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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Will Be DC Films’ First True Sequel

'Wonder Woman 1984', whose trailer debuts today, will be DC Films’ first conventional sequel and won’t have to face the questions of competence and commercial viability that plagued the first 'Wonder Woman'.

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Henry Cavill out as Superman in DC shakeup [Video]

Henry Cavill is reportedly done playing Superman in Warner Bros' superhero franchise.

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DHS confirms it has evidence of mobile snooping devices around DC - CNNPolitics

The Department of Homeland Security has confirmed that it has detected evidence of mobile snooping devices around Washington, DC.

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DC officially renames street in front of Russian embassy after slain Putin critic

The Washington, D.C. city council on Tuesday officially renamed a street in front of the Russian embassy in honor of a slain critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Make Superman Jewish Again – Tablet Magazine

Mazal tov to Brian Michael Bendis: The esteemed comic book writer has recently jumped ship from Marvel to DC, and, later this year, will give new life to the publisher’s most iconic hero, Superman. “I'm a little Jewish boy from Cleveland,

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Looks Like We Made It: OU, Chabad Conquer Comic Books | Everyday Jewish Living | OU Life

Since 1939, when the Human Torch and Sub-Mariner first appeared in Marvel Mystery Comics #1, one question has plagued aficionados of four-color literature:

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Lincoln Memorial vandalized with explicit graffiti - ABC News

This isn't the first instance of vandalism at the memorial.

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DC Universe: The Exhibit is Here!

Warner Bros Studios just opened their newest attraction, "DC Universe: The Exhibit". Find out why it's a must-visit for any superhero lovin' kid.

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"Superman: Rebirth" Explains What Happened to the Man of Tomorrow | Comic Book Resources

Picking up in the aftermath of Superman #52, the DC one-shot answers a big question about the New 52 Man of Steel. SPOILERS!

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Power Ranking All The Marvel And DC Superhero Shows Currently On Television - Forbes

There are a ton of superhero shows on TV today, more than there have ever been at one time. So how do Marvel and DC's best stack up to one another?

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Warner Bros. is planning 12 more superhero movies after 'Batman v Superman' — here they are

A dozen new comic legends are making their debuts over the next few years.

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The Flash Solo Movie Will Co-Star Cyborg

Deborah Snyder has revealed that, when Ezra Miller takes the lead in the solo movie of ‘The Flash,’ he won’t be all on his lonesome.

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This animated Batman/Superman team-up is better than Dawn of Justice | The Verge

I admit that nostalgia makes me a little biased here, but for my money the DC Animated Universe has done some of the very best storytelling using comic book characters. Superman '78 and The Dark...

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Which Robin Is Dead In Batman V Superman?

Robin is dead when Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice begins.Which Robin, though? That's kind of a mystery.When the film starts, audiences will meet an older Batman with years of experience as a superhero. He'll have battled The Joker already, a

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The Flash And Cyborg Confirmed In Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Many of us already suspect that heroes such as The Flash and Cyborg would be joining Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman on screen for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but until now, they were only mere rumors.Put the rumors to bed. It's

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New Batman V Superman Clip Puts Batman On The Ropes

Batman is at Superman’s mercy in a new ‘Batman V Superman’ clip…

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New DC Digital Comic Sets Up Events of 'Batman v Superman' (Exclusive)

With less than a month to go before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives in theaters, clues about the top-secret plot — especially the cause of the titular acrimony between two of DC Comics’ marquee heroes — are at a premium.

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How Batman could create a suit to fight Superman

Batman stands up and shuts down Superman in a fortifying new suit of armor. We break down how he's able to even the odds.

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Poor Superman Has To Answer For Man Of Steel In New Dawn Of Justice Pic - CINEMABLEND

With Zod dead, that leaves Superman left to answer for the events of Man of Steel ’s final battle, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will finally see him facing official scrutiny.

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‘The Flash’ Boss on Shocking Zoom Reveal: ‘He Played Them All’

Spoiler warning: Do not read on unless you’ve seen “The Flash” Season 2, Episode 15, titled “King Shark.” Fans have been speculating about the identity of “The Flash’s” villainous Zoom since Season 2 began, but the truth proved to be even

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‘The Flash': Figuring Out the Mystery Behind Zoom

We still don't know the true identity of the big bad from this season of 'The Flash,' but do have some theories.

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11 Best Superhero Rivalries Of All Time

Superheroes might be the good guys, but that doesn't mean they always get along. We take a look at some of the more tenuous superhero rivalries in comic history.

