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PODCAST | Yeah, I Have A Problem With Presidents' Day

As we get into this Presidents' Day edition of America’s Third Watch, I want to go on record as saying I was never a fan of homogenizing Washington’s Birthday and Lincoln’s Birthday together and then enjoining all of the presidents into that me

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Washington State Gas Stations Run Out of Gas, Add a Digit to Charge $10 Per Gallon

Soon we’ll be lookin’ back on the “good ol’ days” when gas was $8.99 a gallon and you could actually find it.
Here is another one for the “you get what you vote for...

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Washington State Bans The Word 'Marijuana' From Legislation. Can You Guess Why?

It must be nice to live in a state that has solved all its critical problems and has now banned the word “marijuana.”
Seriously, they did. But not the drug. They certainly wouldn’t d...

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Washington enacts plan to ban non-electric cars by 2030

Washington State Democrats have enacted a plan that would aim to ban most non-electric vehicles in the state by 2030. Gov. Jay Inslee (D) signed a bill last week that sets a target for all vehicles of the model year 2030 or later that are sold, purchased,

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America's Administrative State is the 'Very Definition of Tyranny'

Business owners must bear in mind the stark reality that the agencies that regulate them will not go away and will continue to exercise jurisdiction, perform inspections, and wield discretionary

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Leftist Nonsense Is Killing DC. Let It Die

D.C. was never supposed to be like the Capitol in 'The Hunger Games,' where the wealthy clowns in charge destroy the vulnerable for sport.

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Washington State Now Hiring 'Strike Team' for Quarantine Facility With 24/7 Security

The State of Washington Health Department is advertising open positions for members of a new unit called the Isolation and Quarantine Strike Team. The new positions pay $3,294-4,286 per month:...

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Washington School Banned 9/11 ‘Red, White, Blue’ Tribute as ‘Racially Insensitive’

A Washington high school banned students from wearing red, white, and blue for its “Patriot’s Day” game over concerns it would be offensive.

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As D.C. Murder Rate Soars, FBI Arrests Jan. 6 Protester Who Spent 17 Minutes in the Capitol, Mostly Snapping Selfies

We can all sleep better tonight. The Los Angeles Times reported Monday on the July 29 arrest of Glen Allen Brooks, 61, of Huntington Beach, Calif. His crime? Brace yourself, gentle reader, for Mr. Bro...

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Biden’s Pick To Run Unemployment Let Nigerian Fraudsters Steal $600 Million From Washington State

The President has named the former head of the State of Washington’s Employment Security Department (ESD) to a position overseeing

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Victor Davis Hanson Provides Sage Advice But Only One Side Listens

Victor Davis Hanson provides an excellent summary of political divisions in the U.S. after the riots at the Capitol. Only one side of the aisle is listening.

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Inmates, Homeless Will Be Among First to Receive Vaccine in D.C., Mayor Says - Washington Free Beacon

District of Columbia mayor Muriel Bowser (D.) announced Thursday that prison inmates and the city's homeless population will be in the first wave of city residents to get access to a coronavirus vaccine.

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FIGHTING BACK: Mostly peaceful protest in Olympia, Wash., turns less peaceful as protesters mix it up with Antifa

Is it still mostly peaceful if the radical leftists are the ones taking a beating?

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Rioters Near White House Try To Tear Down Presidential Statue, Set Up ‘Black House Autonomous Zone’

Rioters in Washington, D.C. tried to tear down a statue of former President Andrew Jackson near the White House on Monday while others set up a new “autonomous zone” nearby. The attack on the Jackson statue comes after rioters have destroyed o

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My terrifying five-day stay inside Seattle’s cop-free CHAZ

During five undercover days and nights in the zone, I witnessed a continuing experiment in anarchy, chaos and brute-force criminality.

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2 California schools named for Washington, Jefferson getting new names after Black Lives Matter push

Two San Francisco-area elementary schools named after a pair of founding fathers who owned slaves will get new names after a school board approved a Black Lives Matter resolution last week, according to a report.

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Here’s All The Damage Rioters Did To Monuments And Memorials In Washington, D.C.

Rioters on Sunday night rampaged across the nation’s capital, defacing monuments and memorials and setting fire to St. John’s Episcopal Church, known as the church of presidents because of its proximity to the White House. St. John’s, built in 1816

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Curtis Hill: Why George Washington is the president who towers over all others in stature and importance

We celebrate the life of George Washington, imperfect though he was, because he was the indispensable man who held our fragile republic together in its formative years.

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Capital One Arena Moving To Mobile Ticketing Only | From This Seat

Monumental Sports & Entertainment (MSE) will begin implementing mobile ticketing at Capital One Arena in 2020.

