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HELLOOO, LAWSUIT: James O'Keefe Exposes Disney VP Saying The Company 'Will Never Hire a White Male'

 Earlier this week, James O'Keefe -- formerly of Project Veritas and now running how own network of undercover citizen journalists at O'Keefe Media Group (OMG) -- teased a new undercover video that OMG would be releasing. The culprits in this new video? None other than The House of Mouse itself.

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Is Disney Working With Google to Silence Criticism of 'The Acolyte?'

 It sure seems like it, and a recent deal between Google and Disney might be behind it.

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This Is Why You Fail: Makers of 'The Acolyte' Brag About Creating 'The Gayest Star Wars Yet'

 Back when Star Wars was a franchise people cared about, one of the most beloved characters in the movies and shows was everyone's favorite 900-year-old Jedi master, Yoda.

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Breakfast at the Coffee Shop

A recent undated 1960s batch of slides yielded this shot of the Disneyland Hotel. In an example of not-so-great planning, the sign had to read “Hotel Disneyland” because of the location of the elevator.

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Disney+ Queering 4-Year-Olds During Pride Month

The Disney Grooming Syndicate is not playing around when it comes to sexualizing children, including small children.

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Wild Disneyland beatdown by mob of moms caught on shocking video

Video footage posted on Instagram captures a mob of moms pounding another woman at Disneyland as young children looked on in puzzlement at the famed California theme park.

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They lived inside Disneyland. Their house is still at the park today.

Owen and Dolly Pope lived full-time at Disneyland from 1955 to 1971, taking care of the park's livestock. Their house is still on the property today.

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I Spent 6 Days at Disney World and This Is What It Cost

Ever wonder how much people spend when they're on vacation at Disney World? Here's a look at six days of spending, from flights to food and drink—plus how it measures up against the planned budget.

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Long Lost Disneyland Landmark Rediscovered

The Monsanto House of the Future lasted from 1957 to 1967 at Tomorrowland in Disneyland, but you can see it again this weekend.

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Disney’s Jungle Cruise Closed Indefinitely Following On-Ride Incident

A legendary Disneyland theme park attraction has been closed indefinitely following a troubling accident involving dozens of guests.

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Disney Promises to Tone Down the Woke, Then Signs Race Huckster Ibram X. Kendi for ESPN Series on Racism in Sports

The culture wars are bad for business, said Disney/ESPN top dog Bob Iger recently, and he vowed to “quiet the noise.” Iger’s idea of quiet, however, is apparently a sane American’s idea of an ear-spli...

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Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, Disney is through... and we won't let it destroy our kids any more

Disney, the company that was once beloved for wholesome, family-friendly content has changed. Look at what's happening with beloved classics like "The Little Mermaid" and "Snow White."

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Disney Legend Defends Splash Mountain and 'Song of the South' – PJ Media

Many years ago, I wrote about a largely forgotten classic Disney film, “Song of the South.” The 1946 film was innovative in the way the studio combined live action and animation in an effective way, a...

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Here's how much it actually costs to go to Disney World

Ever wonder what it costs to take a family of four to Disney World? TPG saved receipts from a recent trip to find out.

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Disney's New Show Is Doing So Bad They're Putting It On Another Streaming Service

In what appears to be a desperate attempt at finding more viewers, Disney will release this show on another streaming platform.

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Disney's woke-ified live-action Snow White remake have us reaching for a poisoned apple – Twitchy


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YOU Can Own a Piece of Disney History...But There's a Catch

You could get some incredible Disney collectibles -- here's what you need to know.

Business & Finance | Advertising/Marketing

How Disney’s Futuristic Monorail Became a Relic of the Past

The iconic Disney monorail was born in the 1950s and has been running ever since—first in Disneyland, then Disney World, and finally Tokyo Disney. But it hasn't branched out beyond the parks.

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Woke Fascists Censor Best Picture Winner ‘The French Connection’

People have begun to notice that the Woke Fascists have censored The French Connection (1971), which won the Oscar for Best Picture.

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IMDb Is Rigging Reviews for ‘The Little Mermaid’

The box office numbers and audience reviews for “woke” movies have been tanking—and efforts to negate that problem are clearly part of the Hollywood machine’s…

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Beloved Disney Cat Passes Away

Disneyland Resort is home to nearly 200 feral cats, and Guests love them. Sadly, we have learned that one of the cats has passed away.

