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WATCH: Hamas sells humanitarian aid from abroad to Gaza civilians

As billions of dollars of aid is being poured into Gaza, Hamas is stealing the aid then reselling it to make a profit.

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The scapegoating of Israel

Humanitarian aid has become the blood libel of the day.

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Biden warns Israel not to interfere with Hamas stealing aid

Hamas, much like the Houthis and the Taliban, appropriate aid, resells it, and deliberately causes famines to profit from them.

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Gaza: The "humanitarian" fallacy

Pressure on Israel to allow aid into Gaza is pressure to allow aid to Hamas

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Last Updated: February, 2023 The IDF’s Humanitarian Aid Through the Years

The IDF values human life and helps those in need, regardless of their location. No matter the disaster, time and time again these humanitarian missions have been carried out quickly and effectively, saving thousands of lives. Over the years, the IDF sent 31 humanitarian missions around the world.

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US Jewish and Israeli Humanitarian Groups Step Up for Guatemala Volcano Victims

As the death toll from this week’s volcano eruption in Guatemala rose to 75 on Thursday, and with more than 200...