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The unhinged reaction to the new Israeli government

The shallowness of progressive Jews is creating a crisis for the Jewish world


Israel’s new government assumes control of ministries

“Now it is time to roll up our sleeves and get to work,” says Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Israel - the most extreme government in the history of the universe?

Many say that the Israeli election has given us 'Israel's most extreme government ever'. This article dismantles yet another false narrative

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Putting Netanyahu back in office can save Israel’s democracy

A majority of voters in Israel and a large majority of Jewish voters consider Netanyahu the most fitting candidate to lead the lone Jewish state.

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Knesset disbands, sets elections for Nov. 1; Lapid becomes interim PM at midnight

After days of debate, lawmakers finally dissolve parliament in 92-0 vote, ending Bennett's year-long government; Netanyahu slams outgoing coalition as a 'failed experiment'

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Poll: 56% of Israelis want current government's term to end

  The majority of Israelis want Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s governing coalition's term to end, a Channel 12 News survey

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Israel Thwarts Cyberattacks on Zelensky’s Address to Parliament

A man holds a laptop computer as cyber code is projected on him in this illustration picture taken on May …

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The Caroline Glick Show: Ep34 – The origins of the anti-Netanyahu coup

In this week’s episode of the Caroline Glick Mideast News Hour, Caroline was joined by Moishik Kovarsky, a tech guru who has collated the data collected by a group of more than a hundred volunteers who have analyzed all the prosecutions’ claims against Netanyahu and discovered their overwhelming falsity. Moishik compiled a timeline of the operation to oust Netanyahu. He walked Caroline through its stages from its beginning after the Likud victory in the 2015 elections through today. This shocking information that has never been revealed to the non-Hebrew speaking public.

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Howard Epstein – LETTER FROM ISRAEL: A CHANGE FOR THE BETTER IN THE KNESSET You do not need me to tell you that Israel has a new prime minister and that this is the first time that those words have been written since January 2009. Since then, Israel

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Netanyahu calls emergency meeting of right-wing leaders

  PM summons Knesset speaker Yariv Levin, Coalition whip Miki Zohar, the leaders of Shar, the Religious Zionist Party, and United

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Watch: The moment Knesset session called off due to rocket fire

See the moment the Knesset session is called off due to rocket sirens during attack by Hamas.

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Netanyahu to Bring Annexation of Jordan Valley, All "Settlements" to Cabinet Vote Sunday

Briefing reporters after White House released peace proposal, PM hails 'a revolutionary change from previous peace proposals'

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Why Did this Israeli Parliament Member Kiss His Mother's Feet?

He was just elected to the Israeli parliament and when he greeted his mother he bent down to kiss his mother's feet. This image went crazy viral.

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Taylor Force's Father Will Watch Israeli Knesset Vote On A Bill Inspired By The Taylor Force Act

On Monday, the Israeli Knesset will vote on a bill inspired by the United States’ Taylor Force Act, which will prevent the Palestinian Authority from receiving funds from Israel until they stop paying terrorists and their families stipends from tax mone

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MK: We’ll stop kite terror, even if it means major conflict, killing Hamas heads

Former Shin Bet chief Avi Dichter warns Israel may return to assassinating terror leaders, could target Gaza chief Sinwar

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Knesset Is World's Greenest Parliament | Environment News

The Knesset's 4,650-square-meter solar field consists of 1,406 photovoltaic panels that will reduce the Israeli parliament's energy consumption by a third.