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The Perimenopause Symptoms and Signs You Need to Know About

Hot flashes and wacky periods can be signs of perimenopause, experts say.

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Women's Health Survey

We are seeking women to take an online survey (~15 minutes) in order to better understand their reproductive health.

If you are at least 18 years old and are female, you are eligible for an exciting new research study!

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Abortion, the medical or surgical termination of a pregnancy, is one of the oldest, most common, and most controversial medical procedures.

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PODCAST & ARTICLE | The Overturning Of Roe v. Wade Would Not Make Abortion Illegal

Before we get into the meat of this issue it is important to understand that a draft opinion is not a ruling. It is a precursor to a ruling; a moment in time when the US Supreme Court Justices make their cases to the other justices on why they hold the pr

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Naomi Osaka and the Cost of Saying No

Dr. Pooja Lakshmin, a women’s mental health psychiatrist, shares what we can learn from the tennis star’s French Open decision.

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Could Your Insomnia Be Related to Your Hormones?

Are your sleep, insomnia, and mood problems related to your hormones? This interview with Female Hormone Solution host answers your questions

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These 5 Yoga Poses Can Reduce Menopause Symptoms

During (and even leading up to) menopause, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Your body is changing in all sorts of ways over which it seems like you have no control. But you have more control over many of these symptoms than you think—and that’s where

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12 Surprising Things That Hurt Your Heart

Do you know what raises your risk of heart disease? This WebD slideshow can show you 12 surprising -- and simple -- ways to protect your ticker.

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One in four women who are suffering the menopause say their symptoms are ignored by doctors  | Daily Mail Online

One in four sufferers have to visit their doctor at least three times before getting appropriate treatment such as HRT. Sarah Haselwood, 43, (pictured) visited her GP five times but was repeatedly brushed off.

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Macrolide Antibiotics in Early Pregnancy Linked to Birth Defects, Study Finds

But scientists stressed untreated infections are greater risk to a fetus than antibiotics.

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Birth Control Pills May Be Shrinking A Vital Brain Region In Women, Study Finds

A disconcerting new study finds that birth control pills may actually impact the size or even shrink a portion of women's brains.

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The Best Essential Oils For Perimenopause

The best essential oils for perimenopause, including peppermint, clary sage, and geranium.

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Two thirds of women over 40 suffering from bladder weakness, poll finds | The Independent

Two thirds of middle aged women are currently suffering from bladder weakness and many suffer low mental health as a result, a poll has claimed. Nine in 10 sufferers over age 40 said the condition, which can be caused by childbirth and often develops as

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Doctors halt the menopause: Revolutionary procedure delays the process by 20 years | Daily Mail Online

Dixie-Louise Dexter (pictured), 33, is among those to undergo the procedure and described the ovarian transplant surgery to delay her menopause as 'life-changing'.

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What they don’t tell you about perimenopause | Chatelaine

We’re stumbling around in a brain fog, desperate for sleep, furious with our partners, wondering just how much blood it’s possible to lose before dying.

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Pictures: Sudden Health Problems After 50

After you hit 50, those aches and pains can suddenly turn serious. Here are a few things to watch out for in middle age.

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Working More than 7 to 8 Hours per Day Poses Health Risks to Women

Logging no more than seven to eight hours of work each day may be pivotal to women's health. That's because a recent study found that women who work more than 45 hours per week are at higher risk of developing diabetes compared to women who work less. 

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Mild Sleep Problems May Cause Elevated Blood Pressure in Women, Study Finds

Previous research has indicated that chronic sleep deprivation can cause cardiovascular problems, but a new study shows that, for women, even less worrisome sleeping issues may lead to higher blood pressure.

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Sexual Assault And Harassment May Affect Women's Health For Years

In a small study of middle-aged women, a history of sexual assault and workplace harassment was linked to health problems like hypertension, sleeplessness and depression.

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Sexual Assault Has a Negative Impact On Women’s Health

A new study, published amidst the Brett Kavanaugh hearings (during which Dr. Christine Blasey Ford alleged he sexually assaulted her in high school), finds that women who report histories of sexual assault and harassment have worse health.

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HPV Vaccine Drastically Reduced Cervical Cancer in Australia

In Australia, where a rigorous HPV vaccine program has been in place for girls since 2007, and boys since 2013, cervical cancer is on track to disappear within two decades. Other countries, including the United States, haven’t been as successful.

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Common Chemicals In Beauty Products Alter Women's Hormone Levels - Study Finds

FAIRFAX, Va. — Women who go heavy on the makeup may want to consider going for a more natural look. A new study finds that chemicals found in many beauty products are linked to changes in hormones. Researchers from George Mason University urge women to

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Is It Sleep Deprivation or Postpartum Depression? - National Sleep Foundation

Are you sleep-deprived—or is it more serious? Here’s what separates sleep deprivation and postpartum depression.

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Is Hormonal Imbalance Making You Crazy, Moody Or Overweight? | Psychology Today

Symptoms of hormonal imbalance include: fatigue, mood instability, weight gain, foggy brain/memory loss, adult acne, hair loss/facial hair, lower sex drive and/or extreme PMS.

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Slideshow: Hormone Imbalance: Symptoms and Treatment

Do you always feel tired? WebMD's slideshow tells you if you may have a hormone imbalance.

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Women's Sexuality: Come as You Are

“BEST OF” 2015 GoodReads Choice Awards, Top 5 Science and Technology Books Buzzfeed’s 17 Things that Changes Our Sex Lives in 2015 Book Riot’s Best of April 2015 and Best of…

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Slideshow: Hormone Imbalance: Symptoms and Treatment

Do you always feel tired? Find out if you have a hormone imbalance.

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Hypnosis Eases Hot Flashes in Postmenopausal Women

It reduced the frequency of the symptom by nearly three-fourths, study found

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You Asked: What Causes a Miscarriage?

A lot of factors can contribute to a miscarriage, but you probably can't control any of them.

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Optimistic women are less likely to die prematurely of cancer or heart disease

Having an optimistic outlook on life could help you live longer, according to a new study.

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How often should you get a mammogram?

For women older than 50 who have been confused by conflicting advice on how frequently to get a mammogram, some new science is here to guide their decisions.

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Study links two genes to breast cancer survival - Scienmag

Testing for the activity of two genes could pick out women who are at increased risk of dying from their breast cancers, suggests a new study of almost 2,000 patients. Women whose tumours had a spec..

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Women Should Not Have to Visit a Doctor for Birth Control

This is one obvious step we can take to lower health-care spending.

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7 Factors Affecting Orgasm in Women

Approximately 25% of women have difficulty ever achieving orgasm. Read about the psychological (and physical) factors that affect women's sexuality.