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Alex Vindman Is Living Proof That The Deep State Exists, And Is Corrupt

Democrats and the Deep State have elevated more policy disagreements to what amounts to an attempted coup. Just listen to Alex Vindman.

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How the NBA censored me on American soil

At this point, it’s fair to wonder: What values does the NBA really stand for? In recent years, the league has taken pains to exhibit a concern for “social justice,” with prominent players speaking out in favor of almost exclusively progressive political

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The Washington Monument Is Transforming Into a Full-Scale Saturn V Rocket for the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Find out when and where you can watch the full-scale projection, accompanied by a short film about the 1969 Moon landing.

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Sarah Sanders is leaving the White House - Axios

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is leaving her post at the end of the month, President Trump announced on Twitter Thursday.

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A designer saves this 1963 glass box home from demolition, giving it mid mod edge

Glass box homes are a signature style of Mid Century Modern architecture, and this lake house is stunning enough to match the gorgeous views over the water.

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Washington school district wants teachers to bless Muslim students in Arabic during Ramadan

A religious liberty advocacy group is threatening to slap a Seattle-area school district with a lawsuit unless it revokes a letter urging teachers to bless Muslim students in Arabic during the holy month of Ramadan and give them preferential treatment, in

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High School Mulls Removing George Washington Murals Because They 'Traumatize' Students | Daily Wire

A high school in Northern California — George Washington High School, to be specific — is mulling over a push to remove two 83-year-old murals from its hallways. Critics advocating for their removal say they are offensive to Native Americans and Afric

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Clay Matthews keeps getting screwed by the NFL roughing the passer rule - SBNation.com

Aaron Rodgers couldn’t draw the roughing call he inspired ...but Clay Matthews certainly did.

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Embattled EPA head Pruitt resigns

Scott Pruitt resigned from his position leading the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Thursday, following months of high-profile controversies regarding his spending, ethics and management at the agency. "I have

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George Washington's daily routine - Business Insider

George Washington was the first president of the United States and is commonly regarded as the father of the country. Here's a look inside his busy daily routine.

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Donald Trump's sustained attacks on American rights - CNNPolitics

Two years ago Sunday, then-presidential candidate Donald Trump derided US District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel for his "Mexican" heritage

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John McCain’s Last Fight - POLITICO Magazine

The Arizona senator’s twilight struggle with Donald Trump is so bitter because they’re more alike than you think.

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How The Congressional Baseball Shooting Didn't Become The Deadliest Political Assassination In American History

You don't know the whole story of how close we came to one of the deadliest political shootings in US history last year.

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Washington Post senior editor: Trump is jealous of Jeff Bezos

Washington Post senior editor Marc Fisher said Sunday that President Trump has “a jealousy issue” with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

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DHS confirms it has evidence of mobile snooping devices around DC - CNNPolitics

The Department of Homeland Security has confirmed that it has detected evidence of mobile snooping devices around Washington, DC.

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Trump replaces McMaster with Bolton as national security adviser

President Trump announced Thursday he will be replacing national security adviser H.R. McMaster with former United State Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton.

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Trayon White Sr., D.C. council member, blames winter storms on Jews

A D.C. Council member has apologized for anti-Semitic comments he made Friday suggesting that Jewish financiers control the weather.

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DC officially renames street in front of Russian embassy after slain Putin critic

The Washington, D.C. city council on Tuesday officially renamed a street in front of the Russian embassy in honor of a slain critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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ANTI-TRUMP INTERNATIONAL: 'Resistance'-Themed Hotel Coming To D.C. For Leftists Who Want A Safe Space On Vacation | Dail

If one hotelier has her way, leftists visiting Washington, D.C. to do business or while on vacation, will have a "safe space" to gather, even as the rest of the city transitions to the Trump era.

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Trump Staffer Responsible For Finding Positive News Stories Resigns | HuffPost

As director of rapid response, Andy Hemming was tasked with recirculating positive news to journalists.

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Why Lee Should Go, and Washington Should Stay - NYTimes.com

Nashville — I grew up on Missionary Ridge, a Civil War battlefield overlooking Chattanooga, Tenn. In my childhood we could still find minie balls from the battle in which a young Union soldier, Arthur MacArthur, the father of Douglas, received the Medal of Honor.

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Steve Bannon, Trump's chief strategist, fired - CNNPolitics

President Donald Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon has been fired, multiple White House officials told CNN on Friday.

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Lincoln Memorial vandalized with explicit graffiti - ABC News

This isn't the first instance of vandalism at the memorial.

