beacon.

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Israel Is the Bad Guy in the Eyes of the Media, Once Again

The fact that the media routinely view Israel's conflict with its terrorist neighbors -- PIJ and Hamas -- through a lens that finds a moral equivalence between both sides is not only bad journalism, it's morally repugnant.

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‘Operation Breaking Dawn’: Some 600 projectiles fired at Israel, Islamic Jihad leaders killed

The IDF has struck over 140 PIJ targets in Gaza since the conflict erupted on Friday • The Israeli military releases a video it says proves a Palestinian rocket was responsible for reported deaths of children in Jabalya • Sirens blare in the Jerusalem are

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After new Gaza strike, Israel says it's killed all Islamic Jihad leaders

IDF states that children in Jabaliya refugee camp killed by failed Islamic Jihad rocket launch, not by IDF airstrikes.

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US Army ‘Successfully’ Tests Israel’s Iron Dome in Live Fire Interception

US Army completes latest Iron Dome Defense System interception test. Photo: US Army Israel’s Iron Dome air defense passed its …

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Israel Exports to Grow 15% to Record $165 Billion in 2022

People are seen walking in an outdoor market in Jerusalem, Dec. 27, 2020. Photo: Reuters / Ammar Awad. i24 News …

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Biden staff removes Israeli flag from presidential vehicle - in Israel’s Capital, Jerusalem

'PM Lapid receives 'failing' grade for this visit,' Danny Danon responds. 'Scary to think what future diplomatic visits might look like.'

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NY Times Absolves Palestinians For The Failure Of Biden’s Preferred Two State Solution

The New York Times is obsessed with telling the world the false narrative that Palestinian Arabs are helpless victims in the Arab-Israeli conflict. It pushed the fake story again, that Israel is solely responsible for Palestinian misery, ahead of US Presi


Trump was a gift, Biden is the punishment

  Many Israelis are concerned over the US president's impending visit. His itinerary is already published, the subjects on the

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Jerusalem bridge displays Japanese flag in solidarity after assassination of ex-PM

'The city of Jerusalem sends its condolences to the Japanese people and mourns the death of a friend of Israel, a great leader of his people and the entire world,' mayor says

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1,600-Year-Old Mosaic Depicting Biblical Heroines Found in Ancient Synagogue in Israel

The Israelite commander Barak depicted in a mosaic in the ancient Huqoq synagogue in northern Israel. Photo: Jim Haberman The …

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Knesset disbands, sets elections for Nov. 1; Lapid becomes interim PM at midnight

After days of debate, lawmakers finally dissolve parliament in 92-0 vote, ending Bennett's year-long government; Netanyahu slams outgoing coalition as a 'failed experiment'

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Gazan aid worker convicted of embezzling millions for Hamas

Relying heavily on Shin Bet confession and classified evidence, court convicts Mohammad el-Halabi of diverting funds to terror group

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Poll: 56% of Israelis want current government's term to end

  The majority of Israelis want Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s governing coalition's term to end, a Channel 12 News survey

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BDS Doesn't Care About Palestinians... Its Response to General Mills Jerusalem Factory Closure Proves It

Boycott, Sanctions and Divestments (BDS) supporters have been celebrating over the past week following an announcement by American food giant General

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Boycott advocates claim victory as General Mills divests its Israeli dough operation - Jewish Telegraphic Agency

The company said it would sell its stake in a Pillsbury factory operating out of East Jerusalem, in a move carrying echoes of the 2021 Ben & Jerry’s controversy.

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2,100-Year-Old Farmstead Found in Israel’s Galilee

The ancient farmstead uncovered in the Galilee. Photo: Assaf Peretz / Israel Antiquities Authority. i24 News – Archaeologists from the …

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CNN claims Israel shot Abu Akleh deliberately; IDF rejects report

Salim Awad, a Jenin resident who filmed the incident, told CNN that there were no armed Palestinians in the area.

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Israel is losing sovereignty over east Jerusalem

There are certain neighborhoods in east Jerusalem that would be life-threatening for Jews to step into.

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Staff in shock: Arabs riot at Jerusalem hospital after being told their family member died

Family members of patient who was evacuated to Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus rioted after being notified of his death.

