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Steve Kramer – The Che Guevara effect against Jews

Steve Kramer – The Che Guevara Effect against Jews “Che” Guevara (1928-1967) was an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, a physician, an author, a guerrilla fighter/leader, a diplomat, and a military theorist; and a terrorist. He was also a

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To protest campus antisemitism, professors are sleeping in their offices

A growing number of college professors in California plans to lock themselves in their offices overnight this week to protest campus antisemitism.

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Can a Donor Revolt Save American Universities? | The Free Press

After universities both-sides the mass slaughter of Jews, Bill Ackman, John Huntsman, and others are saying ‘the buck stops here.’

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Only 4 percent of faculty donations went to Republicans in 2022

ANALYSIS: A review of 2022 donation data shows a strong tilt in favor of Democrats.

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College Football Week 1 Picks: Who Will Open With a Victory?

A big opening weekend is on tap for the sport, including Ohio State–Notre Dame, Georgia-Oregon, Utah-Florida and more.

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We’re So Close to a Win Against the Student Debt Crisis

With the 2022 midterm elections on the horizon, now is the best time for Biden to fulfill his campaign promise and cancel student debt.

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In College? You’re About to Lose Your Due Process Rights

I must say, I feel bad for men on college campuses now. Good luck. According to a new report, Joe Biden’s Department of Education (DOE) is planning to roll back Title IX due process regulations after...

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Universities Compromise Values for Arab Money

MIT Building 10 and the Great Dome, Cambridge Massachusetts. Photo: John Phelan via Wikicommons. Universities have largely escaped government scrutiny …

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Only 1 of the Top 100 Universities Feature Conservative Commencement Speaker for Class of 2020

Only one of the United States' top 100 universities has invited a Republican a guest speaker to address the class of 2020 at their graduation ceremonies.

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America’s College Professors Are 95 Times More Likely To Donate To Democrats Than Republicans, Study Shows

College professors in America are vastly more likely to donate to Democrats than they are to Republicans, according to a new study. The study, conducted by Heterodox Academy Director of Research Sean Stevens and Brooklyn College Professor Mitchell Langber

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College vs. University: What's the Difference? | Mental Floss

Certain traits define the difference between colleges and universities. (And no, tuition isn't one of them.)

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America Has Become a Place Where Spoiled Children Paying $60,000 Tuition Consider Themselves 'Victims'

"I don't feel safe," says a Harvard student in a video. What threatens her? The dean of her Harvard dormitory, law professor Ronald Sullivan, agreed to be part of accused sexual harasser Harvey Weinstein's legal defense team. Sullivan and his wife were de

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Is The Iranian Regime Promoting Campus Anti-Semitism?

As American Jews grapple with rising anti-Semitism on college campuses and in other arenas, they would be well-served remembering the root cause of much of the world’s Jew-hatred: the Islamic Republic of Iran, the

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Trump signs executive order to promote free speech on college campuses

President Trump on Thursday signed an executive order to promote free speech on college campuses by threatening colleges with the loss of federal research funding if they do not protect those rights. 

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Amherst College Releases Insane 'Common Language Document'

On Wednesday, Amherst College in Massachusetts released a new “Common Language Document” for its students which lays out "definitions" about everything from capitalism to drag queens.

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The College Admissions Scandal Proves Yet Again That ‘Higher Education’ Is A Giant Scam

As you’ve probably heard, a bunch of rich people have been charged with bribing college officials in order to get their children into various top universities.

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College admissions scandal: The fallout is just beginning - CNN

Fifty people are accused of participating in a scheme that involved cheating on standardized tests and bribing college coaches and others to admit students as athletes regardless of their abilities, prosecutors revealed in a federal indictment Tuesday.

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Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin Among Celebs, CEOs Arrested in College Admissions Cheating Scandal

The rich and famous are accused of paying up to $6 million to gets kids admitted to elite schools.

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Why Duke University Is Not A Safe Space For Jews

It should come as no surprise that Duke University is making headlines this time of year. The highly prestigious private school is a college basketball powerhouse that tends to dominate sports pages as March Madness approaches. But this year, the stories

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Why Anti-Semitism Is The New Social Justice

All the cool kids are busy fighting against the movement for Jewish indigenous rights

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BDS Unmasked: Anti-Semitism, Is That You?

A so-called ‘teach-in’ event made me realize something about the BDS movement.

