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The Everyday, Eco-Friendly Actions That Save You Money at Home

Small household changes—like cutting back on meat, embracing a wilder yard, and even repurposing your empty jars—can cut costs and add up to help our planet recover from generations of damage.

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What are nurdles? The petrochemical product is infiltrating the environment. - Vox

Nurdles are the second-largest source of ocean microplastics. Nobody’s responsible for cleaning them up.

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Canadian Scientists Develop Eco-Friendly Substitute for Palm Oil That's Good for Human Health

Scientists in Canada create a low-cost alternative to palm oil that uses a simple enzyme to turn liquid vegetable oils into solids.

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Do I really need to wash my recycling? – eteeshop

Rumor has it that recycling will be sent to the landfill if it’s not clean enough -- but is that true? And how clean does it need to be? Do I really need to scrub all of the residue out of my nut butter jars?

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Israeli Tabor Winery enlists wildlife for an eco-friendly vineyard

Israeli Tabor Winery enlists wildlife for an eco-friendly vineyard In 1999 – four Israeli families had a dream… and now, we can see the fruits of their labor, if you travel up to the Galilee mountains and check out the blossoming vineyards of the

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Metal drinking straw fatally impales woman in England

Elena Struthers-Gardner, 60, who was known as ‘Lena,’\u00a0suffered brain injuries in the accident at her home in\u00a0England.

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Google Express offers brands Israeli compostable packaging | ISRAEL21c

‘These products will offer retailers and customers an eco-friendly option for shipping and receiving packages.’

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6 Best Grills For Eco Friendly Healthy Grilling

Our guide to efficient, eco-friendly, sustainable grills.

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11 eco-friendly tips for indoor/outdoor living

Learn from two pros who packed all the best water-wise, low-impact, eco-smart ideas into one home–their own

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DIY: Make a Roaring—and Eco-Friendly—Wood Fire: Gardenista

Winter in New England comes suddenly. Learning to build a long-lasting, eco-friendly fire is a rite of passage for us cold-weather folks; here are the best tips and tricks that I've learned over the years: