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Don’t Forget: You, Too, Can Acquire a Super Memory

Learning a memorization technique used by elite memory athletes leads to widespread changes in brain wiring.

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Psychology is improving brain health and aging

Researchers are developing new interventions that can help prevent, identify, and manage cognitive decline.

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Five Ways Mindfulness Helps You Age Better

Research suggests that being more mindful in our everyday lives can protect our health as we age—and even help us live longer.

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Humans Could Live up to 150 Years

A study counts blood cells and footsteps to predict a hard limit to our longevity.

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Why Your Muscles Deteriorate With Age

Healthy muscles enable you to move throughout life and support the rest of your body. Without functioning muscles, ...

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Scientists discover anti-aging gene that rewinds heart age by 10 years

Researchers from England and Italy have discovered an anti-aging gene in a population of centenarians that can halt decay in heart function and rewind the heart's biological age.

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Top Longevity Supplements to Take for Anti-Aging

In this article you will discover the top longevity supplements to take to slow down aging, improve energy, brain, skin and immune health.

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3 Simple Habits That Can Protect Your Brain From Cognitive Decline

These three habits help your body, and also have a positive impact on your brain.

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Stop drinking, keep reading, look after your hearing: a neurologist’s tips for fighting memory loss and Alzheimer’s

When does forgetfulness become something more serious? And how can we delay or even prevent that change? We talk to brain expert Richard Restak

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Wildling Beauty

Skin rituals for face and body that lift, plump, sculpt, and tone the skin.

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Social stress can speed up immune system aging – new research

While the immune system naturally gets weaker with age, social stressors like trauma and discrimination can hasten immunosenescence.

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Are You Getting Enough Protein? How to Find Your Ideal Protein Intake

Get the scoop on different types of protein, their bioavailability, and how much protein to eat for muscle gain, weight loss, and recovery.

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7 Simple Indicators Your Body Reveals About Your Health

You don’t always need a doctor to tell you if you’re healthy. Every day, your body can reveal certain clues that reveal the state of your health.

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These 5 Yoga Poses Can Reduce Menopause Symptoms

During (and even leading up to) menopause, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Your body is changing in all sorts of ways over which it seems like you have no control. But you have more control over many of these symptoms than you think—and that’s where

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Seniors Who Walk For 30 Minutes Daily Cut Risk Of Death From Any Cause - Study Finds

Two new studies agree that staying active is perhaps the best way for older adults to live longer is to walk every day well into their golden years.

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Playing Golf Just Once A Month May Lower Risk Of Death In Older Adults - Study Finds

Fore! Researchers say that going for a round of golf at least once per month can lower an older adult's overall risk of death.

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Listen Up! Following A Healthy Diet Can Lower Your Risk Of Hearing Loss - Study Finds

A new study reveals a simple strategy that may effectively reduce one's risk of suffering from hearing loss as the years go on: eating well!

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Tune In to Your Body's Wisdom

"If we don’t listen to our body... it slaps us upside the head. Then we actually have a physical problem."

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Seniors Who Have Relations Regularly Are More Content In Their Lives - Study Finds

Even in our senior years, having sex regularly -- or even just fooling around -- can significantly improve wellbeing and contentment in life, a new study finds.

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Brain Regeneration: Why It’s Real and How to Do It

There are common substances, one of them is probably in your spice rack, that can help you regrow lost brain cells. Call it the Einstein diet.

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How to Protect Yourself From Inflamm-aging

Stress doesn't just come from your job or relationships. Bad food, poor sleep, and loneliness can all stress your body. Fortunately, de-stressing is fun.

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Hearing Aids Linked to Anti-aging and Protecting Brain Function

Staying sharp, mindful, and alert in our later years is easier said than done, but a study finds that wearing a hearing aid may help protect brain function in older adults.

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Learn to Age Well From the Real ‘Experts’

Some people age better than others. That's often because they've lived better than others thanks to wisdom and habits passed down for generations.

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Short, Brisk Walks Reduce Knee Osteoarthritis Related Disability: Study

A new study found seniors who engaged in one hour of moderate-to-vigorous exercise a week could reduce the risk of mobility disability by up to 85 percent.

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The wonder drug that could reverse the ageing process

Sarah Knapton visits the Mayo Clinic to report on how US scientists are trialling senolytics, which target the zombie cells that cause age-related diseases

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How to Sit on the Floor, Part 1: Cross-legged Sitting | Gokhale Method Institute

Sitting cross-legged on the floor is common in many cultures around the world, and has become popular in some segments of modern Western societies. This Druze woman who I met in Israel has sat cross-legged all her life. She runs a hospitality business �

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6 Reasons to Eat Chocolate

While milk chocolate is loaded with sugar, dark chocolate provides the many benefits of cocoa without the unfortunate side-effects of sugar.

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The Fascination With Fascia

Researchers and health experts are exploring the impact of fascia tissues, and ways to treat ailments that come from fascial degeneration.

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These 100-year-old retirees are running, teaching yoga, and living their best lives. Here are their secrets to happiness — Money

Orville Rogers is 100 years old and routinely breaks records at track meets around the country. Sure, the World War II veteran doesn’t have much competition in his age bracket, but that’s beside the point. The point is that Rogers is in his fourth dec

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New technique could see humans live to 150 and regrow organs ‘for the price of a coffee a day’  | Daily Mail Online

An extraordinary new anti-ageing technique being developed by Australian researchers could see humans live to 150 and regrow their organs by 2020 - costing as much as a cup of coffee each day.

