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Goodbye Candace Owens

A statement by the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

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BLM protesters who participated in 2020 riots will receive $10 million from Seattle

The city of Seattle, Washington, agreed Wednesday to pay $10 million to settle a lawsuit from a group of Black Lives Matter protesters who participated in the violent and destructive 2020 riots following the death of George Floyd.A Wednesday press release

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The shameful silence of the 'anti-racists'

As anti-Semitism has surged, Britain’s ‘race equality’ charities have mostly looked the other way.

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Former Prosecutor 'No Indications of Asphyxia or Strangulation' in George Floyd Autopsy

Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov gave us the playbook on the commies’ plan to take over the United States without firing a shot. In it, he describes how the Marxists don’t plan social chaos,...

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Boston University Loaned $600K to a Mysterious Trust Run by Ibram Kendi’s Brother-In-Law

In September of 2020, just weeks after Ibram X. Kendi launched the Center for Antiracist Research at Boston University, the school approved a $600,000 mortgage to an unnamed professor. The university won’t say which professor that loan went to, but it was

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Disney Promises to Tone Down the Woke, Then Signs Race Huckster Ibram X. Kendi for ESPN Series on Racism in Sports

The culture wars are bad for business, said Disney/ESPN top dog Bob Iger recently, and he vowed to “quiet the noise.” Iger’s idea of quiet, however, is apparently a sane American’s idea of an ear-spli...

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Black Lives Matter Activist Pleads Guilty to Fraud for Missing Donations

A Black Lives Matter activist has pled guilty to fraud after money donated to a fundraising page she established went missing.

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Tax return shows Black Lives Matter on the fast track to insolvency

Black Lives Matter was a swindle.

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Right on Cue: Cori Bush Wants $14 Trillion in Federal Reparations

You can’t tell me you didn’t see this coming. Once California began to seriously consider reparations, it was only a matter of time before it became an effort on the federal level yet agai...

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Victor Davis Hanson: Joe Biden, the Habitual Racialist Demagogue

The most recent liberal ABC News/Washington Post poll showed Joe Biden’s approval rating at 36 percent—the lowest in history for a president at this point in…

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Biden insults all Americans in using race hustler Al Sharpton to get re-elected

Aside from Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, Al Sharpton is the only recognizable figure from outside the Biden administration.

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Black Lives Matter Activists Executed A Shocking $83 Billion Shakedown Of American Corporations

Our database tracking contributions and pledges made to the BLM movement shows a historic transfer of wealth to leftwing causes.

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'Moral Blackmail': Black Lives Matter Movement Shook Down Corporations for $83 Billion

Black Lives Matter pulls off 'possibly the most lucrative shakedown of corporate America in its history.'

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Toxic Racialist Obsessions of Joe Biden

Joe Biden ran on “unity,” which is critical in a multiracial America. He vowed to heal the divisions supposedly sown by Donald Trump. Instead, he is proving to…

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Barometer of Hate: A major Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit rejects beauty and cultivates racial resentment.

A major Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit rejects beauty and cultivates racial resentment.

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PODCAST | Is The Dream Still Alive?

Listen now (23 min) | Before we get to this morning segment on The Captain's America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce, I’d like to acknowledge Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It's important that we start circling back – and I hate to use that term b

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Please enjoy this footage of GOP Rep. Byron Donalds wiping the floor with racist ignoramus Joy Reid

Donalds was still far kinder to Joy than we would've been. Certainly far kinder than she deserved.

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'Deflective Whiteness': The Latest Cockamamie Social Justice™ Race Hustle

A libbed-out white liberal arts professor named Hannah Noel has invented a whole new weapon for corporate diversity trainers and public school social workers to wield against their captive white audiences, which also conveniently serves as a tool for personal enrichment via her accompanying book, Deflective Whiteness: Co-opting Black and Latinx Identity Politics.

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California's Reparations Task Force Chair Says Blacks Are Owed $1M Each

Black Californians should each receive $1 million and those who are homeless should be first, according to the Reparations Task Force chair.

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The ‘Reparations’ Scam › American Greatness

California is considering paying “reparations” to black Californians who are directly descended from enslaved people, which may surprise most Californians.

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UCSB Black Student Union asks white peers not to attend free ‘Wakanda Forever’ screening

We ask that our non-Black allies support our intention of creating a Black affinity and celebration space.'

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White Students Banned from Black History Month Events at UK University

White students have reportedly been banned from attending Black History Month events by the students union at Westminster University.

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Madison’s Montpelier Becomes Race Reeducation Camp

At Montpelier, the home of James Madison, a massive political reeducation effort financed by leftist billionaire David Rubenstein has made it “All About Slavery…

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BLM Leader Accused of Stealing $10 Million From the So-Called Charity

A leader of Black Lives Matter is being accused of stealing $10 million from the foundation, using it as his “personal piggy bank.” According to a lawsuit, Shalomyah Bowers fraudulently siphoned

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Sesame Workshop to provide bias training after alleged racist incident at Sesame Place goes viral

Bias training seems like the kind of thing Sesame Workshop would have already been pushing.

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Biden administration implements a racial spoils system

[This piece has been published in Restoring America to highlight how the Biden administration is pushing discriminatory, unfair policies in the name of diversity and equity.]

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Victor Davis Hanson: Joe Biden and Racial Demagoguery

Joe Biden has had a long history of racist outbursts. Can we even remember them all? The “put y’all back in chains” insults to an audience of black…

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The Media Set Out To Incite the Next Subway Shooter

A Washington Free Beacon report last week from our colleague Charles Lehman put data behind what we all know to be true: that the media harp on violence carried out by whites and downplay it when the perpetrator is black—or should we say "Black."

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Black Lives Matter used donations to buy $6 million Southern California home

Three leaders of Black Lives Matter — Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Melina Abdullah — reportedly bought a Southern California home for nearly $6 million using donation cash.

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‘What Fresh Propaganda Hell Is This’: New Showtime Docuseries ‘Everything’s Gonna Be All White’ Sparks Debate

There’s a new show about systemic racism premiering on Showtime.

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Race-Baiting Pays for BLM But Not the Families of the Dead They Exploit

Warning, Vulture Crossing
Mega-millionaire and wildly successful race-baiter Patrisse Cullors, the Marxist co-founder of BLM, stepped down from her organization last week, taking four or five mansions...

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Records Show BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors’ Jail Reform Campaign Gave $60k To Her Consultancy, Thousands More For Friends And Luxury Malibu Resort

According to campaign finance records, a Los Angeles-based jail reform group named “Reform LA Jails” founded and led by Patrisse Cullors — a co-founder of

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The Racism Industry's Biggest Lies

Nothing has been more common during the last years than accusations of “racism.” President Biden has said that he is going to lead a “great battle…to achieve racial justice and root out systemic racis...

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Ferguson Activists Demand BLM Give Them $20 Million of Its $90 Million 2020 Take

Cash for a Cause

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Al Sharpton: Return Of The Kingmaker (And Race Baiting, Charlatan, Jew Hater)

Al Sharpton, a race-baiting charlatan, has become more powerful than ever in Democratic Party politics.