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NYC to consider removing statues of George Washington, create reparations task force amid budget cuts

New York City council on Tuesday will consider a range of proposals considering the legacy of slavery despite crippling budgets amid a migrant crisis.

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Woke America: Goodbye, Fort Bragg. Hello, Fort Tubman?

In 2020, Donald Trump threatened to veto the entire defense bill if Congress had included an amendment that would have renamed nine military bases

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Virginia to replace statue of Robert E. Lee with Barbara Johns effigy

A commission in Virginia on Wednesday selected to replace the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee representing that state in the U.S. Capitol with an effigy of a black teenage girl who protested segregation.

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Nashville Prep School Ends Annual George Washington Celebration Because It’s Not ‘Relevant To The Way That We Teach History’

A prominent prep school in Nashville, Tennessee has said it will no longer hold its annual celebration of George Washington because its “not consistent or relevant to the way that we teach history today.” The prep school, Harpeth Hall, made the decision l

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2 California schools named for Washington, Jefferson getting new names after Black Lives Matter push

Two San Francisco-area elementary schools named after a pair of founding fathers who owned slaves will get new names after a school board approved a Black Lives Matter resolution last week, according to a report.