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The Lost History of No-Fault Divorces - JSTOR Daily

The regulation of divorce has changed a lot in the twentieth century. The National Association of Women Lawyers was instrumental in making that change happen.

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'Women Are So Emotional,' Says Man Whose Entire Mood Hinges On Performance Of Favorite Sportsball Team

TUSCALOOSA, AL — According to sources close to local man Greg Bernard, the construction sales representative, husband, and father of five often makes cracks about how emotional and moody his wife is, despite the fact that he himself is only happy if his

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Is There Really a 'Glass Ceiling'?

Kim Kiyosaki is co-founder and CEO of The Rich Dad Company and a spirited advocate of financial education. In this episode of Real Talk, Kim and PragerU CEO…

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The ‘New & Inclusive’ Taliban Comes Full Sharia Law Circle After Biden’s Afghan Withdrawal

All women in Afghanistan must be covered head to toe in public, Taliban leader Hibatullah Akhundzada, head of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, decreed Saturday in a move that brings the ruthless and murderous reign of the Taliban back full circle to pr

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Tel Aviv University: study reveals the evolutionary reason why women feel colder than men

Tel Aviv University: study reveals the evolutionary reason why women feel colder than men Finally explained by science: The biological reason for those squabbles over the air conditioning A new study reveals the evolutionary reason why women feel colder t

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PODCAST: When Private Citizens Step In to Do What a Failed Administration Was Elected to Do

Each day since the Biden administration completely failed in Afghanistan, they have been trying to ignore the situation hoping that it will go away, leaving the American people - the private citizens of the United States - to step in and do the right thin

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Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Israel: Nine Women in the Cabinet: Cooperation Instead of Depredation

Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Israel: Nine Women in the Cabinet: Cooperation Instead of Depredation For the first time in Israel’s history, fully one-third of the Government Cabinet will be filled by women: 9 out of 27. Commentators have pointed (corr

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Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig Physically emPOWERing Women is the Only Real Way to Stop Violence Against Them

Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig Physically emPOWERing Women is the Only Real Way to Stop Violence Against Them. Israel is in the throes of a wave of (mostly) domestic violence against women. Great Britain is in shock over a brutal murder – with massive female d

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Zoom Meetings a Train Wreck & Yikes, Breastfeeding? - Workplace Coach Blog

Effective Zoom meetings and breastfeeding on Zoomn

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How To Break Up With Someone Without Hurting Them? | Gonitz Experts

"I told Martin I was leaving her because of another woman, but I lied. I left Martin because of Martin. When you leave someone else it's just an excuse,

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Cold Feet Before Wedding | Gonitz Experts

We see that doubts and concerns are good predictors of future quality of marriage. Despite this, many people ignore them and get married,instead of having

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Why Casual Sex Is As Worse As Junk Food? | Gonitz Experts

The very use of the adjective "junk" (junk) implies that both harmful food and casual sex are of low quality compared to the "real thing", and are therefore

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How To Play Hard To Get With Your Crush - 2 Ways Explained! | Gonitz Experts

"When you keep men away from you, you keep them close to you." -anonymousThousands of sites and articles advise women to play it "hard to get". That is,

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Do Guys Forget You Easily? 1 Confession Sad Story | Gonitz Experts

An unknown phone number appeared on the phone screen. I immediately felt a burst of adrenaline in my body. Not because I was expecting an inheritance from a

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Why My Husband Cheated On Me? 1 Reason I Know Of. | Gonitz Experts

I did not get an answer to the question "why my husband cheated on me", but at least I put an end to it and wrote about it.

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What Men Like In Women - 9 Odd Things! | Gonitz Experts

Women always want to look great. In pursuit of the perfect look, they exhaust themselves in diet training and spend a great deal of money on beauty. And

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What To Do On First Date? 10 Top Tips! | Gonitz Experts

As long as you know your date is not a stage show or a dinner at the Blue Rooster, there is no need to overdo it with a festive dress and blazer from Zara.