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The Flash: Zoom Removes His Mask In Intense New Trailer

When it comes to superhero series on The CW, The Flash has to be the most lighthearted, but it knows how to do scary villains. Season 2 baddie Zoom has been a constant threat, as well as a mystery, but this new trailer teases his eventual unmasking.

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The final Batman v. Superman trailer is here and it's intense

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is just a month away, so we have time for one more trailer before the big fight. (Though from an unofficial source, it seems.) Here, we finally get to see the Dark Knight and Man of Steel throw a few good punches at eac

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Arrow Boss Shares the Story Behind Big Reveal, Previews the Reactions to Come: 'Felicity Is Really Conflicted'

The following contains spoilers from this Wednesday’s episode of Arrow. Pop quiz: What does the Green Arrow’s latest adversary have in common with Oliver’s fiancée Felicity? That answer, in a moment. This week on the CW series, former team member

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Superman Gets Another New Power in Today's Action Comics

Another month, another change in the status quo for Superman's powers.In today's Action Comics #49, the Man of Steel is back in action, having thrown himself on a giant pile of Kryptonite in the hopes of jumpstarting his super powers, which have

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New ‘Batman v Superman’ trailer highlights the superhero showdown of the year

Six comic book movies are scheduled to release in 2016, but none are the subject of quite as much consternation as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice . No one is altogether confident about how the movie will turn out, but that hasn't stopped Warner Bros.

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The Flash EP Teases Identity Of Zoom

Who is Zoom? Well, if Team Flash could figure that out now, it might significantly shorten their season.Luckily for fans, that isn't going to happen -- although the mystery that fans have been wondering about from Day One is going to start creeping into t

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Past And/Or Future Versions Of Arrow & Flash Will Appear On Legends Of Tomorrow

With time travel in play, past and future versions of characters featured on Arrow and The Flash will appear on DC's Legends of Tomorrow.This is not particularly surprising to those who have been following the build-up to the series, but it was confirmed

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Zack Snyder Teases Justice League Assembled

The dawn of the Justice League is nearly upon us, and the man in charge of bringing all of these superheroes from DC Comics' universe together couldn't be more thrilled by the opportunity."I love Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman, but having Flash

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Superman Unmasks Batman in New 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' Clip

Things don’t look good for the Caped Crusader in the exclusive sneak preview of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that aired Monday during the fall finale of Fox’s Batman-based crime drama, Gotham.

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Is The Flash About To Introduce Velocity 9?

A new drug may be coming to The Flash that has a somewhat dark history in the comics. Could it be the key to restoring Jay Garrick's powers?

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Wonder Woman movie settings revealed

Exclusive: with mild spoilers, we reveal the settings we'll see in Warner's 2017 Wonder Woman movie...

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Tom Cavanagh's Role In The Flash Season 2 Revealed

We finally know who Tom Cavanagh will be playing in season 2 of The Flash.

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DC Comics’ Constantine Coming to ‘Arrow’ on The CW

DC Comics character John Constantine, played by Matt Ryan on the shortlived NBC series of the same name, will be coming to The CW’s “Arrow” in season four, it was announced at The CW’s Television Critics Assn. press tour presentation Tuesday. Ryan

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The Reason For Wonder Woman's New Costume

Wonder Woman has changed her look and there's a reason for it.

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The CW picks up its next DC superhero series with Legends of Tomorrow | The Verge

The CW's expanding universe of DC characters is only getting bigger. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the network has picked up Legends of Tomorrow, a spinoff of successful series Arrow and The...

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​Mega Buzz: The Flash to Introduce Multiple Universes

Having an Earth-One and Earth-Two within The Flash would open up radical new possibilities for the show, including alternate versions of characters we already know or even new versions of the same superheroes, such as Jay Garrick's The Flash or perhaps th

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What's Next for 'The Flash'? 5 Game-Changing Revelations From 'The Trap'!

Warning: Huge spoilers from Tuesday’s episode of The Flash. Do not proceed if you haven’t watched! If you have, proceed! Holy Flash! The Flash has prided itself on shocking twists and jaw-dropping turns, but The CW’s hit comic book drama turned it u

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Here's the official Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer

After a leak on Thursday night, Warner Bros. officially released the trailer.

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48 Comic Book Characters and the Live-Action Versions You'll See This Fall

View the 48 Comic Book Characters and the Live-Action Versions You'll See This Fall photo gallery on Yahoo TV. Find more news related pictures in our photo galleries.