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Health Coaching Might Sound ‘New Age’, but It Could Help You Reach Old Age

There are two ways of tackling chronic lifestyle diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes: discover new drugs and treatments or persuade people to make positive lifestyle changes to avoid developing them in the first place. Health coaching is

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95-Year Stanford Study Reveals Secret to Living Longer, More Fulfilling Life

This Stanford study by Lewis Terman shows us that living longer is related to pursuing life goals and focusing on achievements, not being stress free.

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Game-Changing Diet Lowers High Blood Pressure In 2 Weeks

Lower your blood pressure is 2 weeks? Sounds like a fantasy, but check out this new dietary regimen with amazing results.

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Scientists in Mass. and beyond are working to slow the aging process

Serious scientists, who’ve long scoffed at “anti-aging” products such as nutritional supplements and growth hormones, are now warming to the idea of slowing human aging.

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Vitamin C plays a protective role against the degeneration associated with osteoarthritis

According to a study in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, researchers demonstrated a protective role of ascorbic acid on osteoarthritic osteoblasts.

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Buyer Beware: Most Collagen Supplements Sourced From CAFOs

Recent testing reveals popular collagen products contain potentially hazardous contaminants, including antibiotics, parabens, steroids and insecticides.

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One Of The World’s Top Aging Researchers Has A Pill To Keep You Feelin

Elysium Health hasn’t discovered the fountain of youth, but their new supplement–with the backing of some of the world’s foremost authorities on aging–could change how you get older.

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Food for Concentration: 11 Foods That Boost Memory & Help You Focus

Can brain foods really help you concentrate, or boost memory? Increase your chances of maintaining a healthy brain by adding these

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Longevity Researchers Launching World’s Largest Dog Aging Study

The Dog Aging Project will study 10,000 companion dogs, looking at the animals’ genetics, biome, epigenetics and more.

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Dietary Flavanols Reverse Age-Related #Memory Decline

Dietary cocoa flavanols reversed age-related memory decline in healthy older adults, according to a study led by Columbia scientists.

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More Proof Eating Hot Chilis May Extend Life

A new study says that people who eat them are 13 percent less likely to die.

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Easy entry into yoga for people with aging joints

‘Relax Into Yoga for Seniors’ offers a simple, six-week route to better flexibility and balance.

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Why the Best Anti-Aging Technique may be as Simple as Standing

Forget the Foutain of Youth! The best anti-aging technique is far more simple than you think. Discover why more time standing up can slow down aging.

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Italy's '100 club' to reveal its secrets

Some of the secrets of an Italian village that has long fascinated scientists because of its high number of active centenarians are set to be revealed this weekend. Scientists have spent the last six months looking into why residents of Acciaroli and nea

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Making Aging Positive

Many of my older-adult patients wanted to make a difference in the world but, finding no role for themselves, were treated as socially useless. Having created a new stage of life, the next step is to make it meaningful.

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#Brain training may forestall #dementia onset for years, new study says

If you’re intent on keeping dementia at bay, new research suggests you’ll need more than crossword puzzles, aerobic exercise and an active social life. In a study released Sunday, researchers found that older adults who did exercises to shore up the s

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What to Do in Your 30s to Be Happy in Your 50s

What can you do in your 20s and 30s to increase your chances of happiness later in life? Here are three key lessons from the real experts.

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10 Proven Ways To Grow Your Brain: Neurogenesis And Neuroplasticity

Scientists once thought the brain stopped developing after the first few years of life. But new 

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The Diabetes Drug That Could Be an Anti-Aging Miracle

Big Pharma is reluctant to test a cheap, generic diabetes pill that could be the fountain of youth.

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Alzheimer's could be helped with meditation

Researchers at Jena University Hospital in Germany found chemicals behind the feel-good feeling produced by meditation may also provide a boost.

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Exercise Slows Brain Aging By 10 Years | TIME

Being more active can be an effective way to combat memory and cognitive problems

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Human Body's Ability To Recover From Serious Illness, Injury - AARP The Magazine

You may not know it, but your body has an amazing ability to repair itself after serious illness or injury. A Harvard doc—and former cancer patient—reveals the secrets to tapping into your own powers of recovery.

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Researchers Identify Virus and Two Types of Bacteria as Major Causes of Alzheimer’s

A worldwide team of senior scientists and clinicians have come together to produce an editorial which indicates that certain microbes - a specific virus and two specific types of bacteria - are major

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The Sleep-Weight Connection

Ever feel like you don’t get enough sleep? You’re not alone. The National Institutes of Health recommends dedicating 7–8 of the 24 hours we are given in a day to sleep. Yet, in a 2013 survey, the National Sleep Foundation  found that Americans are

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Best Anti Aging Skin Care - AnteAge Serums

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Coffee Tied to Lower Risk of Dying Prematurely

A large study has found that drinking coffee is associated with a reduced risk of dying from six causes, including heart disease.

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High Blood Pressure Treatment Should Be More Aggressive, Study Finds

A new study finds that bringing blood pressure down below current recommendations may greatly reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

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Our Amazingly Plastic Brains - WSJ

Don’t think of our most important organ as a machine doomed to break down. Mental and physical exercise can keep the brain fit and help it recover capacities lost to disease and trauma.

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Scientists hail the most 'advanced anti-ageing serum' in the world - Telegraph

New research suggests skincare tailored to individuals' DNA may be the best way to combat the appearance of ageing

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Researcher Hunting the Key to Aging Believes Humans Can Have Unlimited Lifespan

It was Sinclair’s research on resveratrol, a molecule found in grapes, that made headlines a decade ago when it showed promising results in keeping overfed mice as healthy as lean mice. Sinclair even chose to test resveratrol on himself, something he ha