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Husband Doesn't Get Along With My Family - 5 Tips! | Gonitz Experts

There are many reasons why different people do not get along with each other. Sometimes parents may be jealous of their children and feel that their spouse

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Why My Boyfriend Ignoring Me? 10 Reasons! | Gonitz Experts

If you are asking yourself "why my boyfriend ignoring me?", and you feel that something in the relationship has changed - it is important to know that there

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How To Improve Marriage After Baby? | Gonitz Experts

Most of us are familiar with the phrase “children are joy,” but one should know that children require a great deal of responsibility for their care that may

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The History Of The Kiss - Why Did Humans Develop This Custom? | Gonitz Experts

Have you ever wondered why humans kiss? Will or will not be? - This is the main question that hovers over every date. Will the meeting be approved by the

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9 Ways To Identify True Love! | Gonitz Experts

your face and you are pretty sure "that's it", but how do you know if it really is true love?

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10 Top Facts To Know If He Is Serious About You | Gonitz Experts

A few days ago I had a difficult conversation with a good friend. She "goes out" with a guy she defines as a partner, even though in my humble opinion he is

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10 Reasons For Keeping Secrets From You | Gonitz Experts

There are 10 reasona for keeping secrets from you and I am sure you wouldn't want to know which,but here we reveal the most common secret. Have you ever felt that your partner is keeping something in his stomach?

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How To Understand Women? 15 Vital Things Men Still Do Not Know About Women! | Gonitz Experts

"Sometimes, we prefer to sleep alone"

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6 Challenges To Face In Order To Win A Long And Happy Relationship | Gonitz Experts

There are things that are an integral part of life and we have no choice but to deal with them whenever they occur; Car malfunctions, illnesses, broken tools,

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7 Early Signs That May Indicate A Future Divorce | Gonitz Experts

My divorce came as a complete surprise. This is what happens when you are not at home for 18 years. "This quote belongs to Lee Trevino, an American golfer

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8 Tips And Facts That Will Help You Achieve A Long And Successful Relationship | Gonitz Experts

If every couple has moments of crisis, difficulties and struggles in their relationship why do some couples persevere and others separate? The solution to

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5 Common Crisis In Marriage And Ways How To Resolve Them | Gonitz Experts

The writer and poet Robert Lewis Stevenson once said, "Marriage is a long conversation, interspersed with conflicts," and indeed, sooner or later, every

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11 Things You Do Not Have To Do To Feel Loved In A Relationship | Gonitz Experts

After seeing and experiencing some relationships in life we ​​can tell you that most of us, if not all of us, have sinned on one level or another and passed

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10 Signs That It's Not The Time To End The Relationship | Gonitz Experts

Relationships are a wonderful, exhausting and complex. They are an experience of constant learning, constant compromise, openness and boundless love, in which

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7 Research Findings Revealing How Text Correspondence Messages Affect Relationships | Gonitz Experts

It is very difficult to understand moods and context when it comes to correspondence in text messages, and in some cases it may even sow a lot of chaos in our

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9 Biological And Psychological Factors That Bring Us To Be Attracted To Certain People | Gonitz Experts

Romantic attraction between people is not always an understandable and conscious thing; Many times we will not be able to detail what exactly led us to be

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How To Flirt With A Guy Through Text? The Beginner's Guide! | Gonitz Experts

Yes, he finally sent a text message! The guy you've been fantasizing about for weeks, got your phone number, mustered up the courage and simply sent "Hey, how

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The Woman Who Has Affairs Only With Married Men: "Infidelity Helps Marriage!" | Gonitz Experts

She calls herself a 'serial lover', and after sleeping with more than a hundred married men claims that everything goes on in the family: "These men are not

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"I Will Not Sleep With A Stranger That I Do Not Know What Was His Route " | Gonitz Experts

What happens during the corona period in dating apps? We talked to singles who told us that loneliness actually makes people more communicative.

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Can I Text A Guy First? The Do And Don'ts 18 Tips! | Gonitz Experts

Welcome to the 21st century, where women can run companies, lead countries - and, believe it or not, hit on guys. How do you do that? We have full ideas for you and YES you can text a guy first!

