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Astrophotographer snaps his 'clearest ever photo of the SUN' | Daily Mail Online

Andrew McCarthy, an astrophotographer from Arizona, layered 150,000 individual pictures of the glowing ball of fire to convey the intricate stunning detail of the solar system's largest star.

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Sunscreen, Clothing, And Other Coral Reef-Safe Alternatives

Harmful chemicals from sunscreen can leach into the ocean and damage coral. Here are some sun-blocking alternatives.

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Nasa probe will still be circling Sun at end of Solar System, say scientists

Nasa's new solar spacecraft is so indestructable that parts of it will be circling the Sun until the Solar System ends, eight billion years from now, scientists have said.  The US space agency launches its Parker Solar Probe on Saturday, which will trave

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Today the Parker Solar Probe Is Named for Him. 60 Years Ago, No One Believed His Ideas About the Sun. - The New York Tim

Eugene N. Parker predicted the existence of solar wind in 1958. The NASA spacecraft, scheduled to launch on Saturday, is the first named for a living person.

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The Greatest Public Health Mistake of the 20th Century

The recommendation to always use sunblock when outdoors and avoid sun exposure may be the greatest public health mistake of the 20th century.

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Here's why a massive 1859 solar storm still terrifies scientists

A modern Carrington Event-level solar storm has the potential to devastate global infrastructure, and we have no way to predict if and when one could happen.

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The Evolutionary Path of Virgo

The story of Virgo is that of harvesting time. The constellation is of a barrel where crop is reaped. This is the juxtaposition of the Zodiac (the place in which you are now in-between transitionin…

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Stellar Star Comparison Video Puts Almost Everything Into Perspective | Nerdist

In the span of a few hundred years, humans have gone from feeling very big — at the center of literally everything — to very small. We can thank science for

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The Evolutionary Path of Leo

Leo the ruler of the jungle. There is a reason why you rule, it’s because the Sun plays a vital role here. This is what the article is all about King/Queen. The Sun is the life of the party, …

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Evolutionary Path of The Sign Aries

Aries Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and is in its primary when learning to develop. Any planet you find here is learning to develop into the 11 Zodiac signs. For this reason, it is importan…

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Sun Has Likely Entered New Evolutionary Phase, Say Astronomers - Forbes

The Sun has likely already entered into a new unpredicted long-term phase of its evolution as a hydrogen-burning main sequence star --- one characterized by magnetic sputtering indicative of a more quiescent middle-age. Or so say the authors of a new pap

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Insulated Water Bottle Carrier with Adjustable Strap by MadebyPade

Carry your water in style, hands-free! This water-bottle carrier is insulated and has an adjustable strap so that you can wear it cross-body or over

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Here's what would happen if the sun disappeared right now

Inspired by this intriguing YouTube video, we're going to dive into the tantalizing...

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A Death by Suntan at Age 26

For years, Glenna Kohl pursued a tan, both in the sun and in tanning beds — which new research shows are far deadlier than once thought. By 22, she was battling the most lethal form of skin cancer.

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Sun Damage Pictures Slideshow: Sunburn, Melanoma, Carcinoma, and More

WebMD shows you how getting too much sun can take a toll on your skin, from sunburn to wrinkles to skin cancer.

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NASA releases stunning five-year time lapse of the sun

The Solar Dynamics Observatory, which launched five years ago, has been recording breathtaking images of the Sun.

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Power of the Sun: Elusive Solar Neutrinos Detected, a Cosmic First

Tiny particles forged in the heart of the sun have been detected for the first time, offering scientists a glimpse into the nuclear fusion core of our closest star. The subatomic particles, called neutrinos, are hallmarks of the dominant