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From Seinfeld to Ben-Gvir, Antisemites Attack Jews | The Caroline Glick Show In-Focus

Jewish businesses or anybody who supports Israel in any way are being attacked across the world by far-left and Islamist mobs. Is this causing an awakening a...

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‘You Jew!’: UC Berkeley Mob Attacks Jews During Event With IDF Soldier, University Pledges “Investigation”

A mob of hundreds pro-Palestinian students and non-students shut down an event Monday evening at University of California, Berkeley featuring an Israeli soldier, forcing Jewish students to flee to a secret safe room as the protestors overwhelmed campus po

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How Hamas Hijacked British Democracy – Commentary Magazine

After all the false alarms, the crisis of British democracy is finally here. The cause is not a nebulous concept like “disinformation” or a prime minister getting ousted by her

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The Don Quixote Delusion | Israel National News

What a 17th century classic can teach us about the West’s current attack on Israel. Op-ed.

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The rise of barbaric progressivism

On the Jewish struggle and other epochal matters. Click to read No Delusions, No Despair, by Benjamin Kerstein, a Substack publication with hundreds of subscribers.

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Are American Jews Prepared for the Return of History?

Probably the most famous line from the HBO series True Detective is: “Time is a flat circle.” The line, spoken by Det. Rust Cohle (played by Matthew McConaughey) in the

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Blinken Meets With Brazilian President Who Just Compared Israel to Nazi Germany

 If we were Secretary of State Antony Blinken, we'd think twice about posting a photo smiling and warmly embracing the hand of a man who just compared Israel to Nazi Germany and the war against Hamas to the Holocaust.

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Pink Floyd Frontman's Nazi Uniform Was No Big Deal, Penn's Anti-Semitic Cartoonist Says

The University of Pennsylvania communications lecturer who published a slew of anti-Semitic cartoons is defending Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters from charges of anti-Semitism, describing the Nazi regalia Waters wore on stage as a "leather jacket."

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Chair of Harvard University History Department Belongs to Group Behind Grotesque Anti-Semitic Cartoon

The chairman of Harvard University's history department is a member of a faculty group, Harvard Faculty and Staff for Justice in Palestine, that posted an anti-Semitic cartoon over the holiday weekend depicting a hand emblazoned with the Star of David hol

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Black church bishops call on US to halt aid to Israel amid 'genocide'

The bishops accused Israel of denying Palestinians "access to food, water, shelter, and health care" and said that "after this torture, they plan to murder them."

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Quran Recited at Belgian Parliament with Call for Killing, Kidnapping of Jews

A verse from the Quran that explicitly calls on Muslims to kill and take Jews captive was recited inside the Belgian parliament building.

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‘Run by the Mob’: How Anti-Semites Took Over Stanford’s Campus

On January 24, Stanford University held a forum on combating anti-Semitism. The event, which featured Stanford president Richard Saller and provost Jenny Martinez, was meant to reassure Jewish students that the university had their back amid the wave of a

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‘Wake Up Call': House Subpoenas Harvard for Stonewalling Anti-Semitism Probe

Harvard University was hit with a congressional subpoena on Friday for obstructing a House probe into rampant anti-Semitism on its campus. 

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John Podhoretz: They’re Coming After Us, Part 2

Last month, I sought to detail the multifront assault on American Jews that erupted almost instantaneously after the Hamas massacre of October 7 in an article called “They’re Coming After

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Anti-Semitism hits all-time high in ‘explosion of hatred’ against British Jews

Community Security Trust says two-thirds of incidents reported were on or after Oct 7 in what it calls a ‘celebration of Hamas’s massacre’

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Australia’s Descent Into Jew-Baiting Chaos

When I was younger and my family would playfully debate where we’d go if Jews suddenly needed to flee America, Australia was always one of the top answers. We could

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An Alarming Lesson in Anti-Jewish Resentment

When it comes to DEI programs and other race-focused bureaucracies, it can be easy to forget the underlying ideology and focus on the diversity offices and officers themselves. But in

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The antisemitism crisis is out of control

In both Britain and America, politics is becoming increasingly distorted.

