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Elder Of Ziyon - The Proof of October 7th and the Glee of the Evil Roger Waters

Why doesn't Israel just show the carnage to everyone? Because some people, like Roger Waters, will enjoy it too much.

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Pink Floyd Frontman's Nazi Uniform Was No Big Deal, Penn's Anti-Semitic Cartoonist Says

The University of Pennsylvania communications lecturer who published a slew of anti-Semitic cartoons is defending Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters from charges of anti-Semitism, describing the Nazi regalia Waters wore on stage as a "leather jacket."

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Pink Floyd's Roger Waters accused of antisemitic behavior including swastika confetti, 'Jew food' remarks

Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters has been accused of sending an anti-Semitic email to his staffers allegedly proposing to write “Dirty k--k” on the inflatable pig habitually floated above his gigs.

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Pro-Israel stage protester says Roger Waters' guards threatened to break his neck

Marcel L., who rushed stage with Israeli flag at Frankfurt show, alleges violence by security; singer says act was 'unnerving,' as German police probe him for antisemitism

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Roger Waters: The Leni Riefenstahl of rock and roll

Once the world recognizes the sickness of Waters’ propaganda and once free people stop showing up for his concerts, his influence will dwindle and, one of these days, his world tours will be limited to shows in Russia, China and Gaza.

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Tucker Carlson Praises Roger Waters as a "Very Good Man" - Israellycool

For the past few years, Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been plagued by accusations of antisemitism. And he is doing himself no favors.

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VIDEO: Pink Floyd’s Waters Pushes Back Against Social Media Censorship

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame, had strong words in his rejection of Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg’s request to use one of his...

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Any Leftist (or media outlet) that doesn’t immediately denounce Roger Waters for antisemitism is a disgusting hypocrite

.After the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, the media took note of the shooter’s love of conspiracy theories where George Soros was the “puppetmaster” in running the world. Everyone accepted that the idea of a Jewish puppetmaster was a pernicious, centuries-old antisemitic trope.

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Pink Floyd BDSed Roger Waters

Waters is upset because Gilmour thinks he is irrelevant and banned the mention of Waters' solo projects from the band's website and Facebook page.

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Major League Baseball Takes Heat for Promotion of Jew Hating Activist Roger Waters' Concert Tour

Roger Waters. Photo: Jethro via Wikimedia Commons. A major US Jewish organization is raising concerns about Major League Baseball’s promotion …

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Sprung Again! Roger Waters Caught Lying About Israeli Audience | Israellycool

An old story Roger Waters has been peddling for a while about fans at his 2006 concert in Israel gets debunked

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Roger Waters compares Israelis to aliens in bizarre rant - watch | The Jerusalem post

Roger Waters has repeatedly spoken out against Israel, this time comparing Israelis to the aliens from the film Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

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Roger Waters lashes out after April fools joke

Waters is furious with Israel's Strategic Affairs Ministry after they played an April Fools joke on him, claiming he was going to play in Tel Aviv in July.

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Roger Waters Goes Bananas Over Israeli Ministry's April Fools Prank Post About Him

As you are all aware, yesterday, April 1st, was April Fools Day. And while I have long given up with my own pranks, I do appreciate those done by others, especially when they fool bad dudes.

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Chevron Ecuador Case: Its Attempted Shakedown Had Many Stakeholders | National Review

A rock star, an aide to Andrew Cuomo, journalists, and Ecuadoran government officials had stakes in a shakedown of the oil company. It almost worked.

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Roger Waters Heaps Love on Russia and Assad In Latest Disgraceful Remarks

In an interview with a Russian newspaper, rock’n’roll BDS-hole Roger Waters has shown himself to be the vile hypocrite that he is. Heck, he shows himself to be just plain vile.

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Roger Waters’ Jewish Problem Catches Eye of Award-Winning Filmmaker

His so-called activism will be the subject of a new documentary.

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'American Express cuts funding for Roger Waters tour after anti-Israel statements'

American Express spoke of the tour stating that though they sponsored the Desert Trip they had "never committed to sponsoring Roger Waters' upcoming tour."

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The Anti-Semitic Stench of Pink Floyd

I’ve read some heavy-duty attacks on Israel and Jews in my time, but they pale beside the anti-Semitic diatribe offered by Pink Floyd songwriter Roger Waters.