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Heather MacDonald warns US colleges are breeding hate | Fox News

Author of 'The Diversity Delusion' breaks down the rise of intolerance on 'Life, Liberty & Levin.'

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Foundation Wins Campus Free Speech Settlement Against UC Berkeley

The Young America’s Foundation has won a legal battle, forcing a major college campus to give conservative speakers the same freedoms they give to others.

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To pressure colleges into combatting anti-Semitism, alumni become activists

Alums for Campus Fairness builds a network across the US seeking to maintain an evenhanded dialogue, by turning graduates into stakeholders

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Study: Nearly 40 Percent of Top Liberal Arts Colleges Have No GOP Professors | Fox News Insider

A new study found that 39 percent of "top-tier liberal arts colleges" in the United States don't have any Republicans on their faculties.

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These 25 Public Colleges Give Students the Biggest Return on Investment | Money

PayScale's annual College Return on Investment report shows graduates of schools with heavy STEM emphasis earn the most.

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Nazi speech on campus opposed by half of Americans - Washington Times

Nearly half of Americans support banning Nazis and white supremacists from speaking on college campuses, a poll shows, but higher education critics warn that such a move would be imprudent and legally dubious.

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The Algemeiner’s 1st Annual List of the US and Canada’s Worst Campuses for Jewish Students Of all the great and …

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Students Create ‘Healing’ Space to Recover from a Speech They Didn’t Even Attend

Months after a speech from a conservative speaker on campus, students who didn't attend it claim to be traumitized.

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Artist Paints Over Campus Mural of Gun Shooting Out Flowers Because One Student Found It ‘Triggering’

An artist painted over an image of a gun shooting out flowers — a classic anti-violence symbol — that had been part of a pro-peace mural she had painted at Pitzer College (part of the Claremont University Consortium) because one student claimed he fo

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‘Sensitivity’ fascists are turning colleges into day-care centers

How will today’s college students function once they leave campus and find the world no giant “safe space” protecting them from things they don’t want to hear? University of Pittsburgh students las…

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No Penalty for UCLA Student/Employee Posting Blatantly Antisemitic Comments on Facebook

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) slammed an antisemitic comment posted on social media by a student, but has decided not to punish its author, according to a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating antisemitism. The student, w

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Oberlin Students Say Sushi Is 'Disrespectful' to Japanese | Truth Revolt

Oberlin College is taking its multicultural vigilance to the campus cafeterias.

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College Sexism -- Op Ed Claims "Man Cave" is Offensive | National Review Online

According to a recent student op ed, a bro-dude calling a room in his house a “man cave” is not just obnoxious but truly harmful to women and a “disgusting patriarchal myth.”

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Pennsylvania college students demand new moniker on building named 'Lynch' after ex-president | Fox News

Students at a small Pennsylvania college are demanding that administrators rename a building called Lynch Memorial Hall because of the racial overtones of the word lynch. The building is named after Clyde A.

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America’s higher education brought low

The ridiculous behavior by colleges provides endless teachable moments.

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University yoga class canceled because of ‘oppression, cultural genocide’ - The Washington Post

It's "just stretching," the class's teacher said.

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WWU cancels classes as free speech scares cowardly students and faculty

Western Washington University suspended all classes on Tuesday because of an alleged incident of hate speech targeting students of color.

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Princeton Students Take Over President’s Office, Demand Erasure Of Woodrow Wilson

Black Lives Matter activists at Princeton University have taken over the president's office and say they won't leave until the school acknowledges former U.S. president Woodrow Wilson as a racist and

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Dartmouth Administrator Sides With #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Who Disrupted Library | Mediaite

After protesters disrupted students studying in the University of Dartmouth library Thursday with racist chants and harassment, at least one Dartmouth

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Univ. of Vermont holds privilege retreat for students who 'self-identify as white'

“Examining White Privilege: A Retreat for Undergraduate Students Who Self-Identify as White”

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Alan Dershowitz on student protesters and diversity - Business Insider

Alan Dershowitz rips into college students who he says do not want true diversity on college campuses.

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College ‘Safe Space’ Boos an Asian Woman For Declaring ‘Black People Can Be Racist’ | Mediaite

Students at a “safe space” at Claremont McKenna College in California shut down an Asian woman who was describing racial harassment by a black man, booing her when she declared, “black people can be racist.”

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REPORT: 99.51% of top liberal arts prof. contributions go to Dems

Only one undergraduate professor from the top 50 liberal arts colleges has donated to a Republican presidential candidate in the current election cycle.