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Leeds University’s Jewish chaplain in hiding following threats

“Such attacks on any individual are unacceptable and will not be tolerated from members of the public or our university community,” the university stated.

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‘Nearly 10,000’ people complained about hostage awareness ad during Super Bowl, says US Arab head

Abed Ayoub of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee claimed Israel’s commercial “undermines the integrity of broadcasting standards.”

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Professors Teaching Hate

Professors teaching hate on Campus - supporting Hamas

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There’s no bigger hypocrite than a Left-wing ‘anti-racist’

If there’s one thing Jenny Leong can’t stand, it’s racism. The Australian Greens MP proudly describes herself as “a committed anti-racism advocate”. On her Twitter/X page, she says: “If you’re sick of us talking about racism, imagine how sick we are of being subjected to it.”

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UK university rabbi goes into hiding after death threats over wartime IDF service

'Hundreds' of menacing messages, phone calls targeting Rabbi Zecharia Deutsch for reserve duty drive him and family out of their home, as campus antisemitism flares post-October 7

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Doctor who said Hammersmith ‘would be better without Jews’ not racist, GMC finds

A doctor who said Hammersmith would be better if it was “Jew free” was found not to be racist but “comfortable with discriminatory language” by the General Medical Council’s independent tribunal.

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Israeli basketball team wins after Irish team refuses to shake hands

"Basketball Ireland fully supports our players in their decision," the national governing body for basketball in Ireland said in a statement regarding the refusal to shake hands with Israel's team.

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Anti-Judaism becomes a protected characteristic

A tribunal ruling has effectively declared open season on Jewish students

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Palestinian Illegal Alien Enters U.S. Via Mexico, Beats NYC Homeowner Over His Support for Israel

 In yet another disturbing example of illegal aliens from all over the world entering the U.S. via Mexico, a 26-year-old Palestinian illegal allegedly beat a New York homeowner to the ground and stole his U.S. and Israeli flags out of his yard — all while yelling antisemitic slurs.

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At Penn, Nothing Has Changed in Wake of Magill's Defenestration

When Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, then an emeritus professor at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine, penned a Wall Street Journal op-ed in 2019 arguing that political issues like climate change and gun control had no place in medical sch

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David Collier: A tsunami of antisemitic hate.

Oct 7 saw Hamas commit atrocities beyond description, but instead of support - Jews in the west are facing a tsunami of antisemitic hate.

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Penn Lecturer Is Behind Grotesque Anti-Semitic Cartoons

A lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg School of Communication has published several anti-Semitic cartoons since Hamas's Oct. 7 attack, including one that depicts Zionists sipping Gazan blood from wine glasses, a version of the ancient b

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Speaker at MIT’s ‘Standing Together Against Hate' Event Endorsed Hamas Terrorism as Lawful 'Resistance'

In an attempt to ease campus "tension" following Hamas's Oct. 7 attack on Israel, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is slated to bring a series of guest speakers to campus—including one who endorsed Hamas terrorism as an act of lawful "resistance.

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The Dangerous Racializing of Anti-Zionism

The city of Chicago is coming in for much criticism and ridicule for passing a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, instead of doing something for the

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Britain's Jews are being terrorised

The knife attack in Golders Green, London is merely the most shocking expression of the surge in anti-Semitism.

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Gaslighting 101: Australian Police Deny Any Protestors at Sydney Opera House Chanted 'Gas the Jews'

 Back in 2021, internet history was made when NBC sports reporter Kelli Stavast was interviewing auto racer Brandon Brown, who had just won his first NASCAR Xfinity Series race.

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EXCLUSIVEHow can the war between Israel and Hamas ever end when so many schools in Gaza - run by a UN agency backed by our millions - teach children to hate Jews?

DAVID PATRIKARAKOS: The tunnel yawns from the earth beneath the Al-Azhar University in Gaza City. Once, Hamas terrorists would emerge from here to commit atrocities.

Miscellaneous | Jewish Life

The Best Response to Antisemitism

An open letter to an American Jewish college student.