Miscellaneous | Disneyland History

DISNEYLAND: How the Anaheim theme park changed from 1956 to 1959

In honor of the park’s anniversary, this story is the second part of a seven-part series looking at how Disneyland has changed decade by decade. This part deals with the many changes and addi…

Entertainment | What To Watch

100 Years of Disney: 23 Things Every Disney Fan Should Watch

April 3, 2023 In 1923, Walt Disney and his brother Roy traveled from Kansas City, Missouri, to Los Angeles, California, with little to their names and a dream

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Disney Is Cheered by Daily Beast, as the Company 'Defies' Non-Existent Ron DeSantis Rule

It is unclear how you can applaud the bravery of something, when Ron DeSantis has not imposed anything to stop it.

Miscellaneous | Disneyland History

Appreciation: How the ‘worst’ artist Walt Disney ever hired shaped Disneyland forever

Rolly Crump, who has died at 93, helped create three of Disneyland’s most beloved attractions: It’s a Small World, Haunted Mansion and the Enchanted Tiki Room.

Politics | Woke Insanity

Disneyland Removes 'Song of the South' Tune ‘Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah’ from Parade

The iconic song Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" has been removed from Disneyland's Magic Happens parade, presumably for its Song of the South origins. 

Miscellaneous | Disneyland History

30 Fascinating Photos of Disneyland From the Early 1960s

Disneyland is a theme park in Anaheim, California. Opened in 1955, it was the first theme park opened by The Walt Disney Company and the onl...

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Disney Has It All - The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsThe American Spectator | USA News and Politics

Gone are the days when parents could turn on the Disney Channel or a Disney movie and walk away. A new 50-minute documentary called Walt’s Disenchanted Kingdom exposes the radical agenda pushed by Disney to indoctrinate America’s children. “Once upo

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New Disney Cartoon on Slavery May be the Wokest Thing I've Ever Seen

Letting kids be kids is apparently not a priority for The Mouse.

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4 Signs That Disney Parks Are in a Lot More Trouble Than People Think

The value of a Disney Parks vacation is getting worse, and there are concerning signs that things won't improve for many years.

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This San Francisco museum holds secrets to Disneyland

The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco has insider knowledge of the happiest place on earth that even die-hard theme park fans likely missed.

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Disney closes iconic 33-year-old theme park ride that it now calls racist

Fans of the iconic Disney theme park ride Splash Mountain have a little over a month to take one last ride. Disney will close Splash Mountain permanently on January 23 because, the company says, it promotes "racial stereotypes." The ride, which opened in

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The failed Disneyland Park successor that beer helped kill

St. Louis wanted Disney for its downtown project Riverfront Square. What they got was a mess.

Entertainment | Entertainment

This family owns a 'princess cottage' in Disney's gated community—where homes sell for $12M: Look inside

Cristie Anne Cabrera and her family purchased a house in Disney's Golden Oak, a gated community where homes sell for up to $12 million. Just four miles from Disney's Magic Kingdom Park, here's a look inside their four-bedroom, 3,600-square-foot "princess

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Disney’s Three-Ingredient Dole Whip Recipe Is Surprisingly Easy to Make at Home

The recipe for Disney World's highly sought after Dole Whip is surprisingly simple.

Miscellaneous | Disneyland History

Do you remember these phased out Disneyland rides and attractions?

The Disneyland magic seems to stand the test of time even though the park has undergone several renovations since its opening on July 17, 1955. During those times, some fan-favorite rides and attractions got a facelift or were cut by the big mouse himself

Miscellaneous | Disneyland History

9 real-life destinations that inspired Disneyland - The Points Guy

Walt Disney loved to travel — and many of those travels inspired the design of and attractions at Disneyland. Here are 9 destinations you can still visit today.

Travel | Travel

Disney World Makes a Huge Change Walt Would Hate

The theme park has big plans to add something that the company's founder was opposed to.

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'Silent majority' of Disney employees oppose woke 'godmother' name change, cast member says

Jose Castillo, a Disney employee and GOP congressional candidate, told Fox News Digital that most Disney cast members oppose "woke" moves like the "Fairy Godmother" title change.

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'Wokest Place On Earth' Disneyland Cuts Walt Disney’s Speech From Its Anniversary Celebration

The Disneyland Resort turned 67 on Sunday and had the usual bells and whistles to usher in another year, except for one noticeable omission: the Happiest Place on Earth left out its founder’s sp...

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Leaked Video From New Disney Show Features Trans Flag And Robot That Needs Help With Feminine Hygiene

Leaked video from the new Disney show “Baymax” — based around the lovable robot that first appeared in the 2014 animated feature “Big Hero 6” — shows the titular character approaching a woman in a store and asking for help with feminine hygiene products.

