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Did you know Cleopatra Regularly Bathed in Goat Milk? - Famadillo.com

The renowned beauty Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, regularly bathed in goat milk specifically, to keep her skin soft, supple, and glowing.

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35 Genius Beauty Products You Should Own By Now

"This is a case for the FBI..." —Kris Jenner and me trying to figure out why these products aren't already in your medicine cabinet.

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Wildling Beauty

Skin rituals for face and body that lift, plump, sculpt, and tone the skin.

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If You Have Thin Hair, This 10-Second Trick Will Make Your Ponytail Look Twice as Thick

Celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton just shared a hair hack that is a godsend for anyone wondering how to make their ponytail look thicker.

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10 Rules of Skin Care That Help Korean Women Look So Young

Experts often use the word “revolutionary” when they talk about Korean skin care. It invaded the beauty industry a while ago and it continues to gain more and more admirers who swear that it makes a phenomenal change. Korean skin care has a few tricks and

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Best Food for Skin Health and Anti-Aging

If you want healthy, youthful skin, pay attention to your diet. Here, the best food for skin and all the nutrition info you need for beauty.

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10 Frizzy Hair Solutions for Smooth, Sleek Hair | Young Living Blog

Meta Description(2-3 sentences, SEO keyword loaded) Frizzy hair got you feelin’ down? Cheer up! Our list of frizzy hair solutions will have you—and your hair—doing the happy dance in no time.

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Cel | The Powerful Beauty & Health Benefits of Asparagus

A rich, nourishing moisturizer formulated specifically to heal and protect dry, cracked, hard-working hands. Made with moisture-rich ingredients to intensely hydrate your skin.

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7 Mistakes That Make Your Makeup Look Cheap | Bored Panda

Makeup is an integral part of life for most women. It’s their armor and their weapon at the same time.

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Lancôme and Photographers Duo Mert & Marcus Announce a Flaming Hot New Make-up Collection

/CNW/ -- Lancôme and Mert & Marcus unveils a unique make-up capsule collection. The world's leading luxury beauty brand and the photographers duo bring their...

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Best Hair and Makeup at the British Fashion Awards 2019 | POPSUGAR Beauty

We rounded up the best beauty looks at the 2019 British Fashion Awards, including Zara Larsson, Rihanna, Little Simz, Rita Ora, Emilia Clarke, and more.

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Jennifer Aniston makes 50 look like 30 — here's how she gets such flawless skin

From the products she uses to the treatments she stays away from, here are all the beauty tips that keep Jennifer Aniston's skin looking so good.

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Having Hair Issues? How to Stimulate Hair Growth Naturally

You are not alone in wondering how to stimulate hair growth. Actually, the average person loses about 70 to 100 strands of hair every day.

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4 Shocking Truths About Supermarket Shampoos - CEL MD

Bad hair days should be a thing of the past, so why are we finding ourselves getting more frustrated in our search for the perfect shampoo? Walking up and down the aisles in the drugstore, trying to find the best deal on a shampoo could be a complete wast

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The Makeup Industry’s Darkest Secret Is Hiding In Your Makeup Bag

Nine thousand miles away, in a remote village in India, children are risking their lives to bring you the shimmer in your makeup.

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We Need to Talk About These Over-the-Top Beauty Looks at the Met Gala | POPSUGAR Beauty

With the Met Gala — aka the first Monday in May — just a few days away, we're looking back at the most daring hair and makeup looks that hit the

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Celebrating the Feminist Who Knew the Power of Makeup

It wasn't always about the #nomakeup selfie .

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This Anti-Aging Concealer Is Selling Out At Target Because It Makes Dark Spots & Wrinkles Disappear

A good concealer is hard to come by, especially one that hides dark spots and wrinkles. Find the best concealer at Target and more at SheFinds.com!

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I Tried $139 Worth Of Red Lipsticks — & My Favorite Was From Target

We tried the most popular red lipsticks, and this $13 pick beat out the competition.

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How to Pick the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape: A Visual Guide | Allure

When picking out glasses, knowing your face shape can be helpful, so we consulted two stylists to help five staffers figure out the best pair of frames for their face.

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Glossier CEO Emily Weiss on why the company won’t sell on Amazon | TechCrunch

E-commerce beauty startup founder, Glossier CEO Emily Weiss, dished on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2018 this morning about some of the company’s top competitors in the e-commerce space, including Amazon as well as the forthcoming threat from Instagra

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Monarchs: Poetry in Motion

It's hard to justly express the magnitude and majesty, the sheer scale of what this experience can be, literally millions of butterflies dancing around you.

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How Often Should You Wash Towels?

Towels can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Here's how often they should be washed.

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Home | MooGoo Skincare

Natural Solutions for Skin Problems. We make a wide range of natural and effective products for the whole family; including skin care, hair care, sun care, body care and dental care.