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

Chicago Mayor Passes 'Ceasefire' Resolution as Gang Warfare, Antisemitism Grow

With the mayor's tie-breaking vote, the Chicago city council passed a resolution Wednesday calling for a ceasefire and condemning Israel.

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US House officials dig deep into UNRWA-Hamas ties | World Israel News

Testimonies of UNRWA's failure to help the Palestinians in Gaza were recorded, with bipartisan unity in UNRWA's condemnation.

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Joshua Namm: For Jews, The Ivy Is Still Poison

Nothing has changed in the Ivy League.

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Yikes! Sky News Anchor Dubs the Holocaust a 'Voluntary Relocation'

 This is truly unbelievable. A 'Sky News' anchor called the Holocaust an 'voluntary relocation'. What?

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Labour MP Suspended for Claiming ‘Genocide’ in Gaza Should Be Honoured on Holocaust Memorial Day

A Labour Party MP has been suspended after she said the "genocide" in Gaza should be honoured during Holocaust Memorial Day.

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Pro-Hamas Protesters Sink Even Lower, Violently Harass Mourners Leaving Henry Kissinger Memorial

 The pro-Hamas, anti-Israel fanatics were at it again, this time teaming up with Henry Kissinger haters to harass mourners leaving a memorial for the late diplomat on New York City’s Upper East Side Thursday.

Politics | The Left

The dangers of progressive antisemitism

The Left’s hostility to Jews is no longer a fringe preoccupation; it has become instinctive, a cultural reflex growing stronger by the day.

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A hollow Holocaust Remembrance Day

Those who support a ceasefire to allow a genocidal antisemitic movement like Hamas to commit more slaughters of Jews shouldn’t pretend to mourn the Six Million.

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Pro Palestine Primary Teachers Rewrite 'Wheels On the Bus' and the Result is Utterly Disgusting


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Stop exploiting the Holocaust as a weapon against Israel  

Since October, many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have distorted the memory of the Holocaust to wage political and economic war on Israel, thereby diminishing the scale and severity of the atrocities that were carried out by Nazi Germany.

Politics | Campus Watch

UPenn Honors Radical Professor Who Accused Israel of ‘Genocide’

The University of Pennsylvania is giving its annual MLK Jr. Social Justice Award on Wednesday to a radical professor who signed a letter accusing Israel of "genocide" and "apartheid" and denounced U.S. military support for the Jewish state as a "moral cat

Politics | Campus Watch

Columbia Defends Inclusion of Anti-Semitic Terror Defender in University's 'Day of Dialogue'

Columbia University defended its decision to invite a pro-terrorist professor who founded the Hamas-supporting Students for Justice in Palestine group to speak at its official “Day of Dialogue” event on Friday, praising him as a “renowned” scholar who cou

Politics | Campus Watch

Elise Stefanik Slams Harvard’s Appointment of Anti-Israel Prof to Anti-Semitism Task Force

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R., N.Y.) slammed Harvard University Tuesday for appointing an anti-Israel professor to a leadership position on its task force to combat anti-Semitism.

News | Antisemitism Watch

Public School Districts Are Chasing Out Their Jews

The Ann Arbor, Michigan, public school board apparently thinks their work would be easier if the Jews would just take a hint. The teachers in the famously

Politics | The Left

Jamaal Bowman Said He Was 'Starstruck' By Anti-Israel Author Who Praised Hamas. Now He Claims He Barely Knew the Guy.

New York Democratic congressman Jamaal Bowman said he was "starstruck" by an anti-Israel author who praised Hamas's Oct. 7 slaughtering of innocent Israelis. Now, Bowman is claiming he was "unaware" of the author's comments.

Politics | Politics

Senate Dems block amendment to halt Palestinian aid until it 'renounced terrorism'

The amendment would have halted funding for any Palestinian government until it 'renounced terrorism' and until Hamas hostages are released.