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New Palestinian fashion craze: M-16 shirts – celebrating M-16 rifle used to murder 5 Israelis

The latest fashion craze in the PA areas and among some Israeli Arabs are shirts and pants with an M-16 rifle printed on them.

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Poll: 75% of Arab citizens believe Jews have no right to sovereignty in Israel

  Arab Israelis are constantly conflicted by questions of political and national loyalty, as the majority of them have little

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3 dead, 4 injured in ax murder terror attack in Elad, Israel

Police are searching for two suspects who carried out the attack | Residents asked to shelter in place

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Elder Of Ziyon - On Her 74th Birthday, 18 Reasons to Love Life in Israel

On the eve of the 74th Israeli Independence Day, the author shares the reasons she loves life in Israel

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Remembering Israel's fallen: Hero after hero

On Mount Herzl, row after row, hero after hero — All Israel's fallen soldiers are a personal matter for Israelis.

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'Simply a lie': Bennett spars with CNN anchor Amanpour over Jerusalem tensions

'No, sir, you cannot say that to me,' Christiane Amanpour tells prime minister after he calls her comments on settler violence, West Bank 'blatantly false'

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Israeli Army Shells Targets in Lebanon After Rocket Fire

The Israel Defense Forces shelled targets in Lebanon on Monday after a rocket was launched into Israel earlier in the evening.

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Malawi president plans to move embassy to Jerusalem, MP tells ‘Post’

Christian MP Joyce Chitsulo was in Israel on an Israel Allies Foundation Chairmen's Conference trip.


Watch: Arabs pelt police with rocks on Temple Mount

After Jews were forbidden from ascending the mount due to fears of provocation, Arab rioters continued attacking police.

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Police discover Palestinian ISIS supporter murdered eldery Jerusalem couple in 2019

  The Jerusalem Police District and the Shin Bet security agency have solved one of the more complicated cases they

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Israel Helps Seven-Year-Old Ukrainian Boy Evacuate for Eyesight-Saving Treatment at Tel Aviv Hospital

People fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine stand in line at the border crossing, waiting for entry into Poland, in …

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Palestinian woman stabs Israeli officer in Hebron, is shot dead

Officials say border guard, slightly hurt in attack, manages to fire back; incident comes hours after another Palestinian woman was shot dead in West Bank

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PICTURES: Palestinians Celebrate, Hand out Candy After Terror Attack that Killed 5 in Tel Aviv

Palestinians in multiple cities came out to celebrate a shooting attack by a terrorist in a Tel Aviv suburb on Tuesday evening.

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Terror In Israel Continues: 5 Killed By Terrorist In Bnei Brak Shooting

An Arab terrorist opened fire and killed five people in a shooting spree across at least two locations in Bnei Brak, a suburb of Tel Aviv, according to Israeli Police. This is the latest terrorist attack in Israel, coming after the two recent Islamic state-inspired attacks, one in Hadera and the other in Beersheba.

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Police Raid Israeli Arab Communities, Arrest 12 ISIS Suspects

The main concern on the part of Israeli security forces are copycat attacks.

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Police: Arabs accounted for 82% of crimes with deadly firearms | Israel National News

While Arab citizens account for an overwhelming majority of deadly weapons cases in the country, only a small number end up behind bars.

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Israel Thwarts Cyberattacks on Zelensky’s Address to Parliament

A man holds a laptop computer as cyber code is projected on him in this illustration picture taken on May …

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Israelis Mount Their Own COVID-19 ‘Freedom Convoy’

An Israeli “Freedom Convoy” heads towards Jerusalem to protest against restrictions to contain the spread of COVID-19, near Ein Hemed, …

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Fall of Afghanistan Shows Israel Must Rely on Itself

An Afghan soldier stands in a military vehicle on a street in Kabul, Afghanistan, August 15, 2021. REUTERS/Stringer A former …

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6 Arabs Arrested for Multi-Million Sheikh Jarrah Real Estate Forgery Scam

The suspects, using forged documents and inside information, allegedly stole millions of state-owned land in Eastern Jerusalem.