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Dream Cream Body Cream

What makes Dream Cream so effective? It contains every ingredient nature makes for soothing sore skin! One of our proudest product achievements ever, we love this body lotion because it makes people happy. The calming blend of oat milk, lavender and chamo

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Childs Farm baby moisturiser, cocoa & shea butter 250ml

Description Ingredients Directions Childs Farm award-winning, mildly fragranced, baby moisturiser contains some of nature’s finest ingredients. It’s been specially formulated to help protect and hydrate baby’s delicate skin. With gorgeous shea and

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Yes, you can eat your way to beautiful skin. Here's how

Clearer, softer skin is within reach, says celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder. Here are some suggestions.

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12 Secrets We Learned at the Makeup Show Trend Report Event | Allure

We went to the Makeup Show Trend Report in New York City and learned foundation tips, blush tricks, and this year's hottest lipstick trend.

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How to make your hair grow faster. And 2016's other most Googled beauty questions answered 

How many times this year have you wondered how to braid your hair or questioned a beauty product before typing it into Google to find your answer?

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Students learn more from attractive teachers – even in online courses

A study had students listen to a lecture with a male or female voice and showed them a picture of the instructor. Those who were shown a picture of an attractive person performed better on tests afterward.

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The Women Who Won’t Wear Swimsuits

It was a summer to celebrate Olympic bodies and everyone’s beach bodies, too.

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21 Foundation Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know

​Life-changing ways to use foundation to create an even complexion, conceal dark circles, hide zits, and more.

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10 stunning Insta-worthy locations that are actually really dangerous

These incredibly remarkable spots will give you some serious wanderlust and photography envy, until you see how dangerous they actually are

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How to Keep Your Skin from Freaking Out in the Fluctuating Weather

Celebrity esthetician Joanna Vargas shares how to keep skin in shape with the constantly shifting weather.

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Best Anti Aging Skin Care - AnteAge Serums

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3 Super Easy Ways To Get Thicker, Shinier Hair | SELF

"I definitely work on my hair like I do my body," Greiner says. Nicole Winhoffer, another top trainer in NYC, has a ponytail that's as fierce as the aerial jumps she performs in class. "I treat my body like a temple, and my beauty and hair

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The Worst Haircut of My Life Sent Me into a Tailspin—Until I Found a Way to Fix It

A second chance for girls who got the short end of a bad style. Nothing makes me cry like a bad haircut. Nothing. Not even breaking up with
my boyfriend—which I did the week before I went to the salon and got what was the worst haircut of my life. A cut *so* bad, it sent me into a complete mental tailspin.

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11 Brilliant Beauty Buys From Target That You Need To Discover

If you ask us here at HuffPost Lifestyle, we hit up Target for the beauty buys. Boasting aisles and aisles of affordable goodness, the Target beauty section is the place to go if you're looking to glow without breaking the bank.

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Here's What 7 People Look Like With and Without Contouring

Contouring, while super popular, isn't for everyone — it's a specific look that takes T I M E and effort. That's why Cosmopolitan.com tasked makeup artist Jackie Seabrooke to work her sculpting magic on seven models who don't normally contour their faces. Here are their before-and-after shots and what each person thought of their new look.

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9 Nontoxic Beauty Products To Add To Your Routine - mindbodygreen.com

Sorry kids, but we're officially nearing the end of summer. As someone who's favorite season is fall (original, I know), I can't say I'm upset about finally getting away from melting makeup. However,

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15 Fashion Problems All Short Girls Will Understand

The struggles of getting dressed when you're short as hell are REAL.

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That Makeup Ad Is Probably Lying to You | TIME

Only 18% of all claims made by cosmetics in a new study are considered acceptable, according to new research released Monday.

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7 Summer Hair Trends You Need to Try Now!

Oh, summer—for your hair, the best of times (beachy waves, sun-kissed highlights) and the worst of times (frizz, frizz, and frizz). To ensure you've got your hot weather style game on lock, look to these celeb-approved styling and color trends to be your saving grace, one humid day at a time.

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Has Our Love for Coconut Oil Gone Too Far?: Daily Beauty Reporter: Daily Beauty Reporter: allure.com

There’s a coconut oil chart making the rounds on the beauty corners of the Internet that suggests a million different uses for the stuff. And it’s true that coconut oil is an amazing multipurpose marvel that works as a...

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Why Sideswept Bangs Are a Boho Babe’s Secret Weapon

With her long, blendable, disco-influenced bangs, fair-haired Elektra Kilbey-Jansson of Say Lou Lou is currently fueling our summer beauty inspiration.

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12 Mindless Ways You're Ruining Your Hair!

Dirty utensils—brushes, combs, straighteners, curling irons—recycle grime into fresh, clean hair, which can irritate your scalp and clog pores on your head. and for the love of god, please get rid of those things when they pass their expiration dates (yes, those exist).

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Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot and Beyond: Dressing like a Serge Gainsbourg Dream Girl - Vogue

In honor of Serge Gainsbourg’s birthday, the key pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe to dress like a Gainsbourg dream girl this spring.

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Blush Application - How to Apply Blush

Look. I hate everything more than Kanye West hates everything, but one thing I hate less than all the other things is blush. (I heard you say "weirdo" under your breath.) Why?