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Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig: Anti-Semitism Roots: The Wandering and Wondering Jew

Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig: Anti-Semitism Roots: The Wandering and Wondering Jew With anti-Semitism widely rearing its head once again, it is worth thinking about its deep-rooted sources, and not merely the latest cause for its viral outbreak. I will offer t

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Harvard Students Captured on Film Accosting Israeli Classmate Remain in Good Standing With School, Lawsuit Alleges

The Harvard University graduate students who were caught on film accosting and shoving a Jewish classmate during an anti-Israel "die-in" protest remain in good standing with the school, with one of the assailants avoiding discipline altogether, according


Rabbi Accuses Utah Jazz of Making Him Put Down 'I'm a Jew And I'm Proud' Sign After Kyrie Irving Complaint

A rabbi claims that the Utah Jazz told him to put down his sign after Dallas Mavericks star Kyrie Irving complained about it to stadium staff.

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The Lauder Business School in Vienna Severs Ties with Harvard amid Antisemitism Row | National Review

The Lauder Business School in Vienna is cutting ties with Harvard University amid the college's failure to tackle growing concerns about antisemitism.

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Howard Epstein – AGAIN WITH THE JEWISH QUESTION! Last week, I ended this column with a note of optimism thus: “If the disgraceful performances in Congress last week come to be seen as the highwater mark of wokeism, then – albeit at a cost we sho

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'Biden administration fueling attacks on American Jews,' says pro-Israel group

Biden under fire after he accused Israel of 'indiscriminate bombing' of Gazans, as pro-Israel group says White House's rhetoric is fueling antisemitism in America.


‘He’s an American, You Idiots!’ Social Media Erupts After Protest of Jerry Seinfeld Show Over His Israel Support - 'He's

Social media users called a large pro-Palestinian protest outside Jerry Seinfeld's stand-up comedy show in downtown Syracuse, New York, "misguided" and said that targeting him for being an American Jew who supports Israel was antisemitic. Hundreds of acti

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Gabe Ende – Letter to a Niece and Nephew Struggling for Israel on Campus

Gabe Ende – Letter to a Niece and Nephew Struggling for Israel on Campus Letter to a Niece and Nephew Struggling for Israel on Campus: Is anti-Zionism always anti-Semitism?   If the question is philosophical –as it was in certain Jewish circl

Politics | Education or Indoctrination?

Victor Davis Hanson: How Were the Universities Lost?

 After October 7, the public was shocked at what they saw and heard on America's campuses.

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

Columbia U. Hosts 'Palestinian Counteroffensive' Event Despite Claiming It Was Canceled

Columbia University's School of Social Work proceeded with its "teach in" on the so-called "significance" of the October 7 terror attacks against Israel by Hamas, despite claiming that the event had been canceled.

Politics | The "Squad"

BRAVO! Don't Look Now But Jon Lovitz Just Totally, Completely, and Absolutely DECIMATED Rashida Tlaib

 Rashida Tlaib couldn't be any more unpopular with the majority of Americans if she tried. Oh, we're sure her pals in Hamas ADORE her more and more these days, but when it comes to her own country ... most of us think she sucks.

News | Jewish Community

Why Ivy League universities are so blasé about genocide

On the 21st-century campus, everyone is protected from offence. Except the Jews.

News | News

Victor Davis Hanson: The Unhinged Among Us

Dark delusions of the pro-Hamas crowd.

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Biden: "It's on all of us" to "condemn the sexual violence of Hamas terrorists"

Biden said survivors of the attacks have shared "horrific accounts of unimaginable cruelty."

Miscellaneous | Education

Stefanik on antisemitism

Harvard University President Dr. Claudine Gay declined to specify action taken against anti-Semitic students calling for "intifada" when pressed by Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y.

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Teachers Union Official Compiled List Of Nearby Wealthy Jews, Calling Them ‘Gluttons And Thieves’

A Maryland teacher is on leave while the school system investigates her for a string of anti-Semitic social media posts that included creating a list of wealthy Jews in her county, claiming they horde wealth while contributing nothing to society, and calling for “class war.”

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Antisemitic Mob Descends on Israeli-Owned Restaurant in Philadelphia

An antisemitic mob of pro-Palestinian protesters descended on an Israeli-owned falafel restaurant in Philadelphia on Sunday night.

