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As Millions of Solar Panels Age Out, Recyclers Hope to Cash In - Yale E360

Solar panels have a lifespan of 25 to 30 years, but they contain valuable metals, including silver and copper. With a surge of expired panels expected soon, companies are emerging that seek to recycle the reusable materials and keep the panels out of land

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The Dark Side of Solar Power

Solar energy is a rapidly growing market, which should be good news for the environment. Unfortunately there’s a catch. The replacement rate of solar panels is faster than expected and given the current very high recycling costs, there’s a real danger

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Revolutionary new solar panels don’t need sunlight to generate energy

New solar panels that don't need sunlight have been invented and could revolutionize the green energy initiative.

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Scientists Finally Uncovered a Major Efficiency Flaw Holding Back Solar Cells

Perovskite has a lot going for it in our search for a cheap, efficient way to harvest solar energy. With a dusting of organic molecules, these crystalline structures have been able to convert more than a quarter of the light falling onto them into

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Opportunities of "Green Rate" for Ukrainians | Management.com.ua

Konstantin Kutik

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DIY Solar Power with Will Prowse

Want to build an awesome off-grid solar power system? My videos will teach you everything you need, no experience necessary :)

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Futuristic Solar Plants Plagued by Glitches, Poor Training - Scientific American

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

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After 40 Years of Hunting, Scientists Identify a Key Flaw in Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar panels are fantastic pieces of technology, but we need to work out how to make them even more efficient – and last year, scientists solved a 40-year-old mystery around one of the key obstacles to increased efficiency.

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Thermal Battery Could Power Solar Systems Overnight - Geek

Solar power’s whole MO is converting sunlight into electricity—so nighttime use is usually out of the question. Or is it? Researchers from Curtin University in Australia are developing a thermal battery that would …

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Why the Tide Is Turning for the Energy Sector

The increasing demand for electric vehicles, air conditioning and renewable energy are all helping to shape the future.

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See the Power of Storms Across the Solar System

While the tempests of Earth are not to be underestimated, our planetary neighbors can whip up whirlwinds of cosmic proportions.

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Huge solar storm set to slam Earth tomorrow | Daily Mail Online

The storm was created by a solar flare - a large explosion in the sun's atmosphere - which generated charged particles, according to the Washington, DC-based NOAA.

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Fifth grade girl builds portable, solar powered tiny house thanks to YouTube tutorials

5th grader Cassie Hilton built a solar powered, portable tiny house for a science project after watching YouTube tutorials.

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Cost of Clean Energy Seen Nosediving Into the Next Decade

The cost of renewables technology is set to keep falling into the next decade, boosting the economic case for clean energy, according to an industry group.

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A Huge Solar Plant Caught on Fire, and That’s the Least of Its Problems

Ivanpah, the world’s largest solar plant, is a glittering sea of mirrors that concentrate sunlight into three blindingly bright towers. Too bad it's so expensive.

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Knesset Is World's Greenest Parliament | Environment News

The Knesset's 4,650-square-meter solar field consists of 1,406 photovoltaic panels that will reduce the Israeli parliament's energy consumption by a third.

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NASA releases stunning five-year time lapse of the sun

The Solar Dynamics Observatory, which launched five years ago, has been recording breathtaking images of the Sun.

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Israelis to dedicate largest solar field in East Africa

Gigawatt Global will formally open $23 million project to power 15,000 Rwandan homes...

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Energy does grow on trees, thanks to Israeli engineers - Israel Business, Ynetnews

Business, Technology: The eTree looks like a real tree, but uses solar power for WiFi, device chargers smartphones, electrical outlets and even night lights.

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Kern County Renewable Energy Resources

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Lansing Companies | Land Investment, Development and Renewable Energy Projects

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Land Development

Strata Equity Group, Inc. a privately held and managed real estate investment and development company in San Diego California.

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The coming era of unlimited -- and free -- clean energy

Guest Post Inexpensive renewable sources will provide more energy than the world needs in less than 20 years. Even then, we will be using only one part in 10,000 of the sunlight that falls on the Earth.