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PODCAST | Unsportsmanlike Conduct & A Horrible Role Model

I didn’t watch the Super Bowl so I am making my points based on the extensive social media coverage of Kansas City Chiefs' Travis Kelce going unhinged on his coach. Kelce – or as I like to refer to him, Taylor Swift’s boyfriend – exhibited no

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Take It Easy…No One ‘Hates' Taylor Swift

I find myself sitting at my keyboard – stunned and incredulous – that I am writing about the over-marketed pop star Taylor Swift. Strange times, indeed, as they say. But the controversy brewing around Swift (or her manufactured persona) is starting to

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Musicians defend Taylor Swift after Damon Albarn says she "doesn't write her own songs"

Figures from the music world have come out to defend Taylor Swift after Damon Albarn claimed that she “doesn’t write her own songs”.

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Taylor Swift Attacks 2020 Census for Only Listing Two Genders: 'That Erasure Was So Upsetting'

'When you don't collect information on a group of people, that means that you have every excuse in the world not to support them.'

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The Old Taylor Is Back on Lover and the Best She’s Been in Years

Lover finds Swift getting back to the business of writing aching, universal love songs, and business is good.

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Taylor Swift Says She Plans to Re-Record Her Back Catalog to Regain Control of Her Masters | Pitchfork

Back in June, Swift referred to Scooter Braun’s acquisition of her master rights as her “worst case scenario”

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With ticket sales in the tank, Taylor Swift makes unprecedented move

With the curtain rising on her “Reputation” tour, Taylor Swift blinked. She buckled by having Ticketmaster turn off resale ticket listings on its interactive venue charts for the first leg of her N…

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This graph shows every single alcohol reference in Taylor Swift's albums and it's quite something

Data-loving Redditer waitingforgoodoh plotted every alcohol reference in Taylor Swift's albums. And, the results are quite something.

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Taylor Swift’s Return To Spotify Is Outperforming Katy Perry’s New Album ‘Witness’

Katy Perry's new album just dropped, but it's Taylor Swift's back catalogue that's making more noise on Spotify.

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Taylor Swift gets photobombed by her unimpressed bodyguard

Time to change your career path and enlist yourself into Swift's security detail so you can reach your photobomb and squad goals all-in-one.

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Taylor Swift did not approve of Kanye West's 'misogynistic message'

Taylor Swift's representative tells Mashable she did not approve of Kanye West's "Famous."

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Taylor Swift has seven shows left in her 1989 world tour. Who will she bring out? | Music | The Guardian

On the final leg of her mammoth 1989 World Tour, Swift has just seven more chances to cement new and public friendships. We assess the likely candidates

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Katy Perry's Holiday Campaign Stole Something From Taylor Swift

You can now deem Katy Perry the Fairy Godmother of the holidays! The singer's highly-anticipated ...

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"Saturday Night Live" Made Fun Of Taylor Swift's #Squad

So Taylor Swift has been doing this thing where she brings every living soul with her out on tour. Seriously, everyone from Heidi Klum to Uzo Aduba to the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team to Mick Jagger.

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Ryan Adams transforms Taylor Swift’s 1989 into a melancholy masterpiece

Ryan Adams goes wherever his muse directs him, which explains why he’s just as likely to release a hardcore EP as he is an alt-country masterpiece. But when news broke that he had decided to put his own spin on Taylor Swift’s 1989 (and was interpretin

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Taylor Swift Can't Stop Taking Selfies With The Emmy She Just Won

Taylor Swift won her first-ever Emmy award last week and to say she's excited about it is an understatement. When the "Shake It Off" singer received her golden statuette in the mail (overnight, of course

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14 of Taylor Swift's Most Seemingly Random Concert Guests, Explained

How, for example, does she know Julia Roberts? And why was Chris Rock there?

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Watch Taylor Swift Sing 'Smelly Cat' With Lisa Kudrow at L.A. Show | Rolling Stone

Taylor Swift is joined by Lisa Kudrow for a cover of "Smelly Cat" at the Staples Center. Justin Timberlake and Selena Gomez also made appearances.

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This Parody Video of Taylor Swift Bringing Celebrities Onstage Is Too Good - Los Angeles Magazine

At this point, what celebrity isn’t in Taylor Swift’s squad? The singer, who has made a habit of inviting stars onstage throughout her 1989 tour, brought Joan Baez and Julia Roberts up with her last weekend in Santa Clara (The duo danced around as Swift sang “Style” in what was presumably an effort to make their presence seem normal).

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Here's a Pug Recreating Taylor Swift's Instagram Photos (Yes Even the Swan One)

Doug the Pug is not only very clever, but also a future supermodel, judging by this amazing photo shoot from Mashable in which he recreates Taylor Swift's Instagrams.

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Taylor Swift: 'I've decided to put 1989 on Apple Music ... and happily so' - LA Times

It's official. Taylor Swift's album "1989" will be available on Apple's new music service, following the company's reversal of a controversial policy on royalties.

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Taylor Swift: Apple Music won't have 1989 | EW.com

Three days after it was revealed Taylor Swift’s 1989 won’t be available on Apple Music when the streaming service launches on June 30, Swift explained why she came to that decision in a post on her popular Tumblr page.

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How did Taylor Swift earn her place as one of Forbes' most powerful women?

Forbes announced today that Taylor Swift has entered at number 64 of the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women list. With five platinum albums in nine years, and seven Grammys under her belt, it's unsurprising that the 25-year-old country music sensation turned worldwide superstar has made it, but what changed in the past year to for her to be deemed more influential than ever?

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Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' breaks Vevo record

Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” garnered 20.1 million views in just 24 hours, setting a new Vevo record....

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Taylor Swift may have given us a huge clue about Apple's plans to hurt Spotify

Apple appears to be planning a new music-streaming service that will compete against apps such as Spotify and Pandora, which let listeners hear music for no charge (as long as they listen to ads).

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PAPERMAG: 10 Recent Music Releases To Listen To That Aren't Taylor Swift

It's getting hard to escape Taylor Swift since the release of 1989...even though it seems like whole world is swept up in Swift-mania, the music world has been quietly pumping out some amazing, non-Taylor Swift releases; from EPs to LPs to singles, we rounded up the ten releases in the post-1989 world that you should be listening to.

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Echo Chamber: El-P Says Taylor Swift's "Welcome to New York" Makes Him Want to Move From New York

"taylor swifts new song 'welcome to New York' makes me want to finally move from New York."

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'Out of the Woods' finds Taylor Swift doing what she does best

After teasing it for days, Taylor Swift released "Out of the Woods," the newest single from her album 1989, late Monday night. Out of the Woods is arguably what Swift does best: It's a highly emotional song about a rocky relationship.