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Professional Lowlife Slimebags Ilhan Omar & Cori Bush Blasted for Deleted Memorial Day Tweets: ‘Incredibly On Brand’

Two members of the "Squad" lost points Monday with social media posts that were criticized for missing the point of the Memorial Day holiday.

Politics | The "Squad"

Cori Bush, Rashida Tlaib Oppose Barring October 7 Terrorists from USA

Bush and Tlaib opposed a bill to ban Palestinians who joined in the Hamas terror attack on Israel on October 7 from entering the U.S.

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LOUDER for the Morons in Back! Cori Bush Brutally SCHOOLED About Who Should REALLY 'Cease Fire'

 Even Rashida Tlaib hasn't been quite as annoying as Cori Bush when it comes to Israel, Hamas, and the constant whining at Biden to demand a ceasefire. Don't get us wrong, Tlaib is seriously gross, awful, and sucks big time BUT she isn't nearly as 'present' on Twitter whining about things as Bush is.

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People BLAST Cori Bush for Accusing Israel of 'Ethnic Cleansing'

 The Squad has put on a disgraceful display, starting the very day Hamas terrorists committed unspeakable acts of violence against Israel, murdering over 1,400 civilians.

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Right on Cue: Cori Bush Wants $14 Trillion in Federal Reparations

You can’t tell me you didn’t see this coming. Once California began to seriously consider reparations, it was only a matter of time before it became an effort on the federal level yet agai...

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Cori Bush's Bodyguard Says He Can't Be Anti-Semitic Because He's a “Jewish High Priest”

Rep. Cori Bush’s (D., Mo,) bodyguard claims a host of supernatural abilities, including the power to summon tornadoes and read minds. During a Tuesday evening interview with the Washington Free Beacon, he added another line to his résumé: his status as a

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Meet the Anti-Semitic Spiritual Guru on Cori Bush's Payroll

He claims he can summon tornadoes at will, cause earthquakes with his hate, and conduct blood rituals to bring ruin upon his enemies. An intergalactic master of psychic self-defense born 109 trillion years ago, his days, he says, are now spent tending to

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Cori Bush Gets Roasted on the House Floor for Her Vile, Racist Attack Against Byron Donalds

There remains zero accountability in the Democrat caucus.

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Why Are Cori Bush's Ties To Palestinian Activist Who Tweeted About 'Burning Israelis Alive' Generating Zero Media Coverage?

Will Bush go on record to condemn her past association with Ayesh and unequivocally denounce her anti-Jewish hatred?

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Jewish groups slam Rep. Cori Bush for support by woman who aims to ‘set Israel on fire’

  Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.), a member of the far-left “Squad” in the U.S. House of Representatives, is under fire

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Meet the Cori Bush Activist Who Wants To Burn Jews Alive

Rep. Cori Bush (D., Mo.) spent years cultivating a relationship with a pro-Palestinian activist who once tweeted that she wants to "set Israel on fire with my own hands & watch it burn to ashes along with every Israeli in it."

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Democrat Rep. Cori Bush: Joe Biden Should Not Be ‘Pitting Black Women Against Each Other’ over SCOTUS

President Joe Biden's vow to put the first black woman on the Supreme Court continued to backfire this week.

Politics | The "Squad"

Democrat Cori Bush: I Get Private Security To Protect Me, So ‘Suck It Up’ And ‘Defund The Police’

Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) declared during an interview on Thursday that “defunding the police has to happen,” a statement that she made immediately after she told critics to “suck it up” when she was faced with questions about her paying tens of thousands of dollars for private security.

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Rep. Cori Bush promptly torched after claiming 'black people still aren't free' to celebrate July 4: 'This land is stolen’

Freshman Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.), a member of the so-called "Squad" of far-left House Democrats, triggered a tsunami of backlash Sunday when she said Independence Day is not about celebrating freedom for all Americans.
What did Bush say?
According to Bush

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Squad Member Wannabe Showcases Her Arrogance in Attacking Manchin Over S1

Almost as if on cue, the Marxist members of “The Squad” took to castigating US Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), because he rightly identified the...

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BUSTED: Video shows it was Cori Bush’s staff that started the mask altercation with Marjorie Taylor Greene

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: "[Rep. Cori Bush] is lying to you. She berated me."