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Hamas Tacitly Admits That Israel Is Only Hitting Military Targets

A screenshot of drone footage of a Jerusalem-area house damaged by Hamas rocket fire. Photo: Channel N12 screenshot. The official …

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Understanding the Sheikh Jarrah Property Dispute

The entrance to the Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. Photo: Tamar Hayardeni/Wikimedia. JNS.org – The current dispute in Jerusalem’s Sheikh …

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Israeli EMS Roll Outs COVID Rapid Tests With Biotech Startup Nanosynex

Nanosynex's founders coordinated a donation of some 200 rapid testing kits as part of a pilot initiative with United Hatzalah.

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Special vessels show Jewish continuity in Israel after Roman destruction

The use of chalkstones vessels did not stop with the destruction of city in the second century CE as previously thought, but continued in the Galilee for at least two more centuries.

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Arab funding for Palestinian Authority down 85% in 2020

Arab aid for the Palestinian Authority plummeted by 85% in 2020, the New Arab reported Wednesday. According to the report,

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Israel's anti-government protests deepen Netanyahu's problems | DW | 20.07.2020

Thousands of Israelis have been taking to the streets to protest the government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis. Now, as Israel grapples with a second wave, Prime Minister Netanyahu is under increasing pressure.

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Netanyahu’s victory is an indictment of his indictment

The silver lining for Netanyahu of not having an immunity request on the Knesset’s docket was that long debates on his status would not be at the top of the news in the weeks before an election.

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Rather than drifting away, over two-thirds of US Jews feel tie to Israel -- poll | The Times of Israel

8 out of 10 survey respondents say they are pro-Israel; Netanyahu's support of Trump tops list of reasons Jewish Americans are critical of Israeli policies

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Balad leader Zahalka opposes recommending Gantz as PM

A Joint Arab List meeting on Saturday ended without a decision to recommend Blue and White leader Benny Gantz for


Netanyahu Seeking United Right-Religious Bloc for Coalition Talks | Jewish & Israel News

Laborers work on hanging up a Likud election campaign banner depicting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with his party candidates, …

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Archaeologists unearth 2000-year-old Hebrew 'Jerusalem' inscription - Jerusalem Post

The find is the first written evidence of the name "Jerusalem" found on a column drum dating from the Herodian period.

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Everything you thought you knew about religious Zionists is wrong | The Times of Israel

On issues of land concessions, religious freedoms and gay rights, the answers of community members may come as a surprise

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Israel Plans New Moonshot After Maiden Mission Fails | Jewish & Israel News Algemeiner.com

An image of the Earth and Israel’s Beresheet spacecraft en route to the Moon. Photo: screenshot. The aerospace company behind …

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New York Times: 'Israel Says' a Terror Attack Happened | HonestReporting

Why did the New York Times' first headline in response to a brutal Palestinian terrorist attack, state "Israel Says" when the facts were already known?

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As new anti-Israel threats emerge, students get crash course on changing campus environment

A four-day conference run by CAMERA in Boston teaches tools of activism, using words, facts, patience and plain-old courage to combat the scourge of anti-Israel sentiment on campus.

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Johannesburg councilor suspended for Israel support

“I would like to declare that I am a friend of Israel, and the city of Johannesburg is a friend of Israel! Shalom, Shalom!” she declared on Sunday.

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Palestinian Professor Who Led Auschwitz Trip Caught Justifying Terror by Aussie Dave | Israellycool


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The REAL Essence of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) Movement

In Syria hundreds of thousands of children, women and men are being slaughtered, and the world is silent but targets Israel. In Arab lands and countries around Israel women are raped and beheaded and the world is silent.

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A Curable Disease | Nurit Greenger | The Blogs | The Times of Israel

End the Wars of the Jews against Jews Discrimination of Jews by Jews is in the spotlight in Israel right......

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Dershowitz Rips Obama on Iran: Couldn't 'Negotiate a One-month Lease' - Breitbart

Famed defense attorney and retired Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz ripped President Barack Obama in an address to a conference of pro-Israel activists in Los Angeles on Saturday evening. Dershowitz, who backed Obama in both the 2008 and 2012

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Angry Iranians urge their government: Be more like Israel

Times of London: Iranians take to social media to denounce government's handling of hostage crisis in which Pakistani militants killed a border guard.