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USC College Republicans Prez Fights Back Against Charges of White Privilege | Truth Revolt

USC College Republicans President Jacob Ellenhorn, whom TruthRevolt previously has written about here, is fighting back against slurs of white privilege, oppression, discrimination and appropriation that appeared in the campus newspaper, reports The Co

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Profs Punish Students for Saying ‘Illegal Alien,' Failing to See White Privilege | Truth Revolt

Professors at Washington State University are continuing higher education's fine Orwellian tradition of enforcing politically correct thought—or as one professor puts it, "keeping an open mind"—by threatening to punish students who write wo

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14 Bizarre College Donations and the Strings Attached | Mental Floss

For most of us, college donations entail little more than occasionally dropping a small check in the mail after receiving repeated pleas for cash from our alma maters. Some people, though, tend to be a bit more individualistic with their generosity. Let

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Heather Mac Donald UNLEASHED: Scholar drops truth bombs on liberals at UCLA

ANALYSIS: With wit, wisdom and bold one-liners, conservative scholar takes down leftist tenets Well-known author and scholar Heather Mac Donald recently visited UCLA to talk about the idea of “microaggressions” on college campuses, but before she even

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Rolling Stone retracts discredited UVA gang rape story dubbed 'journalistic failure' | Fox News

Rolling Stone magazine late Sunday formally retracted a discredited story about an alleged gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity house after an independent review dubbed the article a journalistic failure.

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'Infantilized' College Students Need 'Safe Spaces' to Avoid Scary Free Speech - Breitbart

Judith Shulevitz, writing in the New York Times, reports that infantilized college students are indulging their need for insulation by demanding “safe spaces” where any speech that could hurt their feelings would be forbidden.

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What Is the University Diversity Scam? - Prager University

America's campuses, particularly those in California, spend tens of millions of dollars on administrators and programs to combat issues like sexism, homophobia, and racism on campus. But are these problems in any way prevalent at our universities? Or is t

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Muslim Students Demand that University Cancel Showings of ‘American Sniper’ | Top Right News

A Muslim student activist started the campus controversy when she declared showing the film on campus would make her feel “unsafe” and demanded an “apology and explanation” as to how and why the movie was even selected for Mizzou audiences.

News | Antisemitism Watch

New film depicts Jewish students' growing insecurity on campus | The Times of Israel

While calling for Jewish pride and Israel advocacy, documentary portrays North American universities as anti-Semitic battlefields

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7 countries where Americans can study at universities, in English, for free (or almost free) - The Washington Post

Finland will finance your free education, but not your coffee break.

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Your Elite School Is Not Worth The Cost, Studies Say

The cost for a college education has risen to the astronomical, resulting in debt that haunts young people after graduation like a ghost bent on dragging them to a Dickensian poorhouse.  It’s forcing us to ask, “Is it worth it?” Especially if the s

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Pro-Terrorism T-Shirts Sold on Campus of Tufts Univ. | Truth Revolt

T-Shirts advocating for violent resistance and terrorism were sold on the campus of Tufts University during Students for Justice in Palestine's national conference last weekend. As reported in the Washington Free Beacon, the organization convened from O

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UNC students likely will keep degrees despite fraud - CNN.com

The accrediting group that covers UNC can't take away degrees due to academic fraud, its president says.

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Another Anti-Semitic Hate Crime At Claremont McKenna College | Truth Revolt

Claremont McKenna College, which already played host to two anti-Semitic hate crimes during this school year, hosted a third incident occur on October 24th. Jewish student Bryan Turkel saw his dorm room vandalized for the third time thus far this year.

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The most educated countries in the world - Yahoo Finance

From Yahoo Finance: According to data recently released by the Organization for Co-operation and Development (OECD), more than half of Russian adults held tertiary degrees in 2012 — the equivalent of college degree in the ...

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Boycotts are not the answer

BDS supporters don’t care that universities in Israel are the one place where Palestinians and Israelis continue to work together.

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Colleges Are Letting Students Off Way Too Easy for Sexual Assault

How should colleges punish students whom they find responsible for forcible sexual assault? It’s one of the questions riling campuses this year, as student activists push universities—and Congress and the White House—to focus on the prob

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College speaker calls students immature, arrogant

HAVERFORD, Pa. (AP) — A commencement speaker on Sunday blasted college students as