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Singles Reveal How Much Money They Spend On Dating | Gonitz Experts

We all know that our country is an expensive country, but not everyone knows how expensive it is today to find love. When a date in a restaurant costs hundreds of dollars and there are those who go out for several dates a month, the amounts also reach sev

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14 Horrible Dating Habits That Must Be Erased By The Next Decade! | Gonitz Experts

Generic messages, gifs as an opening line and knights who come to pick you up on the scooter: Hated dating habits that you should leave behind

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Opinion: It Is Allowed To Go Out With Two Until A Decision Is Made | Gonitz Experts

Opinion: It is allowed to go out with two until a decision is made

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When Your Ex Rises From The Dead | Gonitz Experts

Many single men and women report that in the days of the Corona, exes and exes from the past, who once disappeared without saying a word, appear and now they raise their heads from the ashes, signaling that they are alive and that they will be very happy

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"Looking For A Funny Man Like My Dad" | Gonitz Experts

She believes in attraction at first sight but understands that love requires work. Meet Jordan Harel, a culinary tour guide who dreams of true love, good friendships and an amusing man like her father. "The Matchmaker", a new generation that will find lov

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Guide: How To Choose Winning Dating Profile Picture | Gonitz Experts

Three photographers and an Instagram model give their best tips for a winning profile picture, one that will get you the most referrals

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UNPACKED - Breaking Boundaries: The Wonder Women of the Israel Defense Force

UNPACKED – Breaking Boundaries: The Wonder Women of the Israel Defense Force Israel is one of only nine countries in the world with mandatory military service for both men and women. Although females serve in combat and many hold high-level officer

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Victorian Women Worked Out, Too—They Just Did It Wearing Corsets

Victorian women weren’t exactly doing HIIT workouts—in fact, they were trying not to break a sweat at all.

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2 Ethiopian Israeli women become Border Police officers

2 Ethiopian Israeli women become Border Police officers Israel Hayom by By Itsik Saban Sub-Inspector Oshrat Negosa and Sub-Inspector Tikva Makonnen make history in a ceremony at Beit Horon. Negosa: From a young age, I saw myself serving in a combat role,

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4 Feminist Lies That Are Making Women Miserable

Too many women map out their lives with work at the center and eventually wish they hadn’t. Women say they wish someone had told them this sooner.

Politics | Iran

The "horrific" crime committed by this 20 year old Iranian got her 24 years in jail

Where is the international outrage??

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Why the Difference Between Men and Women in Jewish Prayer? - Israel Unwired

Share on FacebookTweet Whatsapp Boost this video to reach up to 1000 people

Family & Parenting | Jewish People

Men and Women in Jewish Prayer - Israel Unwired

Share on FacebookTweet Whatsapp Boost this video to reach up to 1000 people

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How Mom's Can Model Positive Self-Image to Their Daughters

Women who denigrate their own looks unwittingly pass negative attitudes on to the next generation of girls.

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Working More than 7 to 8 Hours per Day Poses Health Risks to Women

Logging no more than seven to eight hours of work each day may be pivotal to women's health. That's because a recent study found that women who work more than 45 hours per week are at higher risk of developing diabetes compared to women who work less. 

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Captain Marvel's War on Women

Art imitates life, but to an even greater extent, life imitates art. Like culture and politics, the two are intertwined in an infinite feedback loop. Sometimes it’s hard to tell where one begins and the other ends.The latest addition to the wildly popul

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11 Businesses You Might Not Know Were Started By Women

They include Pepperidge Farm, Proactiv, and your favorite soy sauce brand—which was founded by a samurai widow, according to legend.

Health & Fitness | Health & Fitness

Increased Heart Disease in Young Women

The risk of having a heart attack appears to be rising among young women, according to a new study, and researchers are trying to figure out why.

Business & Finance | Marketing

7 Women in Marketing to Watch Out For | DigitalMarketer

These 7 women are taking the lead in key areas of digital marketing. Here's who you should watch out for, because you need to be listening to and learning from all of them.

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Once and for all: Hormone replacement is good for women

Forget the black cohosh and chaste tree, if you're heading into menopause you need exactly the treatment that you may think will harm you: hormone replacement therapy,

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Study: Women Who Are 'Early Birds' Are Less Likely To Develop Depression - Study Finds

Women who find themselves feeling blue may want to consider changing their bedtimes. A recent study found that middle-aged women who both go to bed and rise earlier are less likely to develop depression than others in the same demographic.

Health & Fitness | Health

Things that increase your risk of breast cancer - Business Insider

There are actually certain factors, however, that make you more or less likely to develop breast cancer, and many of them are under your control.