Miscellaneous | Disneyland History

Disneyland in 1968 Through Fascinating Color Photos

Disneyland is an amusement park in Anaheim, California, which opened in 1955. It is the only one designed and built under the direct supervi...

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Disney Doubles Down On LGBTQ Focus With ‘Lightyear,’ Others

Same-sex romance is prominent in the latest 'Toy Story' entry, and Disney Plus has several LGBTQ-themed films and series coming out.

Miscellaneous | Disneyland History

One-of-a-kind Disneyland items going up for sale in historic auction

A massive lot of Disneyland history and memorabilia will be available for auction for the first time.

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PODCAST | Maybe DHS Should Consider Putting a Fence Around Disney

As DHS Secretary Mayorkas humiliates himself before Congress in continuing to push the false narrative of the snowflake "domestic terrorism" threat, perhaps the Left could better serve itself by putting a fence around Disney Woke-World given that Florida&

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PODCAST: What Do Ron DeSantis And Lori Lightfoot Have In Common?

Absolutely nothing! They are polar opposites. Where Ron DeSantis actually serves the people of the State of Florida in preserving the rights of the individual and fighting the cancer of Woke-ism, Lightfoot is attempting to disingenuously coattail on the d

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Florida Senate passes bill stripping Disney of special self-governing power

The Florida Senate approved a bill Wednesday that dissolves special self-governing status given to Disney over 50 years ago after the company publicly feuds with Republicans over a controversial parental rights bill.

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Kardashians ride Disneyland attractions by themselves as furious fans wait

A viral TikTok video showing the Kardashians riding the Mad Tea Party surrounded by 15 empty teacups sparks social media outrage.

Politics | Politics

Disney Heiress Takes a Baseball Bat to Her Own Argument While Decrying Florida's Parental Rights Law

The left can't help but fall into constant constradiction.

Politics | Politics

DeSantis vs Disney: What is the Reedy Creek Improvement Act?

FOX Business provides a roundup of everything you need to know about the Reedy Creek Improvement Act and what a potential repeal would mean.

Politics | Gender Insanity

Disney Corporate Insurance Paying for Trans Surgeries and Hormones for Employees and Their Kids

If you thought the news about Woke Disney World couldn’t get worse, hang onto your hats because this latest development is going to shock even those of us who cannot be shocked anymore. (For tho...

Politics | Op-Ed

Disney’s Demographic Fantasia and the ‘Underrepresentation’ Con

Anyone over 30 probably remembers a refrain, common among influential people in business, politics, and media at the end of the 20th century: “We need a [fill…

Politics | Woke Insanity

Americans Sour on Disney’s LGBTQ Agenda

Disney’s boasting about indoctrinating kids with LGBTQ propaganda isn’t sitting well with the American public, according to a new Rasmussen Reports survey released Tuesday. According to th...

Politics | Op-Ed

DeSantis' Nuclear Option: What Would Happen If Florida Revoked Disney's Special Governing Arrangement?

The passing of Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill and Gov. Ron DeSantis’ signing of it into law have escalated into a tense war between the increasingly solid red state and The Wa...

Politics | Politics

‘It would be a disaster:’ Florida lawmakers discuss repealing Disney’s Reedy Creek government

The rights of Reedy Creek Improvement District, Disney's own government, are now being discussed among some Florida lawmakers following controversy surrounding the company's response to Gov. DeSantis' "Don't Say Gay" bill.

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Disney no longer saying 'boys and girls' in park greetings to promote gender inclusion

Disney is working to take out "boys and girls" in recorded park greetings in the company's push to promote gender inclusion.

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‘I was just wherever I could adding queerness’: Christopher Rufo has video from Disney’s all-hands meeting; Updated

Disney supports having "many, many, many LGBTQIA characters" in its stories.

Politics | Hollywood Propaganda

Report: Pixar Reinstates Same-Sex Kiss In ‘Lightyear’ Film Over So-Called ‘Don’t Say Gay Bill,’ Source Shares

Pixar has reportedly decided to reinstate a same-sex kiss in the upcoming animated children’s film “Lightyear” in response to Florida’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay Bill” and the Walt Disney Company leadership’s response to it.

Music | Music

Why The Beatles didn't cameo in Disney film ‘The Jungle Book’

In 1967, Disney released 'The Jungle Book', in one of the scenes, four vultures appear strikingly similar to The Beatles but they weren't voiced by the band.

