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The Rape Deniers | CAMERA

Where there are anti-Jewish atrocities, there are deniers. And on Oct 7, there were atrocities. Countless acts of murder and mutilation — and brutal

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Biden would rather Israel surrender than defend itself

President Joe Biden has tried to pretend that he supports Israel, but he has made it clear he would rather Israel surrender than win its war against Hamas.

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There is no word in the psychological lexicon for what happened on Oct. 7 or the new world in which Israelis now live. But “shattered” comes closer than “trauma.”

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The Left shows its chilling true face by refusing to accept Jews feel intimidated

If it wasn’t bad enough that some on the Left have questioned whether the rapes, murders, beheadings and child killings of October 7 actually happened, now Jewish people who have said that they feel too intimidated to go into central London at the weekend during the pro-Palestinian protests are being similarly gaslit.

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Because of Biden, the captives’ return is going to take longer

  The airdropping of aid to Gaza – and soon, also the special pier – solves a problem for President

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Jewish Londoners ‘make plans to flee capital’ amid huge antisemitism wave

Campaign Against Antisemitism warns numbers of Jewish residents considering leaving the capital was increasing daily in response to hostility

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Where is the ‘humanitarian aid’ for the hostages?

The world is pressuring Israel about the crisis in Gaza, while ignoring the men, women and children who are being abused and starved in Hamas captivity.

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Biden’s ‘help’ at the UN will put Israeli lives at risk

The veto of a U.N. Security Council ceasefire resolution prevented the world body from dictating a Hamas victory. Still, the administration’s alternative is almost as dangerous.

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Black church bishops call on US to halt aid to Israel amid 'genocide'

The bishops accused Israel of denying Palestinians "access to food, water, shelter, and health care" and said that "after this torture, they plan to murder them."

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Quran Recited at Belgian Parliament with Call for Killing, Kidnapping of Jews

A verse from the Quran that explicitly calls on Muslims to kill and take Jews captive was recited inside the Belgian parliament building.

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John Podhoretz: They’re Coming After Us, Part 2

Last month, I sought to detail the multifront assault on American Jews that erupted almost instantaneously after the Hamas massacre of October 7 in an article called “They’re Coming After

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Rep. Rashida Tlaib refuses to condemn rape and sexual violence committed by Hamas

Far-left Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) was the only member of the House who declined to vote Wednesday for a resolution condemning the rape and sexual violence that Hamas leaders ordered members of …

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Anti-Judaism becomes a protected characteristic

A tribunal ruling has effectively declared open season on Jewish students

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IDF finds Khan Yunis dungeon where hostages were held

Around a dozen captives were kept there, the Israeli military said

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It’s time for American Jews to toughen up

We must teach our children to defend themselves by themselves.

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The left’s grotesque betrayal of Jewish women

We now know that Hamas raped and murdered Jewish women during its pogrom of 7 October. Yet Western leftists still say it didn’t happen.

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Two states, one for Jews, one for terrorists

Biden is more worried about Gaza’s “innocent civilians’ than about the 1,200 really innocent Israeli civilians who were butchered Oct. 7. And he wants to be sure Sinwar gets his reward for killing them - a state. Op-ed.

News | The UN

UNRWA Teachers Held Israeli Boy, Elderly Woman Hostage for Hamas

JERUSALEM—At least two teachers for the U.N. Palestinian refugee agency in Gaza separately held captive Israeli civilians abducted on Oct. 7. One of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency teachers smuggled a young Israeli boy between locations in Gaza

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Britain's Jews are being terrorised

The knife attack in Golders Green, London is merely the most shocking expression of the surge in anti-Semitism.

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Israeli Hostage Families Block Border, Demand No Gaza Aid Until Relatives Freed

Relatives and supporters of Israeli hostages being held by Hamas have attempted to block humanitarian aid entering Gaza over the past week.

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Israel must draw a red line in Gaza

Israel must avoid any empowerment of any of Hamas’s members, or the Jewish state will lose its sense of security, not to mention its merciless neighborhood’s respect. 

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Elder Of Ziyon - How I grew up respecting all people, then came to Israel and learned not to trust Arabs

Many Israelis reluctantly find they can no longer assume that a nice Arab is really nice. It's a difficult lesson for nice people to learn.

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As Hamas plays sick games with hostages 100 days in, Biden whines he's losing patience with Israel

Sunday marked 100 days since Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack, White House national-security spokesman John Kirby declared it was “the right time” for Israel to scale back its military operations in Gaza.

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Over 2,600 terror attacks in Judea and Samaria since Oct. 7

Palestinian terrorists in Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley have killed five civilians and wounded many others since Oct. 7.

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Eliminate the ‘Diaspora mentality’

Israel and the Jews must accept that we will never be “normal.”

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Explosion of anti-Semitism is the canary in the coal mine

History teaches us that when anti-Semitism isn't confronted, Jews won't be the only victims.