Psychology | Health & Wellbeing

Sexual Assault And Harassment May Affect Women's Health For Years

In a small study of middle-aged women, a history of sexual assault and workplace harassment was linked to health problems like hypertension, sleeplessness and depression.

Psychology | Health & Wellbeing

Sexual Assault Has a Negative Impact On Women’s Health

A new study, published amidst the Brett Kavanaugh hearings (during which Dr. Christine Blasey Ford alleged he sexually assaulted her in high school), finds that women who report histories of sexual assault and harassment have worse health.

Psychology | Health & Wellbeing

Battered woman syndrome: Definition, symptoms, and getting help

Battered woman syndrome is a condition that can develop as a result of an abusive relationship. Learn about the symptoms, stages, and complications.

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Letters Of Recommendation May Actually Hurt Female Applicants' Job Prospects - Study Finds

As if landing an interview wasn't hard enough, women face another surprising challenge when they apply for jobs. The coveted letters of recommendation applicants hope will open interview doors may actually do more harm than good for female applicants, a r

Psychology | Health & Wellbeing

Common Chemicals In Beauty Products Alter Women's Hormone Levels - Study Finds

FAIRFAX, Va. — Women who go heavy on the makeup may want to consider going for a more natural look. A new study finds that chemicals found in many beauty products are linked to changes in hormones. Researchers from George Mason University urge women to

Health & Fitness | Health

Women's Heart Disease and Risks Explained in Pictures

Heart disease affects men and women. But symptoms in women -- and the conditions they’re likely to get -- can be very different. Learn symptoms and risks.

Health & Fitness | Health

Slideshow: Hormone Imbalance: Symptoms and Treatment

Do you always feel tired? WebMD's slideshow tells you if you may have a hormone imbalance.

Health & Fitness | Health

Cervical cancer study finds HPV test tops Pap smear - CNN

A new study finds that testing for HPV was linked with significantly fewer cases of precancer in a 48-month period compared with using Pap smear testing.

Health & Fitness | Health

This Woman's Bold Message About Thigh Gap Wins Summer - Health

Wellness influencer Mary Jelkovsky shares her former insecurity about not having a thigh gap--and why people shouldn't worry about them.

Psychology | Personality

Are Male and Female Brains Biologically Different? - The Atlantic

The scientific debate around this question keeps raging, but one neuroscientist says we’re more alike than we think.

Health & Fitness | Health

Scientists may be closer to understanding a mysterious but common cause of female infertility | Science | AAAS

Evidence builds that hormone imbalance in mom may lead to polycystic ovary syndrome in her female offspring

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19 Things You Might Not Know Were Invented by Women

Necessity isn't the only mother of invention. Though it wasn't always easy to get patents or the credit they deserved, women are responsible for many items we use today.

Psychology | Personality

7 Women on Realizing They Were in an Abusive Relationship

Women explain how they learned to recognize the signs of physical and emotional abuse from their partners, whether on their own or through interventions from friends and family.

News | News Items

What it Really Takes to Stop Sexual Harassment

Welcome to the Monitor on Psychology digital edition! This interactive format allows you to easily read, share with friends, and click on web links to get further resources.

Advice & Self-Help | Relationships

Long-Distance Relationships – Real Life Things You Should Know Before Getting Started

Here's what you should know (advice, TIPs and problems) to make long-distance relationships work (last and keep) from real people before getting started.

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Women's Sexuality: Come as You Are

“BEST OF” 2015 GoodReads Choice Awards, Top 5 Science and Technology Books Buzzfeed’s 17 Things that Changes Our Sex Lives in 2015 Book Riot’s Best of April 2015 and Best of…

Advice & Self-Help | Relationships

How to Build a Healthy Relationship Between a Man and a Woman with Science

You may know what a healthy romantic relationship looks like, but do you know how to get one? Find out what stages you must go through before true love.

Business & Finance | Careers & The Workplace

Why Do Women Bully Each Other at Work?

Research suggests that conditions in the workplace might be to blame.

Psychology | Health & Wellbeing

Why Being a Woman Puts You at Greater Risk of Having Anxiety

Partly, it’s biology; more important, though, may be what we teach young girls about their place in the world.

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The Language of Gender Violence

The use of terms like "battered woman" and "accuser" have absolved men from taking responsibility for their actions, says educator Jackson Katz.

