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Creating a Human-Monkey Hybrid? Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should

Ethical questions have been raised after scientists successfully grew monkey embryos containing human cells for the first time. The feat...

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Cel | The Powerful Beauty & Health Benefits of Asparagus

A rich, nourishing moisturizer formulated specifically to heal and protect dry, cracked, hard-working hands. Made with moisture-rich ingredients to intensely hydrate your skin.

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Keep your childrens' baby teeth as researchers find stem cells in them could be used to treat cancer | Daily Mail Online

Keeping teeth that fall out during childhood could be a lifesaving move thanks to stem cells in young dental tissue, according to the United States National Center for Biotechnology.

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Stem Cells for Lyme Disease | A Natural Alternative

Over 329,000 people get Lyme Disease every year. Stem cell therapy helped celebrities and Kelly Osbourne fight it. Could it help you, too? (702) 547-6565

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Getting to the Root of the Problem: Stem Cells Are Revealing New Secrets about Mental Illness

A fresh wave of research involves reprogramming ordinary skin cells into those found in the brain

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The Stem-Cell Revolution Is Coming — Slowly

Where are the miracle treatments we were promised? A Nobel Prize-winning scientist explains.