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Vox Worried That Antisemites Make DEI Look Bad

The Left makes progress as long as it can obscure the horrors the ideology imposes on people.
Talk to most liberals, and they blithely accept the assurances that Leftists make about how following thei...

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Vox Journalist Asks: Is It Really Antisemitic to Harass Jews at Prayer?

Jonathan Guyer raised the bizarre question, "If a group protests Israeli policies in front of a synagogue, is that considered antisemitic?"

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Vox Lies About Israel. AGAIN.

The oh-so-very conscientious Middle East historians at Vox, who once landed themselves in hot water barely three months after website launch with the dissemination of laughable fake news about a purported land bridge connecting the Hamas-controlled Gaza S

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Of course: Vox explains why Mark Duplass was right to apologize for calling Ben Shapiro 'a genuine person'

The mob was right to bully Duplass into groveling for forgiveness for calling Ben Shapiro "nice."

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Co-Founder of Vox Media Calls Ben Shapiro 'Jew Who Helps Other Jews Onto the Train'

Vox Media co-founder Joshua Topolsky called conservative writer Ben Shapiro the equivalent of a treacherous Jew collaborating with the Nazis in a tweet sent Saturday.

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Comcast, investor in Vox Media and Recode, could end up buying them both

Comcast has been engaged in halting negotiations to acquire Vox Media, according to several people close to the talks.

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‘Mind. Blown.’: Vox gets mocked for its 'splainer on the ginormity of space

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Vox.com employs anti-Israel propagandists | RedState

Beauchamp and Fisher are propagandists, and they hate Israel.