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The Tunnels: An Existential Threat

The U.S. has declassified intelligence revealing, for the nth time that, yes, al-Shifa hospital in Gaza was used by Hamas commanders. I’m not sure what

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Israel defending itself is not ‘escalation’

Israel is facing an onslaught on multiple fronts. But when Israel retaliates, it is accused of being the aggressor.

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Anti-Israel Group Peddles Children's Book That Glorifies Jewish State's Eradication

An anti-Israel group whose founder said he was "happy to see" Hamas attack Israel is urging local libraries to feature children's books that push propaganda against the Jewish state—including one that contends all of Israel belongs to "Palestine."

Politics | Hamas, Gaza & The Palestinian Authority

‘NYT' reveals gruesome details of sexual violence on Oct. 7

After two months, "The New York Times" determined these assaults on women were part of a pattern of Hamas-perpetrated gender-based violence.

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Many hostages released by Hamas still being treated for trauma

Head of psychiatry at Tel Aviv medical centre says hostages have undergone worst abuse she has witnessed

News | The UN

The UN’s Disgraceful Response to Hamas Massacre Can’t Go Unchallenged

It should have been the easiest thing in the world to do -- for the United Nations to unequivocally condemn the brutal and unprovoked Hamas terror attack that killed 1,200 Israelis, and led to the capture of more than 200. But the United Nations couldn't

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The silence of the anti-racists

The explosion in anti-Semitism shames the woke left.

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Elder Of Ziyon - Keeping Them Out: "It Begins Every Time We Wake Up Alive"

After October 7, Stephanie Treger is ensuring her family's safety by spearheading an effort to stop using non-Israeli Arab workers.

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Why Ivy League universities are so blasé about genocide

On the 21st-century campus, everyone is protected from offence. Except the Jews.

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Rape Denial + "Free Speech"

“Those who don't have truth on their side, turn to dishonesty.” It was apt that Katharine Brodsky tweeted this yesterday morning. What’s going on right now in the Israel-Hamas war is bigger than life. It should stop every serious person dead in their trac

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Harvard's President Erases Jews

How someone answers a yes-or-no question is revealing. If they don’t give you a one-word response, it’s because they object to something in the premise of

Politics | Biden Administration/Congress

Biden is risking Israel’s security, future to boost his, Kamala Harris’ 2024 re-election hopes

The White House is so serious about pushing Israel to make nice with Gaza’s civilians that it sent, drumroll please, Vice President Kamala Harris to deliver the message.

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Muslim Lives Matter. Jewish Lives Don’t.

Attacks on Muslims and Jews are treated very differently.

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Bomb threats at dozen-plus New York synagogues

The New York City Police Department is investigating the apparent hoaxes.

Politics | Hamas, Gaza & The Palestinian Authority

IDF spokesperson: Hamas was supposed to release Bibas family in truce deal it violated

Hagari says mom Shiri, 32, and two boys Ariel, 4, and Kfir, 10 months, were in category of those to be returned to Israel as part of deal but 'Hamas decided not to do this'

Politics | The Left

Rep Pramila Jayapal slammed for asking for 'balanced' criticism in response to question on Hamas rapes

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) was slammed Sunday after she said criticism of the Israel-Hamas war must be 'balanced' when asked about progressives' alleged silence over Hamas rapes of Israeli women.

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The Red Cross has Jewish blood on its hands- and it couldn't care less

After ignoring a family’s pleas to provide their elderly mother with her medication, refusing to act or try to meet hostages during deal, the Red Cross proves that it views Jewish blood as cheap. Op-ed.

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Why Jewish lives don’t matter to BLM

The Hamas apologism of Black Lives Matter activists has exposed the twisted, hateful logic of identity politics.

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Resurgent ISIS Calls on Muslims to Kill Jews, Reveals Overlooked Aspect of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

For seven decades now, Western policymakers have ignored the role that Islam plays in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. That is both naive and dangerous.


Obama Judge Denies NY Jews a Temporary Stop of Hochul’s Ban On Guns In Synagogues

The new fold in this rights-trapping box comes on the heels of Hochul literally celebrating the courage of Holocaust survivors -- the same group that was stripped of the right to keep and bear arms in Nazi Germany.

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Jewish Lives Matter

In 2020, the fact that George Floyd was black was enough to presume — despite having no evidence — that his death was racially motivated. The “Black Lives

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Daniel Pearl killing: Pakistan court frees man accused in beheading of U.S. journalist

Pakistan’s Supreme Court ordered the release of a Pakistani man convicted and later acquitted in the gruesome beheading of American journalist Daniel Pearl.

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After Monsey, it's time to say Jewish lives also matter

A horrific attack on the Jewish community in Monsey, N. Y., took place on Saturday, the seventh night of Hanukkah,

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Do Israeli Jewish Lives Even Matter to the Media?

Last week, two rockets from Hamas-ruled Gaza were launched against Israel’s densely populated commercial center, Tel Aviv. So, where was the media?