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36 Israelis murdered in 2023: The biggest death toll since the second intifada

3 terror attacks in the span of 12 hours. 36 Israelis murdered in terror attacks in 2023 so far. What is causing the rise in terror attacks? i24NEWS Correspo...

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Rabbi Leo Dee: When will the world stop funding murderers who killed a kindergarten teacher?

The Palestinian Authority is the main financial backer of the terrorists who killed my wife and daughters and have continued their campaign of murder in the West Bank

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Resurgent ISIS Calls on Muslims to Kill Jews, Reveals Overlooked Aspect of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

For seven decades now, Western policymakers have ignored the role that Islam plays in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. That is both naive and dangerous.

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The ‘cycle of violence’ dehumanizing cliches after Jerusalem massacre

Though Jerusalem was on the receiving end of violence, the global community still turns the narrative against the victim state.


Obama Judge Denies NY Jews a Temporary Stop of Hochul’s Ban On Guns In Synagogues

The new fold in this rights-trapping box comes on the heels of Hochul literally celebrating the courage of Holocaust survivors -- the same group that was stripped of the right to keep and bear arms in Nazi Germany.

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DISPATCH FROM THE MIDDLE EAST: How To Get Away with Killing Americans In Terrorist Attacks: One Father’s Chilling Story

Listen now (13 min) | “The depth of the love of parents for their children cannot be measured. It is like no other relationship. It exceeds concern for life itself.” - James E. Faust It is every parent’s worst, most unimaginable nightmare. August 9, 2001.

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Jewish Lives Matter

In 2020, the fact that George Floyd was black was enough to presume — despite having no evidence — that his death was racially motivated. The “Black Lives

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Daniel Pearl killing: Pakistan court frees man accused in beheading of U.S. journalist

Pakistan’s Supreme Court ordered the release of a Pakistani man convicted and later acquitted in the gruesome beheading of American journalist Daniel Pearl.

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Media Freedom NGOs and Jewish Groups Express Outrage at Release of Daniel Pearl's Killers

Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh (c) is surrounded by armed police as he leaves a court in Karachi, Pakistan, on March …

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‘Who Could Do Such a Thing?’: Family and Friends Mourn Death of Esther Horgen, Israeli Mother Found Murdered in Forest Near Home

Esther Horgen, the Israeli mother of six killed in a suspected terror attack near her Tal Menashe home. Photo: Courtesy …

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Whose Lives Matter?

This won’t be a popular piece with those who will likely call me out on it, and use every name in the book for me where none applies. But I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t write it. So here goes.

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Israelis Are Under Attack, Media Is MIA

  Israelis have just suffered at least three terror attacks in under 24 hours. Details are still coming in, but here's what we know so far: In the

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After Monsey, it's time to say Jewish lives also matter

A horrific attack on the Jewish community in Monsey, N. Y., took place on Saturday, the seventh night of Hanukkah,

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There's Nothing Progressive About Terrorists Targeting Civilians—Except When Israelis Are the Victims

Many Western progressives, including those in elected office, who claim to support peace, equality, and social justice, seem to think it is OK for Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad to launch rockets at Israeli civilians.

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Do Israeli Jewish Lives Even Matter to the Media?

Last week, two rockets from Hamas-ruled Gaza were launched against Israel’s densely populated commercial center, Tel Aviv. So, where was the media?

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White House hosts US-Palestinian teen beaten by Israeli cops

Abu Khdeir family seeks assurances from US officials that son Tariq, 16, won’t be detained during upcoming visit to Israel

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Details of Attack Emerge as Copenhagen Synagogue Security Guard Dan Uzan Hailed as Hero | Jewish & Israel News Algem

The synagogue security guard who was killed in the terror attack early Sunday morning in Copenhagen, Denmark has been hailed as a hero by friends, family and members of the local Jewish community, as details of the attack began to emerge late in the day.