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Unarmed Russian Air Force jet overflies the Pentagon, Capitol - CNN

An unarmed Russian Air Force aircraft overflew the US Capitol, the Pentagon, Central Intelligence Agency and Joint Base Andrews at low altitude on Wednesday as part of a longstanding treaty that allows the militaries of the United States and Russia to obs

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Senate Blocks GOP Health Bill, Scuttling Bid to Repeal Obamacare

Republican Senator John McCain joined with two of his GOP colleagues to block a stripped-down Obamacare repeal bill early Friday, scuttling the party’s months-long effort to pass health legislation.

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Sessions' powerful friends stand up to Trump

The attorney general's former colleagues in Congress, as well as conservative allies, publicly questioned the president's attacks on Sessions.

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McCain returning to Senate in time for health vote | TheHill

“Senator McCain looks forward to returning to the United States Senate tomorrow to continue working on important legislation, including health care reform, the National Defense Authorization Act, and new sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea,"

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Sean Spicer Resigns as White House Press Secretary

WASHINGTON — Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, resigned on Friday after denouncing chaos in the West Wing and telling President Trump he vehemently disagreed with the appointment of the New York financier Anthony Scaramucci as communications director.

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FBI nominee vows to resign if Trump crosses legal line | TheHill

President Trump’s pick to lead the FBI on Wednesday repeatedly sought to reassure lawmakers that he would lead the bureau with a strict commitment to maintaining independence from the White House.

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Dems try new slogan: 'Have you seen the other guys?’

The campaign arm for House Democrats on Wednesday tried out a new slogan: “I mean, have you seen the other guys?”

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NOT Fake News: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Loretta Lynch Now ALL Under Investigation

You wouldn't know it from the mainstream media, but President Donald Trump is not under FBI investigation (repeat: NOT). But you know who is? Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders. Loretta Lynch.

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Mary Katharine Ham Is Not Here to Entertain You | Washingtonian

On February 6, 2016, Mary Katharine Ham settled into her moderator’s chair alongside David Muir and Martha Raddatz at the ABC Republican debate in Manchest

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ELLE's 2017 Women in Washington 2017

With American political life at peak volatility, these 10 women come armed with intelligence, determination—and, most important, facts. Lots of facts.

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Trust Records Show Trump Is Still Closely Tied to His Empire - NYTimes.com

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

How black-market OxyContin spurred a town's descent into crime, addiction and heartbreak

Illicit OxyContin devastated the entire Everett region in Washngton. At the height of the drug's popularity, it was a factor in more than half of the crimes in Snohomish County.

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Capitals' Orpik suspended three games for 'excessively late' hit

Washington Capitals defenseman Brooks Orpik has been suspended for three games for a hit on Saturday night.

Sports | NHL

NHL Playoff Takeaways: Murray shines as Penguins tie Capitals - CBSSports.com

Matt Murray came through again for the Pittsburgh Penguins as they tied their series with the Washington Capitals. The Tampa Bay Lightning also had a huge game from Jonathan Drouin as they did the same against the New York Islanders. Here are your playoff

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T.J. Oshie finishes hat trick in OT, gives Capitals Game 1 win | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: T.J. Oshie completed his hat trick to help give the Washington Capitals a 4-3 victory in Game 1 of their divisional semifinal against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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Alfred Morris picks Dallas Cowboys as his next landing spot | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: You'd think, if the money was close, running backs searching for a fountain of youth would flock to the Dallas Cowboys.

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Redskins releasing Robert Griffin III, QB will have 'no shortage' of options - CBSSports.com

The Redskins are going to release Robert Griffin III on Monday, CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora reports.

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Obamas to remain in D.C. after presidency so daughter can finish high school

President Obama cast some light on his post presidency plans Thursday.

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Sources: Suns trade Markieff Morris to Wizards - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: The Wizards are sending DeJuan Blair, Kris Humphries and a protected future first-round pick to the Suns.

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The Packers like that! Green Bay beats Washington to advance | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: The confident, efficient Green Bay Packers offense, which hasn't been seen too often since late October, suddenly reappeared at the right time on Sunday.

Politics | The Hall of Idiots

WWU cancels classes as free speech scares cowardly students and faculty

Western Washington University suspended all classes on Tuesday because of an alleged incident of hate speech targeting students of color.

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DeSean Jackson hits sled, separates shoulder, to miss a couple weeks

On Thursday, the speedy Redskins' wideout met his match: a blocking sled.

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Justin Williams wants to help Washington Capitals find Stanley Cup Playoffs success - NHL Free Agency 2015

Justin Williams' family was happy with his decision to sign with the Washington Capitals; now Williams will try to get them over the playoff hump.

