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10 Rules of Skin Care That Help Korean Women Look So Young

Experts often use the word “revolutionary” when they talk about Korean skin care. It invaded the beauty industry a while ago and it continues to gain more and more admirers who swear that it makes a phenomenal change. Korean skin care has a few tricks and

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How to Make Warts Disappear by Buying Them

Even though warts are caused by a virus, they are susceptible to suggestion. Some people make warts disappear by buying them.

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Pictures of Viral Rashes

Your skin breaks out in itchy rashes, painful blisters, or crusty sores. Allergies? Eczema? The answer could be a viral infection.

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Summer Skin-Hazard Pictures: Stings, Bites, Burns, and More

Don't let spider bites, sunburn, poison ivy, chigger bites, and jellyfish stings sabotage your healthy skin. This WebMD slideshow illustrates what to watch for -- so you can stay safe this summer.

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Skin Health Quiz: How Does Your Diet Affect It?

Test your knowledge about how what you eat can affect the health of your skin.

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Home | MooGoo Skincare

Natural Solutions for Skin Problems. We make a wide range of natural and effective products for the whole family; including skin care, hair care, sun care, body care and dental care.

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Childs Farm baby moisturiser, cocoa & shea butter 250ml

Description Ingredients Directions Childs Farm award-winning, mildly fragranced, baby moisturiser contains some of nature’s finest ingredients. It’s been specially formulated to help protect and hydrate baby’s delicate skin. With gorgeous shea and

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Skin Cancer Symptoms: Pictures of Skin Cancer and Precancerous Lesions

Like many cancers, skin cancers -- including melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma -- start as precancerous lesions. This WebMD slideshow tells you how to spot the early warning signs of skin cancer and seek treatment.

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Yes, you can eat your way to beautiful skin. Here's how

Clearer, softer skin is within reach, says celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder. Here are some suggestions.

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How depression and anxiety affect the body

A new study shows different ways depression and anxiety affect the body, including digestive issues, skin problems, and arthritis.

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What to do about dry, itchy skin?

Winter is prime problem time, but there are remedies, including turning down the heat.

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Sun Damage Pictures Slideshow: Sunburn, Melanoma, Carcinoma, and More

WebMD shows you how getting too much sun can take a toll on your skin, from sunburn to wrinkles to skin cancer.

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Are you shaving wrong?

Razor bumps, breakouts, and scaly elbows: Take our quiz to get the truth about men’s skin care in 11 questions.

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 5 Signs Your Dog or Cat Has Allergies - Pet Insurance Blog – Pets Best Insurance

Learn 5 signs your dog or cat is suffering from allergies. By veterinarian Dr. Eva Evans for Pets Best Pet Insurance.

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The Problem With Adult Acne

Growing concern about antibiotic resistance is changing how dermatologists treat acne. They are relying more on chemical peels, laser treatments and other therapies whose efficacy for the skin condition hasn’t been extensively researched.