Politics | Politics

Are Gaza’s civilians truly innocent? | United with Israel

98% in Gaza and the West Bank said that they felt ‘pride’ as ‘Palestinians’ over the war.

News | News

J-TV – 3 Reasons Why Anti-Zionism is Antisemitism

J-TV Jewish Ideas and Global Relevance Eylon Levy explains three simple reasons why opposition to the Jewish state’s existence is a form of Jew hate.

Politics | Politics

Virginia Student Suspended After Reporting Antisemitic Incident at School, Parents Say | United with Israel

Parents and local leaders expressed outrage at the school for disciplining a student for reporting antisemitism, arguing it will deter others from coming forward to expose such bigotry.

Politics | Education or Indoctrination?

Victor Davis Hanson: Can We Save our Universities?

It took the widely reported, repellent, and exempt wave of anti-Semitism and violent pro-Hamas protestors harassing Jews, finally to convince Americans that…

Psychology | Psychology

Reporting Anti-Israel Antisemitism to Federal Agencies, Law Enforcement, and Social Media Guidance by American Jewish Committee

Antisemitism is a deeply pervasive issue affecting the wellbeing of the Jewish community. In the wake of Hamas’ murderous terror attack against Israel on October 7 which left over 1,400 Israelis dead, thousands wounded, and over 240 hostages into Gaza,

Politics | The "Squad"

Fresh Off Anti-Semitism Censure, Tlaib Speaks at Pro-Hamas Ceasefire Rally

Days after a bipartisan group of lawmakers censured Rep. Rashida Tlaib for deploying an anti-Semitic slogan, the Michigan Democrat appeared at an event organized by Muslim groups with track records of anti-Semitism and support for the terrorist group Hama

Politics | Politics

Democrats’ Need To Censor And Spread Disinformation Behind Media War On Elon Musk’s X

We could not replicate Media Matters’ finding of corporate ads placed near neo-Nazi and white supremacist content

Politics | Politics

International media and the Hamas supporting Doctors of Shifa

Every day we see desperate statements from doctors at al-Shifa hospital. But are these doctors trying to save their patients, or Hamas?

Politics | Politics

Biden threatens to impose visa ban on Israelis accused of attacks on Palestinians | World Israel News

In an op-ed in The Washington Post, the president also restated his conviction that a two-state solution was the only one that would end the conflict for good.

History | History

October 7 Happened Before, in Hebron

A brutal massacre nearly a century ago in Judaism’s second-holiest city makes clear that murderous Palestinian rage against Jews has little to do with Israel or Zionism

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

Gavin Newsom Gave Millions to Mosques that Cheer the Annihilation of Jews

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D.) has awarded millions of dollars in taxpayer funds to mosques whose leaders have preached anti-Semitic hate and called for violence against Israel.

Miscellaneous | Education

Arab Muslim Foreigners and Illegals Stoke Campus Anti-Semitism - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

The outbreak of overt anti-Semitism on American campuses results from our importing of Arab and other Muslim foreign and illegal students.

News | In The News

Lefty Pro-Palestinian Agitators Try to Shut Down Screening of Hamas Atrocities in LA; Clash With Pro-Israel Attendees

Pro-Palestinian agitators and pro-Israel demonstrators brawled outside of a documentary screening of the October 7 terrorist attack at the Holocaust Museum of…

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

Victor Davis Hanson: The Mindset of Our Anti-Semites

Peruse campus literature. Watch clips from university protests. Scan interviews with pro-Hamas protestors. Read the chalk propaganda sketched on campus…

News | Antisemitism

Germany Earns The Ultimate Facepalm: Anne Frank Daycare Center To Be Renamed

 The explosion of overt antisemitism in recent weeks has been disturbing to see no matter where it takes place. We live in the United States, so we're most horrified about it here, but scenes from London, Australia, and elsewhere are equally concerning. This is not the way a society behaves ... at least if it wants to survive.

News | Jewish Community

The war against the Jewish people and the west

It's as if both Stalin and Hitler are being afforded a posthumous victory

News | Antisemitism

Antisemitic graffiti in Fairfax, including at Canter's Deli, investigated as possible hate crimes

Antisemitic messages found painted outside Canter's Deli and other locations in the Fairfax District are being investigated as possible hate crimes, the LAPD said.