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Refs wave off Pierce's too-late game-tying 3, Hawks eliminate Wizards

Paul Pierce made the miracle shot the Wizards needed to extend their season. Unfortunately, he didn't do it fast enough.

Sports | NBA

Al Horford's game-winning putback pushes Hawks past Wizards in Game 5 thriller

Game 5 came down to the closing seconds, with the Hawks eking out a victory behind some heady play from their center.

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Rangers eliminate Capitals with thrilling Game 7 OT win

Thus ended another Rangers vs. Capitals series in Game 7. It was the fourth time in five series between the teams since 2009 that went seven. The Rangers had won the last two, in the 2012 semifinals and the 2013 quarterfinals.

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Pierce can't deliver this time, as Teague leads attacking Hawks to Game 4 win

Behind aggressive penetration from Jeff Teague and strong games from their big men, the Hawks regained home-court advantage.

Sports | NHL

Kreider scores 2, Rangers hold off Caps 4-3 to force Game 7 - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: Once merely 101 seconds from having their season end, then forced to hold off a furious Game 6 rally, Chris Kreider and the New York Rangers are now one victory away from returning to the Eastern Conference finals. Kreider scored 40 sec

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Rangers vs. Capitals recap: What you need to know about Game 6 - CBSSports.com

Everything you need to know about the New York Rangers' Game 6 win on Sunday night against the Washington Capitals to force a Game 7.

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Pierce's buzzer-beater lifts Wiz past Hawks 103-101 - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: It was a play added to the Washington Wizards' offense a day earlier, and it was drawn up for a guy, Paul Pierce, who's been doing this sort of thing for the better part of two decades. With three defenders near him, Pierce made a falla

Sports | NHL

Rangers vs. Capitals recap: What you need to know about Game 5

Every night during the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Eye On Hockey writers Adam Gretz and Chris Peters will bring you up to speed everything you need to know about all of the action around the NHL. Here's what you need to know about Rangers vs. Capitals, Game

Sports | NHL

Rangers vs. Capitals recap: What you need to know about Game 4

The Washington Capitals squeaked by for another win over the New York Rangers in Game 3. The Caps now hold a 3-1 series lead, putting them one win away from the Eastern Conference Final.

Sports | NBA

Hawks bounce back, beat Wall-less Wizards in Game 2 to tie series 1-1

The Hawks got big nights from DeMarre Carroll, Al Horford and Paul Millsap to get even in their best-of-seven series.

Sports | NHL

Rangers vs. Capitals recap: What you need to know about Game 3 - CBSSports.com

The Washington Capitals took a 2-1 series lead on the New York Rangers thanks to stellar goaltending from Braden Holtby and a lucky bounce for Jay Beagle.

Sports | NHL

Capitals vs. Rangers recap: What you need to know about Game 2 - CBSSports.com

Everything you need to know about the New York Rangers' Game 2 win over the Washington Capitals.

Sports | NHL

Joel Ward's buzzer-beater gives Caps 2-1 win over Rangers, 1-0 series lead (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: Joel Ward’s goal with 1.3 seconds left in the third period helped give the Washington Capitals a 2-1 victory over the New York Rangers in Game 1 of their second round series.

Sports | NHL

Capitals eliminate Islanders: What you need to know about Game 7 - CBSSports.com

The Washington Capitals won a thrilling Game 7 on Monday night to eliminate the New York Islanders and move on to the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs where they will face the New York Rangers.

Sports | NBA

3-pointer: What we learned from Wizards-Raptors Game 4 - CBSSports.com

The Washington Wizards completed the sweep and this is what we took away from their Game 4 victory over the Toronto Raptors.

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Ya'alon Dropping V-22 Osprey Purchase From America - Defense/Security - News - Arutz Sheva

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon (Likud) is dropping the purchase of US V-22 Osprey aircraft, raising concerns that this could further chill already frosty relations with Washington, Israel Hayom daily said Thursday.

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White House will now lock the front door!

The White House on Monday said it would do what most homeowners practice to secure their property: Lock the front door. “After Friday night’s incident, when the door is not in use, it will be secured,” said White House press secretary Josh Earnest,

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Senate Dems Fail To Overturn Supreme Court Hobby Lobby Ruling

Democratic Senators’ attempt to nullify the Supreme Court’s ruling in Hobby Lobby and force religious employers to pay for every type of contraceptive coverage required by Obamacare failed to pass a cloture vote Wednesday.  The bill, introduced by De

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Rep. Ralph Hall, oldest House member, defeated by John Ratcliffe

Hall, 91, becomes first incumbent defeated in a primary this year. He is the oldest member of Congress and one of the last World War II veterans on Capitol Hill.