Politics | Politics

The Gender Pay Gap Is Largely Because of Motherhood - NYTimes.com

When men and women finish school and start working, they’re paid pretty much equally. But a gender pay gap soon appears, and it grows significantly over the next two decades.

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Biggest Study Yet on the Differences Between Male and Female Brains

It’s becoming clearer and clearer that there are many robust differences between male and female brains — and also lots of overlap.

Politics | Politics

ELLE's 2017 Women in Washington 2017

With American political life at peak volatility, these 10 women come armed with intelligence, determination—and, most important, facts. Lots of facts.

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17% of women with early-stage breast cancer have unnecessary mastectomies, and doctors want to know why

What happens when doctors encourage patients to decide for themselves what kind of cancer treatment they should receive — and then the patients make the wrong choice?

Psychology | Health & Wellbeing

Optimistic women are less likely to die prematurely of cancer or heart disease

Having an optimistic outlook on life could help you live longer, according to a new study.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

How to stop your period

More women are trying menstruation suppression to improve their quality of life.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

Tips for the solo, younger female traveler

Some factors to keep in mind when it comes to your personal safety and cultural mores around the world.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

Women of the CIA: The Hidden History of American Spycraft

These women are fighting sexism and keeping the nation safe at one of the oldest boys' clubs in the country.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

The Women Who Won’t Wear Swimsuits

It was a summer to celebrate Olympic bodies and everyone’s beach bodies, too.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

The Day Peruvian Women Rebelled

How social media helped a movement against sexual harassment and domestic violence break the taboo of silence.

Psychology | Health & Wellbeing

How often should you get a mammogram?

For women older than 50 who have been confused by conflicting advice on how frequently to get a mammogram, some new science is here to guide their decisions.

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Medicare Pays Female Doctors Nearly $19,000 Less Than Male Doctors

Women physicians were reimbursed less than men across specialties, according to a study

Visual Arts | Visual Arts

Twitter highlights female artists and their awesome illustrations · Great Job, Internet! · The A.V. Club

#visiblewomen is a Twitter tag dedicated to bringing attention to the massive number of female artists in the field of comics, character design, and concept art.

Politics | Trump Politics

Ivanka Trump: Critics 'scared' of Donald Trump presidency

She may be the campaign whisperer in an often-blustery realm of Donald Trump.

Psychology | Relationships

21 Best Foundation Makeup Tips – How to Apply Foundation for the meta title

​Life-changing ways to use foundation to create an even complexion, conceal dark circles, hide zits, and more.

Music | Music

How The Runaways Changed The Lives Of 13 Women Rockers

On the anniversary of the band's formation, 13 women rockers reflect on how The Runaways changed their lives.

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Could Women Be Trusted With Their Own Pregnancy Tests?

Unmarried teenagers would jump off bridges, and other crazy reasons at-home kits weren’t approved until the late 1970s.

News | News Items

Here's The Powerful Letter The Stanford Victim Read To Her Attacker

A former Stanford swimmer who sexually assaulted an unconscious woman was sentenced to six months in jail because a longer sentence would...

Miscellaneous | Resources DrEleanor Uses

Women – OSHO International Newsletter

Food & Drink | Food & Drink

POLL: Who’s Your Favorite Female Difference Maker in Los Angeles?

Throughout the most competitive industries in Los Angeles, these women are leading the pack as the top entrepreneurs. Los Angeles Women Entrepreneurs

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Handicraft Kottage CZ Yellow Gold Mangalsutra with Free Triple Black Beaded Chain for Women

HK Sleek CZ & Rhodium Plated Mangalsutra with Black Beaded Chain. This Mangalsutra Have design of rising Sun which will effect and enhance your luck positively. Beautiful CZ Diamond set for Royal look, High Quality Diamonds. High Quality beads of mangal m

Advice & Self-Help | Meditation and Other Practices

​Why Feminism Should Get Back into the Kitchen

Cooking is a polarizing topic in the feminist movement. Cooking is a polarizing topic in the feminist movement. For many years, women were encouraged...

Entertainment | Branding/Advertising

After Years Away, Some People Struggle in Their Return to Agency Jobs | Adweek

Sue Vering was an associate creative director at DDB Chicago when she left in 1998, ultimately taking seven years off from the ad business to raise her daughter, get involved in community activities and write freelance features for the Chicago Tribune.

