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A Brief History of Pickles

From ancient Mesopotamia to New York deli counters, pickles have played a vital role in the global culinary scene. But where do pickles come from, and how did the cucumber become the standard-issue pickling vegetable in the States?

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From ocean to plate

About 35% of harvested fish and seafood is either lost or wasted along the supply chain. So where does this loss happen and what can you do to help?

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70 years of the Apple Pan on Pico

The day the Apple Pan opened, on April 11, 1947, a neighbor brought flowers to crown the U-shape counter of the Pico Boulevard burger joint. Martha Gamble, now 87, daughter of the restaurant’s founders, Ellen and Alan Baker, remembers the day vividly.

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Savory Mushroom and Caramelized Onion Matzo Kugel

Rich in flavor, but light on the belly. A delicious addition to your Passover feast.

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The Passover Recipe Bible

I have worked hard to make Passover food not just something to bear, but a celebration of the senses.

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POLL: Who’s Your Favorite Female Difference Maker in Los Angeles?

Throughout the most competitive industries in Los Angeles, these women are leading the pack as the top entrepreneurs. Los Angeles Women Entrepreneurs

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The Best BBQ Across America: According to Experts!

The best Texas brisket, St. Louis ribs, Memphis pork, and whole-hog Carolina 'cue.

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Travel the world, one meal at a time, with chef Andrew Zimmern

Chef Andrew Zimmern joins Mashable on Pinterest to bring you delicious and unique treats from around the world.

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14 Foodie Phrases That Have Lost All Meaning

We now live in a food culture where no phrase can be uttered without being a stupid pun or insider slang, and in the process, we've developed a culinary lexicon that has become so convoluted, reading a menu sounds like a cross between a science book, a travelogue, and a lost diary from the Oregon Trail.

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Architecture Is Key to Making a Perfect Sandwich - Bon Appétit

BA Foodist Andrew Knowlton has strong opinions on sandwich architecture—here's how he says to build everything from burgers to lobster rolls to bánh mì

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15 Cooking Tips from Alice Waters, Mark Bittman, Jamie Oliver, and Other Famous Foodies

Who couldn't use more culinary know-how? These tricks of the foodie trade will make you a pro.