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Shoplifting reaches crisis proportions

The uptick is tied to the ease of reselling stolen goods online.

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Why Is Tower Records Coming Back Now, of All Times?

It’s trying to offer something Amazon and Spotify can’t.

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Fry's Electronics abruptly goes out of business

Fry’s Electronics — a big-box retailer that grew rapidly in the 1990s with a chain of giant and sometimes wildly decorated stores — abruptly announced that it’s going out of business. The San…

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Coronvirus Impact: Pier 1 Imports to close all stores, cease retail operations - ABC7 Los Angeles

Pier 1 Imports wants to close all its stores for good as it struggles financially during the pandemic.

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EXCLUSIVE: Where Nordstrom Has Closed Stores for Good

Eliminating 13 percent of the Nordstrom department store fleet underscores the impact of COVID-19.

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Toys ‘R’ Us is back from the dead and will open U.S. stores in 2019 | AdAge

Maybe American kids will only have to live through one Christmas without Toys “R” Us.

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How Santa Monica Is Trying to Lure People Back to the Third Street Promenade

Can fun chairs, fake grass, and communal pianos make the outdoor mall relevant again?

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Physical Retail Is Not Dead: Boring Retail Is

The death of physical retail is greatly exaggerated. As retail performance bifurcates, middling retailers will lose out and close physical stores in droves.

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Apple's best-paid female employee earns nearly twice as much as CEO Tim Cook

Angela Ahrendts oversees strategy, real estate and development, and operations of Apple’s physical stores, online store, and contact centres.

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Guy Documents His First Week Of Work At Target, And It Couldn’t Get More Hilarious

If you thought that working at a retail store is boring, we've got news for you. Well, actually Tumblr user kimpossibooty does. He recently uploaded a very detailed and hilarious story about his first week working at Target, and it is pure gold.

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Is Amazon's First Brick-and-Mortar Bookstore the Future of Retail?

The online retail giant opened its first physical bookstore this past November, and the rest of the retail world should be paying attention.

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Amazon says 20th birthday celebration will be bigger than Black Friday | The Verge

To celebrate its 20th birthday, Amazon is introducing Prime Day, a "global shopping event" that the retail giant says will offer more deals than Black Friday. The deals will become available at...

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Facebook Needs To Prove It Can Drive Store Purchases

Facebook has become increasingly driven to correlate ad impressions on its platform with in-store purchases, seeing these cross-channel analytics as vital to its further growth as a marketing platform.

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Dozens of vendors jump on Apple Pay bandwagon - CNET

With the expanded list, Apple says its mobile-payments system now supports cards that account for 90 percent of credit card purchases in the US.

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6 Products That Can Only Be Made in One Place - Neatorama

Champagne is a lie! Your sparkling wine doesn’t have to come from France to be authentic. Here are six products that can really only be produced in one place on the globe.1. Cowichan SweatersLong before it accompanied him on his many misadventur

Style & Fashion | Style

R.I.P. Skinny Jeans | Co.Design | business + design

Fashion analysts have called the death of the skinny jean before, but this time around they mean it: Retail sales are flagging, and clothing merchants are increasingly anxious to lure shoppers back into stores.