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Human trafficking sting in Polk County nabs four Disney employees

We've recently learned that Disney's CEO doesn't live up to his employees' standards.

Travel | Travel

It's Now Cheaper To Travel To Disneyland In Paris Rather Than California

According to a recent report, it's now cheaper for Californians to visit Disneyland in Paris than it is to visit the theme park's California location. The report from KGPE shows that a trip to Disneyland in Anaheim is now almost twice as expensive as traveling to Disney in Marne le Vallee, France.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Stuff

Ways You've Been Fooled At Walt Disney World & Disneyland

If you think about it, Disney is amazingly good at fooling people. Sometimes it’s for good, like when they want to enhance our experience in a park, and sometimes it’s…

Politics | The China Threat

Disney Caves to China By Dropping 'Simpsons' Episode That Mentions Tiananmen Square

The Walt Disney Company who owns the Disney streaming service Disney +, decided to drop an episode from the 16th season of The Simpsons from its menu.

Entertainment | Entertainment

Pirates of the Caribbean Original 1967 Version (Full Ride)

Video of the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride at Disneyland as it was in 1967

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Tommy Kirk, ‘Old Yeller’ star, found dead at his Vegas home

Disney child star Tommy Kirk was found dead in his home, according to reports. He was 79. The actor was known for his role as Travis Coates in the 1957 film, “Old Yeller."

Miscellaneous | Fantasyland

Yesterland: Fantasyland Theater / Mickey Mouse Club Theater

There’s a traditional movie theater in Yesterland. It’s not a 3-D theater—although it used to be one when it had a different name. It’s an opportunity to see Disney animation projected onto a real movie screen—films you might otherwise only see on your fuzzy television, after waiting years until they’re broadcast again.

News | The News

Walt And Roy Disney’s First Home In Los Angeles Being Restored

The Charlotte and Robert Disney House at 4406 West Kingswell Avenue in the Los Feliz area is being renovated and is designated a Los Angeles Historical Cultural Monument. It was the first Los Angel…

Travel | Travel

Disney Officially Kills FastPass, Will Charge Extra to Use the New "Lightning Lane"

Disney will begin charging guests to use FastPass lines this fall, when it rebrands the beloved perk as Lightning Lane.

Travel | Tourism

Dunked: Disney Shutters NBA Experience Attraction Due to Dismal Sales

After poor attendance despite the big premiere in 2019, Disney is permanently closing down its NBA Experience attraction in Florida.

News | The News

Disney to Move Thousands of Jobs from California to ‘Business Friendly’ Florida

The Walt Disney Company is joining a growing number of businesses to move some operations out of California to states considered to have a “business friendly climate,” in this case Florida where its second theme park is located.

Miscellaneous | Disneyland History

11 Attractions From Disneyland's Opening Day | Mental Floss

Many of these rides from Disneyland's grand opening in 1955 are still staples of the California theme park today.

Miscellaneous | Disneyland History

The Oldest Disneyland Rides from 1955 to Today

Stacker compiled a list of every Disneyland attraction open in the park as of 2021 using real-time data from Touring Plans.

Miscellaneous | Other Kinds of Whatnot

Disney unveils its first real-life retractable lightsaber — and it looks incredible

Watch Disney's first real-life lightsaber in action before it debuts at a new 'Star Wars' hotel in 2022.

News | The News

I love Disney World, but wokeness is ruining the experience

Jonathan VanBoskerck, a loyal Disney fan, writes that he is increasingly disillusioned with the parks because of changes he says are driven by wokeness, changes thats destroy the illusion and immersive experience.

News | The News

Hopeful Disneyland fans wait for hours to get a ticket. ‘Anxiety is through the roof’

Disneyland launched its ticket and reservation system Thursday for the park’s reopening and hopeful park goers are waiting for hours to get their tickets.

Politics | The Decline Of America

Disney's New Rules for Park Employees Allow Exposed Tattoos, Long Hair and Nail Polish on Men

Let it go...

Entertainment | Entertainment

Looks like Disney has made a 'real' lighstaber and this is how it works

Disney has made many a fans dream come true by creating its very own lightsaber. The weapon of choice for Jedis has had many a toy replica, but a new patent...

News | News

Giant Homemade Disney Cinnamon Rolls • Love From The Oven

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls big enough for the whole family to share! Learn how to make the Gaston's Cinnamon Rolls found at Disney Parks.