Politics | Politics

‘Canceling’ People Who Celebrate The Wanton Murder Of Women And Children Is Also Free Expression

Americans have a right to use their freedom to call out and disassociate themselves from people who side with nihilistic murder cults.

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Gabe Ende – The Neo-Narodniks Among Us

Gabe Ende – The Neo-Narodniks Among U Well over fifty years ago I met the celebrated author Chaim Potok at Camp Ramah in the Berkshires. His premier novel, The Chosen, was read by virtually everyone I knew and I was delighted to learn that he was to

Politics | POLITICS

Biden Confronts Wave of Antisemitism by... Putting Kamala Harris in Charge of Islamophobia

President Joe Biden will fight antisemitism by... putting Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of a new "national strategy on Islamophobia."

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

LA Times Owner’s Daughter Says Journalists Should Call Israel ‘Apartheid’ State

The Los Angeles Times’s owner’s daughter, who has been an influential force on the paper’s news coverage, denounced Israel as an "apartheid state" and said journalists should be allowed to describe it that way in their reporting.

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Opinion | The Global War on the Jews

Anti-Semitism surges, even in the West, which shows why Israel exists.

Advice & Self-Help | Advice & Self-Help

Antisemitism? My Coworkers’ Cheers for Hamas Shocked Me | Workplace Coach Blog

Antisemitism? My Coworkers' Cheers for Hamas Shocked Me. The stunning instances of antisemitism in workplace and else today.

News | News Items

Hamas Alone Holds the Keys to a Permanent Ceasefire

Hamas has guaranteed that innocent civilians will continue to die whether there is a ceasefire or not.

News | Jewish Community

Cornell University: Police on Scene After Jewish Students Violently Threatened

Police have been dispatched to a building housing a kosher dining hall at Cornell University after Jewish students received violent threats.

News | Jewish Community

'Never Again' Is Right Now as Missing Posters Are Defaced in NYC

Amid the myriad of things to loathe about the American educational system, news media, entertainment industry, and social media are the erasing and twisting of history until things such as Kristallnac...

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

Rather than protecting Jews, authorities are telling us to hide -- again

Lawyer Gerard Filitti holds a press conference announcing that Jewish students at Cooper Union who were hiding in a library during a pro-Palestine protest will file a lawsuit against the school.

News | News

Man Invades Jewish Family's Home in L.A., Shouts 'Free Palestine'

A man was arrested in L.A. after trying to invade the home of a Jewish family, and shouted "Free Palestine" as he was arrested.

News | News

Watch: Jewish students locked inside library as antisemitic protesters bang on the door screaming “free Palestine”

Jewish students at Cooper Union College locked inside library for 40 minutes as anti-Israeli protesters block the doors.

Politics | Politics

As mobs cheer on Hamas, Western civilisation is imploding around us

These are shameful times for Britain, for America and for the West, a point of no return from our accelerating descent into nihilism and depravity. The hate-fest on our streets since Hamas’s genocidal attacks on Israel, the cowardly appeasement of those w

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

UC Berkeley Instructor Offers Extra Credit to Students Who Participate in Anti-Israel Walk-Out

On Tuesday, a graduate student at the University of California-Berkeley offered extra credit to students if they attended a student "walkout"

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

The Systemic Anti-Semitism of the Left

Hamas’s bloody terrorist romp through bordering Israel on Oct. 7-8 has flushed out a shocking degree of anti-Semitism on the left. And as each mask has fallen, PJ Media reporters have been shini...

Politics | BLM

Why Jewish lives don’t matter to BLM

The Hamas apologism of Black Lives Matter activists has exposed the twisted, hateful logic of identity politics.

News | In The News

Stupid and Hard of Hearing: KJP Says She 'Misheard' Question About Anti-Semitism

Mere days after the world witnessed one of the most horrific and violent manifestations of anti-Semitism by Islamic terrorists in recent memory, the Democrats rushed to express concern for American pr...

