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Coming soon: America's own social credit system

The same issue with government censorship exists with corporate censorship: If there is a line, who draws it?

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BLACKLIST: Harvard Students Spread Petition To Ban Trump Administration From Teaching, Speaking, Attending University

As if obstructing the investigations of the multitude of vote fraud and ballot tampering claims weren’t enough, now the Progressive

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‘Trump Accountability Project’ Blacklist For Trump Administration Workers Folds

The Marxist-Progressive Left, led by US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), launched an audacious project to amass a blacklist of every

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Franklin Leonard's Black List can help green-light screenplays

Franklin Leonard wasn't looking to upend the system. He just wanted some good vacation reading.

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Flipping Hollywood’s Blacklist Narrative

Once on a British talk show in the early 1970s, anticommunist actor John Wayne startled the host by acknowledging that there was indeed a Hollywood blacklist.  Wayne's follow-up, however, made the ...