Psychology | Relationships

In Two-Career Marriages, Women Still Do More of the Work at Home

Even though today’s husbands pitch in more than ever, the division of labor is far from equal.

Business & Finance | Business

College Majors Where Women Go on to Make More Money Than Men

Want to make more money than men? Major in engineering. A new study found that female engineers outearn men—at least at the beginning of their careers.

News | In The News

Alexander Hamilton to Share Image on $10 Bill With a Woman

The Treasury Department announced Wednesday it will replace the image of its own founder, Alexander Hamilton, on the $10 bill, with a woman as yet to be determined.

Psychology | Relationships

Who Can Really Make Us Happy?

Scientists submit the old saying, "a happy wife, a happy life" to empirical scrutiny.

Advice & Self-Help | Advice & Self-Help

This woman had the “perfect body.” But this photo caused a worldwide uproar.

With one picture she is changing the world.

Style & Fashion | Style & Fashion

Ari Seth Cohen, Advanced Style, Interview

Ari Seth Cohen and Debra Rapport talk Advanced Style, aging gracefully, fashion and style

Politics | From the HuffPost

Stop Asking Why There Are Not More Women in Tech. Start Asking What Value They Can Bring. | Wendy Schultz-Henry

If we do not take into account this deep rooted gender bias, that is ingrained in the structure of our systems and beliefs, progress cannot be made.

Advice & Self-Help | Advice & Self-Help!

11 Successful Women Who Know Life Is So Much More Than Your Work

Life doesn't have to be all about your 9 to 5 -- just ask some of the world's most driven women. We rounded up advice from the interviews, commencement speeches and social media accounts of insanely successful women. And whether they started out...

Business & Finance | Advertising/Marketing

My Mom Was a Mad Man: David Murray Book Excerpt | Special: Mad Men - Advertising Age

David Murray recounts how his mother, Carol Muehl of Campbell-Ewald, left a copywriting legacy, in an excerpt from his book "Raised by Mad Men."

Politics | "Apartheid" State?

New Job Opportunities For Arab Women In “Apartheid” Israel & “Concentration Camp” Gaza

Meet Suhaila Padilla, Israel’s only female Muslim bus driver. She has been doing it for 3 years already, loves her job and wants to be a train driver one day

Business & Finance | Careers & The Workplace

How Did Megyn Kelly Get to Be So Successful?

The anchor of Fox News Channel's The Kelly File shares what it took for her to get to the top. Want to hear more from her in person? She'll be at Cosmo's Fun Fearless Life Weekend. Buy your tickets at FunFearlessLife.com.

Business & Finance | Careers & The Workplace

Top New Women Leaders in Technology: Glamour.com

Meet the top young women leaders who are changing the face of technology.

News | Fun With Islam

Muslim Rape Gangs: the Disturbing Role of Britain's Leading Child Welfare Charity

Among the more nauseating spectacles of the Rotherham child rape scandal has been the squirming evasion and shameless attempts at face-saving by the various authority figures whose job it supposedly was to prevent such horrors happening

News | Fun With Islam

Racism fears let 1400 children in 1 town exploited by Muslim Sex ring

How fear of being seen as racist stopped social workers from saving up to 1,400 children from sexual exploitation at the hands of Asian men in just ONE TOWN ...

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

NOTE to Diane Sawyer: "thank you for doing so much for women" | Gretawire

Diane Sawyer has now left the ABC News anchor desk and I want to tip my hat to her and thank her. She has done so much for women by being a great example.

Travel | Travel

Finally, a hotel package exclusively for... childless women?!

The Westin New York Grand Central has teamed up with author Melanie Notkin to offer a special package to childless women…

Politics | Healthcare

Women-Owned Businesses Hit Hard By ObamaCare Tax

What’s the harm in hitting businesses with another tax and regulation? Conservative economists lecture about costs rippling through, hitting consumers and employees as well as business’s bottom-lines. But their estimates are just numbers on a

Entertainment | Film

9 Awesome Movies Written By Women That Everyone Should See

It's a frustrating, yet all too common, experience to go to the movies and be presented with female characters who are insultingly stereotypical and one-dimensional -- if they're present at all. But women-helmed films like Bridesmaids and The Heat