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

Chaya Raichik SLAMS CA Democrat for Openly Denying the Holocaust and Laughing About It

 It seems like we're writing the following statement more than even usual, and considering how awful people have turned out to be in the last several years, that's really saying something.

News | News

Three ISIS-supporting Teens Were Arrested On Suspicion Of Planning To Attack The Israeli Embassy In Paris

The terror-cell, made up of teenagers, is suspected of having planned multiple attacks against Israeli and Jewish targets in Europe - Click the link for more.

News | News

London police shut down billboards showing children held by Hamas

“Who are the police protecting here,” the Campaign Against Antisemitism wrote. “Those standing up to terrorists, or those who sympathize with them?”

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

They Blamed Israel for Hamas's Atrocities. Big Law Hired Them. Will There Be A Reckoning?

One of America's top law firms has hired an executive member of a Harvard Law student group that signed on to a statement blaming Hamas’s gruesome weekend terrorist attacks on Israel and its "apartheid regime."

Politics | Politics

Inside Black Lives Matter's Long History With Hamas-Friendly Activists

Black Lives Matter chapters across the country made waves last week when they praised Hamas's attack on Israel. It's merely the latest instance of the progressive group making common cause with the terrorist group.

News | News

Professor Dana Loesch Explains: 'That's What 'From the River to the Sea,' MEANS' Listen UP class

 Students, class is in session.

The left has a library of slogans they love to chant, but do they know what half of them even mean? Well pro-Palestinians know what 'From the river to the sea,' means even if their idiot leftwing supporters don't.

News | News

Feminists for Palestine?

(ie, feminists for Hamas)

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

Did Hamas Really Behead Babies During Its Massacres in Israel? Absolutely, here is the proof.

War propaganda? Maybe not. Ever since the horrific report went out that Israeli forces had discovered beheaded babies in the wake of Hamas’ jihad massacres of Oct. 7, the doubters have been vocal. Whe...

Miscellaneous | Education

Pro-Palestine U.S. College Campus Protests: How Radical Jihadist-Linked Groups Spread the Cancer of Antisemitism across

Over the last 20 years, groups such as Students for Justice in Palestine, which have historic ties to terror groups, have radicalized young Americans.

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

West Coast, Messed Coast™ — Kaepernick's Friend Is 'Rounding Up Jews' at Stanford

Woke Nazis have sullied the reputation of yet another university on the West Coast, Messed Coast™. Welcome to the West Coast, Messed Coast™ report, where a Stanford University lecturer is suspended fo...


Publish the Names of Students and Professors Who Support Hamas Lynching and Rapes

Student groups at many elite universities -- including Harvard, Yale and Columbia, CUNY -- have come out in support of Hamas at a time when its terrorists have raped, murdered and kidnapped women, toddlers, the elderly and other civilians, and have

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

Tlaib: Weeped Over 'Kids in Cages' Under Trump, No Comment on Decapitation of Jewish Babies

 What were we just saying earlier this this week? Something about Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib being a cartoonish anti-Semitic bigot with an all-consuming hatred of Israel?

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

CO Dem State Rep Gives a Crazy Response When Asked About Hamas Raping Women

 It's not just the federal level where elected representatives have released abhorrent responses to Hamas’ terrorist invasion of Israel. Over the weekend, terrorists stormed into Southern Israel, committing murder, rape, and kidnapping of the civilian population. Babies were beheaded, while other children and their families were tortured and burned alive. October 7 is Israel’s 9/11.

Politics | Politics

Black Lives Matter Issues Statement of ‘Solidarity With the Palestinian People’ After Brutal Hamas Attack on Israel

A Black Lives Matter group issued a statement in "solidarity with the Palestinian people" on social media Monday after Hamas terrorists invaded Israel…

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

Biden Tapped This Group to Fight Anti-Semitism. It’s Defending Hamas’s Attack on Israel.

The Biden administration earlier this year tapped the Council on American-Islamic Relations for an initiative to curb anti-Semitism. This week, the anti-Semitic group and its leaders defended Hamas attacks that have killed more than 1,000 Jews.