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Hair Contouring | How to Contour Hair

Loosely-defined, contouring is as an outline bounding the shape of something else. In beauty, we're most familiar with the term in the context of using makeup to perform optical illusions on our faces; defining the nose, cheekbones, temples, jawline, and even the creases in our eyes. (Merci beaucoup, Kim Kardashian.) But it's 2015, y'all, and regular contouring is so last year. Now, there's a new canvas for contouring: our hair.

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The T-Sonic™ Facial-Cleansing and Anti-Aging System

The LUNA™ combines facial cleansing and anti-aging in one sophisticated device. Just 2 minutes’ use morning and night leaves the skin looking naturally beautiful and radiant, while lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Advanced Serum Ulta.com - Cosmetics, Fragrance, Salon and Beauty Gifts

No7 Protect & Perfect Advanced Serum, for the first signs of aging. Clinically proven to be even more effective at visibly reducing fine lines. Younger looking, more radiant skin in just 2 weeks..

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Why Jennifer Aniston Would Rather Stay Home and Not Wash Her Hair

Plus, her top strand-saving tips and what’s in her movie-night queue.

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The Best Makeup for Dry Skin: 10 Hydrating Foundations, Blushes, and Lipsticks for Restoring a Healthy Glow

If the makeup you once counted on for an instant swipe of color or an all-over healthy glow is no longer packing the same transformative impact, it’s not your imagination.

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Scientists hail the most 'advanced anti-ageing serum' in the world - Telegraph

New research suggests skincare tailored to individuals' DNA may be the best way to combat the appearance of ageing

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Hair Inspiration: 15 Variations on Bangs from the W Archives | W Magazine

Thinking about bangs? From curly to straight, messy to fixed, see 15 examples of cool bangs here.

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Bangs From the Spring Runways - How To Wear Bangs From the Spring Runways - Harper's BAZAAR

Bangs at the spring shows ranged from the throwback to the classic to the totally out-there.

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10 Most Popular Haircuts of All Time

It's no secret that many of us take our beauty cues from celebrities. Marie Claire counts down the most famous and influential haircuts of all time -- some of which still work today.

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How To Get a Bronze Summer Smoky Eye - Step By Step Metallic Smoky Eye

Bronzes, coppers, and light browns make for a sultry date-night look and work on any eye color.

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20 Things Your Hairstyle Says About You - Marie Claire

Your strands are saying more than you think. Not only can your facial features tell you a thing or two about yourself, "your hairstyle can also reveal things about you," Jean Haner, an expert in face reading and author of The Wisdom of Your Face, says. Here, Haner tells Cosmopolitan.com what your strands most likely are saying about you...

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The Look And The Legend Of Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall, nicknamed "The Look," was one of the last remaining vestiges of the golden age of Hollywood — with the mythology, unique...

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The Biggest Photoshop Controversies

We look back on the most recent retouching scandals and the women who spoke out.

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10 Lipstick Rules To Live By

The perfect pout doesn't have to be a one time thing. Follow these easy steps to keep your lipstick game top notch.

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Moisturizers That Won't Drive Your Skin Crazy This Summer

Every summer has its tipping point, that moment when we go from being joyfully elated at the feeling of the warm sun on our skin to muttering obscenities at the air because it's just so effing hot out there. We call that the Slip 'n' Slide

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24 Fashion Photos That Will Make You Wish It Were The ‘60s

Fashion of the 1960s still inspires what we wear today. Watch CNN’s The Sixties for a better look at all the stylish things that made the '60s a great decade.

Style & Fashion | Fashion & Beauty

The Edgy (And Pretty Affordable!) Way to Dress Up Your Simple Stud Earrings

Nikki already gave us 15 reasons to make a little room in your statement piece-packed jewelry box for some dainty stud earrings. Now, the celebs are showing us an edgy, but elegant way to kick up those delicate studs—the ear jacket. Trendsetters Kat

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Good Crop: The Pixie Hairstyles We Love

From iconic crops to modern muses, these are the ultimate celebrity hairspirations for the shortest of 'dos.

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Your Summer Skin Issues--Solved!

Our editors (and favorite experts) make all your warm-weather beauty problems disappear.

Style & Fashion | Hair!

Bridal Beauty: Wedding hairstyles 101

Whether you’re getting married, being a bridesmaid or simply the guest of honour at a wedding this year, we’ve got the perfect wedding hairstyles for you: from classic up-dos to Boho down-dos.

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How To Highlight Your Face Like A Pro

It was blistering cold the day we ran into fashion blogger Rachel Dickinson. But the sun seemed to shine beautifully against her skin and hair, giving her this lit-from-within glow. While we would've attributed her healthy look to really good skincar...

Style & Fashion | fly diva stylez

How To ♥ ONE Step Ombre Nails!!!

Want more nail ideas? Check out my entire playlist to see all of my tutorials! http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2BF6E1304B0F6E0E Best makeup sponge to ...

Style & Fashion | Fashion & Beauty

Chill Factor: Reasons to Wear Sunscreen When It's Freezing Out - Vogue Daily

With temperatures hitting record lows across the country this week, a brightly colored tube of sunscreen may be the last thing on your mind, but there are still plenty of good reasons to reach for a daily dose of SPF when it’s freezing outside.