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Pro-Hamas Protesters Shut Down NYC Bridges

Pro-Palestinian protesters blocked several New York City bridges and a tunnel on Monday to demand an immediate ceasefire in the three-month-old Israel-Hamas conflict.

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Protestor draped in a Palestinian flag sets themselves on FIRE outside Israeli consulate in Atlanta: Cops say they're in critical condition after 'extreme act of political protest'

The protestor set themselves on fire in what has been described as an 'extreme act of political protest' by the city's police chief.

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London's Mayor Issues Statement on the Far-Right Thugs at Pro-Palestinian March

 Let's check in on the U.K., shall we?

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Antisemitism roundup: Nov. 10

New York woman assaulted. Harvard to launch antisemitism training. First person arrested under Melbourne Nazi salute ban.

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The Rot in the Universities Runs Deep, and Is Spreading to Elementary and Secondary Schools

On Oct. 13, New York Times columnist Pamela Paul reported that a Stanford University student told her that on Oct. 10, “[a] lecturer in one class that day...

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Muslim America’s antisemitism problem

American Jews, politicians and federal agencies must come together to counter a wave of racism.

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Great Britain: Goodbye to all that

As Remembrance Weekend approaches, Britain mourns the passing of more than its military heroes

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The absolution of Hamas

How the West’s woke radicals became Hamas’s moral spindoctors.

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Arizona man arrested for threat to execute Rabbi, 'every other JEW I can find'

Jeffrey Mindock, 47, of Tempe, was arrested Saturday morning on a federal complaint for making a threat to execute a local Rabbi and “every other JEW I can find," according to the Department of Justice.

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'Spelled MURDER Wrong': Guess How the Media is Covering CA Jewish Man Killed by a Pro-Palestine Protester

 A Jewish man in California named Paul Kessler has lost his life after an 'altercation' with pro-Palestine protesters. Kessler was struck in the head by a megaphone ...

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Mindset of Our Anti-Semites

Peruse campus literature. Watch clips from university protests. Scan interviews with pro-Hamas protestors. Read the chalk propaganda sketched on campus…

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We ask ourselves how ordinary Germans could stand idly by in the 1940s. Today, we must ask: How can so many stand idly by and applaud?

HOWARD JACOBSON: Sometimes it's the smaller acts of violence that tell you most about man's inhumanity to man. For many, many there is no such thing as an innocent Jew.


'Free Palestine' really means 'Eliminate Israel,' and Democrats can no longer ignore it

Saturday’s rally in Washington makes it beyond obvious: The left won’t accept anything less than total US abandonment of Israel.


New York: Pro-Palestine rally sponsors raked in $9M in city funds

A Post review of city records shows taxpayers have shelled out nearly $9 million since 2010 to four nonprofits that helped spearhead anti-Israel protests.

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Police Say 'Terrorist' Drove Car Into What She Thought Was Jewish School, but Made Ironic Mistake

 There's been a disturbing rise in antisemitism since the start of the Israeli-Hamas war.

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Antisemitic graffiti in Fairfax, including at Canter's Deli, investigated as possible hate crimes

Antisemitic messages found painted outside Canter's Deli and other locations in the Fairfax District are being investigated as possible hate crimes, the LAPD said.

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Obama likens ‘what Hamas did’ to ‘unbearable occupation’

When Israel faces "a barbaric attack from Hamas, Obama blames Israel," says RJC CEO Matt Brooks.

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Southern Poverty Law Center Spokesman Signed Letter Blaming Israel For Hamas Terrorism

A spokesman for the Southern Poverty Law Center signed a statement denouncing Israel as an “apartheid state” and “ethno-nationalist project,” and blaming the Jewish state for provoking Hamas’s terrorist attacks that killed 1,400 Israelis.

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Huh: Everything Is a Nazi Symbol, But 'From the River to the Sea' Is 'Aspirational'

 As Twitchy reported earlier, Hamas Rep. Rashida Tlaib tweeted that the chant, "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free" wasn't a call for genocide and the elimination of Israel … it was an "aspirational call for … peaceful coexistence." It's remarkable that Hamas has its own representative in Congress and that more of her colleagues aren't calling her out.

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Kamala Harris' Stepdaughter Raises Millions for Gaza

 In the initial slaughter of Israel erupted by Iran-backed terrorists, several Democrats were quick to call on the Jewish country to ceasefire in their call to support Palestinians.

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‘Canceling’ People Who Celebrate The Wanton Murder Of Women And Children Is Also Free Expression

Americans have a right to use their freedom to call out and disassociate themselves from people who side with nihilistic murder cults.

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Sick Paradoxes Of Supporting Hamas

 There is something surreal, even sick about the current Gazan war.

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Biden Admin Warns Israel Against Cutting Off Hamas Internet, Money and Propaganda

"Internet access needs to remain viable for people of Gaza.”

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WATCH: Ordinary New Yorkers, Police Clash With Hamass Sympathizer Tearing Down Posters

 Let’s start with the awesome video. We have all seen the videos of people who are objectively pro-Hamass tearing down posters reminding people of the over 200 hostages taken and kept by Hamass—including by British police.

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Brilliant Thread Dissects the New York Times' Antisemitism on the Hostage Posters Controversy

 Just earlier today, we showed you video of a pro-Hamass scumbag trying to tear down one of the ‘hostage posters’ put up around New York City. It’s good stuff and if you want to click on that old post and watch the video, we will wait.

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Whoops: Hamas Just Completely Nuked All Its Pathetic Apologists

 When someone keeps telling you what they want, it's best to believe them instead of constantly rationalizing what they "really" want.

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No, It’s Not “Just Hamas”

Evidence suggests that the terror group, or at least its policy toward Jews, is popular among Palestinians.

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The shameful silence of the 'anti-racists'

As anti-Semitism has surged, Britain’s ‘race equality’ charities have mostly looked the other way.

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AOC and Libs of TikTok's Chaya Raichik Get Into It on Capitol Hill Over Hamas

 Libs of TikTok's Chaya Raichik made another trip to Capitol Hill on Thursday and produced another viral moment involving Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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Senate Dems Block Josh Hawley’s Resolution Condemning Anti-Semitic, Pro-Hamas Rhetoric on College Campuses

Senate Democrats on Thursday blocked a Republican resolution condemning the hateful and anti-Semitic pro-Hamas rhetoric on college campuses throughout the…