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

VIDEO: Rashida Tlaib Has No Comment When Asked About Hamas Beheading Israeli Babies

 On Tuesday morning we learned that the bodies of 40 babies slaughtered by Hamas had been found in the southern Israeli town of Kfar Aza, some of them having been beheaded.

Politics | Politics

Specter Of Obama’s Anti-Israel Ideas Hovers Over Hamas Attack

Obama embraced antisemites, steeped himself in anti-American ideas, and cozied up to Iran — and now he leaves a violent legacy.

News | Articles By Me

Joshua Namm: Nazis in the Jacuzzi

For Some, Antisemitism Is Shockingly Casual

News | NEWS

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters accused of antisemitic behavior including swastika confetti, 'Jew food' remarks

Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters has been accused of sending an anti-Semitic email to his staffers allegedly proposing to write “Dirty k--k” on the inflatable pig habitually floated above his gigs.

Politics | Leftist Lies

After Seal-Clapping for a Literal Nazi, Justin Trudeau Blames 'Russian Disinformation'

 During a recent visit by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Canada's ruling class found itself giving a standing ovation to a former nazi SS soldier. The surreal scene was supposedly the result of a lack of due diligence. Apparently, no Canadian politician was expected to know that Ukraine was allied with Adolf Hitler during World War II.

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Vandals’ Prank at UC Berkeley Spurs Kosher Awareness Event

Rohr Chabad Center seizes the opportunity to educate community about kosher

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LA kosher restaurants targeted, burglarized

The targeted restaurants were Nagila Pizza, Fisherman's Bowl, Shanghai Diamond Garden, SushiKo, and Shalom Grill.


Can it happen here? The lessons of Europe’s red-green antisemitic surge

ADL’s report about anti-Israel activism fueling European Jew hatred is welcome but fails to point out that U.S. liberals need to rethink their fealty to woke ideology.

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Joe Biden’s Anti-Jewish “Antisemitism Strategy”

American Jews deserve better

At the beginning of summer, in a “private” letter to U.S. Antisemitism Envoy Deborah Lipstadt, Israeli President Isaac Herzog called Joe Biden’s plan to fight antisemitism (the so-called “national strategy to combat antisemitism”) “a historic moment deserving of recognition and gratitude. … The formidable language of the report contains a sound strategy, well-defined pillars and concrete, viable goals that will help create more tolerant and open societies.”


India terror suspects said to have plotted attack on Mumbai Chabad House

Two men linked to local Islamist group behind efforts to kill Hindu leaders; Israeli intelligence said involved in probe, security stepped up at Jewish sites

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‘The Book of Jews:’ San Diego Human Relations Commissioner Forced to Resign Over Antisemitic Comments

A member of San Diego's Human Relations Commission was forced to step down this week following a furious response to antisemitic comments he proffered at a meeting of the body on July 18, in which he claimed that the Torah instructs Jews to murder Palesti

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‘Gone Off a Cliff’: Dems Grapple with Anti-Semitism Ahead of Israeli President’s Visit

Democratic leaders are rushing to combat accusations of anti-Semitism after a slew of anti-Israel comments from members of the party raised the stakes on a planned Democratic boycott of Israeli president Isaac Herzog’s address to Congress.

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How not to combat antisemitism

  In a private letter to US antisemitism envoy Deborah Lipstadt, Israeli President Isaac Herzog last week called the Biden

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HonestReporting: BBC Laps Up Amnesty International’s Latest Anti-Israel Hit Job

HonestReporting: BBC Laps Up Amnesty International’s Latest Anti-Israel Hit Job Carrying on its long tradition of unfairly attacking Israel, Amnesty International has published another hatchet job masquerading as a serious investigation this week. The r


The answer to campus radicalism and antisemitism? Defunding

A CUNY Law School graduation speech drew attention to the brazen Jew-hatred that has gone mainstream in academia on the public’s dime. There must be accountability.

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Vox Journalist Asks: Is It Really Antisemitic to Harass Jews at Prayer?

Jonathan Guyer raised the bizarre question, "If a group protests Israeli policies in front of a synagogue, is that considered antisemitic?"