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Does Harvard's 'Veritas' apply to Israel?

  When news broke two weeks ago that Harvard University’s Kennedy School refused a fellowship to former Human Rights Watch

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In Reversal, Harvard University Offers Position to Antisemite Kenneth Roth

Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, gestures during an interview with Reuters in Geneva, Switzerland, January 12, 2021. …

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Harvard University ranks first in antisemitism

The redefinition, suppression and denigration of Jewish identity on campus are at all-time highs.

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‘Blatantly’ Antisemitic Speaker to Deliver Talk at Harvard University

Harvard University students displaying a pro-Palestinian sign at their May 2022 graduation ceremony. Photo: Reuters/Brian Snyder Mohammed el-Kurd, a controversial …

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Harvard Study Wrecks Insurrection Narrative of Capitol Riot

Democrats and media claim the Capitol riot was an insurrection, and they've pushed that narrative relentlessly. But last week, a Harvard study debunked their claim.

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What Are Harvard Students Taught About Israel?

Harvard Club of New York City. Photo: Jim Henderson / Public Domain. Much has been written about the recent endorsement …

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Harvard, BDS and the Nazis

  The editors of Harvard’s student newspaper have just urged a boycott of the Jewish state and praised a campus

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At Harvard, Facts Are For Losers - by Dara Horn

It turns out that nobody’s SAT scores can provide immunity to propaganda.

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No Comment: Harvard President Won’t Condemn Anti-Semitic Incidents

Harvard president Lawrence Bacow during a closed-door faculty meeting on Tuesday declined to directly condemn a recent string of anti-Israel incidents on campus but said he objects to "academic boycotts" of any foreign country, including the Jewish state.

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More Antisemitism at Harvard

Widener Library at Harvard University. Photo: Joseph Williams Last month, in a report sent to the United Nations, a clinic …

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Read the Anti-BDS Letter the Harvard Crimson Won’t Publish

The Harvard Crimson on Friday broke with the paper's longstanding editorial position to endorse—in a lengthy but borderline illiterate editorial—the anti-Semitic boycott, divestment, and sanction movement that aims to economically isolate the Jewish state

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Harvard’s Stance against Standardized Testing Will Worsen Inequality | National Review

The requirement serves as a counterweight to other components of college applications that decidedly favor wealthier students.

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Stealth Antisemitism at Harvard: Cornell West

How deprive Jewish Israelis of the insulation of victimhood? By accusing them of apartheid against the ever-aggrieved Palestinians. Op-ed.

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BLACKLIST: Harvard Students Spread Petition To Ban Trump Administration From Teaching, Speaking, Attending University

As if obstructing the investigations of the multitude of vote fraud and ballot tampering claims weren’t enough, now the Progressive

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Jewish Harvard students form anti-Zionist organization

The group said it will focus on Palestinian solidarity; fighting antisemitism and for the safety of Jews and all people through solidarity; and creating Jewish spaces and events outside of Hillel.

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Harvard researcher on psychology of art – Harvard Gazette

Senior researcher at Project Zero and Boston College Professor of Psychology Ellen Winner’s latest book, “How Art Works: A Psychological Exploration,” is based on years of research both at Harvard and BC, and looks at art through psychological and p

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Dershowitz: Robert Mueller Is 'a Zealot' | Breitbart

Sunday on New York AM 970 radio's "The Cats Roundtable," Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz ripped special counsel Robert Mueller, calling him "a zealot." “I think Mueller is a zealot," Dershowitz told host John Catsimatidi

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Harvard matchmaking service forced to add nonbinary gender option to Valentine's Day survey

Datamatch, considered a 'quintessential' part of Harvard campus culture, was under fire for only offering male and female options.

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Learn to Code in 3 Months With Harvard's Online Courses

Harvard's online class is teaching thousands of students how to code in 12 weeks. You can learn for free or pay to enroll in the certificate program.

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Struggling to Serve at the Nation’s Richest University

We Harvard dining hall workers are on strike because we can’t afford to pay more for health care.

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Elmont Memorial High School student accepted by all 8 Ivy League schools

High school senior Harold Ekeh was accepted to all 8 Ivy League universities. He's a science whiz who plays the drums and wants to cure Alzheimer's.

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How we restored Harvard’s Rothko murals without touching them

In 1989, I was a conservation student at the Courtauld Institute in London. During a class on varnish removal, my professor, Gerry Hedley, demonstrated how shining blue light on a picture with yellowed varnish made it seem as if the varnish had been cleaned away—returning the painting to how it originally had appeared.