News | News

Disneyland will reopen on April 30th, for California residents only

One year after Disney shut its doors indefinitely, laying off tens of thousands of staff, Disneyland will reopen on April 30th, the company announced. Masks will be required, and only California residents can attend for now.

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Disney+ Designates 'Peter Pan,' 'Dumbo,' and 'The Aristocats' as Racist; Blocks Kids Up to 7

Disney+ has again taken a knee to the will of the Cancel Culture, this time restricting children seven and under from viewing Peter Pan...

News | News

Disney Slaps Warning Label on ‘The Muppet Show’ for ‘Offensive Content’

The Disney Corporation has released five seasons of the iconic “The Muppet Show” on its Disney+ streaming service but with a disturbing disclaimer that examples how oppressive and radical the neo-Progressive “cancel culture” has become. Viewers of

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After Trying To Cancel Gina Carano For Wrongthink, Disney Has Now Been Cancelled By Conservatives

One of the stars of the Disney-Plus Star Wars series The Mandalorian, has been canceled by Hollywood’s cancel culture elitists

Entertainment | Entertainment

See How Many Balloons It Would Take to Lift the House from Pixar's Up

Using a computer simulation, this video visualizes the many millions of balloons that would be needed to lift the house from Pixar's 'Up' in real life.

Politics | Politics

‘Mandalorian’ Star Carano Got Fired After Holocaust Tweet. Another ‘Mandalorian’ Star Used Holocaust But Still Has His Job

Disney reportedly cut ties this week with conservative actress Gina Carano, one of the stars of Lucasfilm’s hit TV series “The Mandalorian,” on Wednesday.

Politics | Liberal Hypocrisy

If Disney Saw Fit to Fire Gina Carano, Why Not Mark Ruffalo?

Following my post on Gina Carano's firing by Disney, I wonder why they have not also fired The Incredible Hulk Mark Ruffalo

News | The News

Florida official says Disney fleeing California will allow it to grow and expand

Chief financial officer of Florida Jimmy Patronis explains how Disney will benefit from moving some of its jobs to the Sunshine State .

Entertainment | Entertainment

‘Negative Depictions’: Disney+ Blocks Children Under 7 From Watching ‘Peter Pan,’ ‘Dumbo,’ Other Classics

Disney is censoring four of their classic films from the Disney+ accounts of children under age seven, citing what they described as the “negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people or cultures."

News | News

Disneyland cancels annual passholder program

Disneyland will start issuing prorated refunds to annual passholders starting on Thursday, Jan. 14, according to Disney officials.

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous

How Much Would it Cost to Live at Disney World?

Today, we're breaking down what it would cost to live at Walt Disney World for a year, and the prices may shock you!

Miscellaneous | Disneyland History

The 10 most expensive Disneyland items in auction featuring 800 theme park collectibles

Van Eaton Galleries in Sherman Oaks will hold the ‘Walt Disney: The Man, the Studio and the Parks’ virtual auction on Saturday, Dec. 5.

Miscellaneous | Tomorrowland

Yesterland: Coca-Cola Tomorrowland Terrace

What’s that futuristic, white planter doing? It’s rising! There’s a bandshell under that planter, with a rock band playing on it. The planter is now on the roof of the bandshell. Cool!

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous Disney

Disney’s Lost Plans to Build a Ski Resort in Sequoia National Park

The proposal by Walt Disney Productions (today, the Walt Disney Company) envisioned an "American Alpine Wonderland" on the floor of Mineral King Valley.

Travel | Travel

Why Walt Disney World’s Original Plan Never Could Have Worked

The original plan for Walt Disney World was brilliant, and it never would have worked.

History | History

Wednesday in the (not so) Wild West

This undated 1950’s image shows early Disneyland. Looks like the bad guys and the good guys are exchanging stories in Frontierland (I see Bl...

News | News

A Joe Biden presidency could finally end years of controversy for this Disney World attraction

During the past few years, the attraction has become increasingly contentious.

Travel | Travel Tips

15 Disneyland Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know | Travel + Leisure

From surprising facts about your favorite attractions to little-known construction tricks, these Disneyland secrets will surely enhance your park experience. 

News | News

Layoffs, A Halloween Surprise, And Changes To Disney’s Most Popular Attraction

Disney layoffs hit performers and entertainment, Universal debuts surprise Beetlejuice Halloween Horror Nights house, and Rise of the Resistance changes process.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Walt Disney, Space, and The Right Stuff

Disney culture is filled with interesting coincidences, inspirations, and connections—one of the most remarkable and surprising is the influence of Walt Disney himself on the U.S. space program. That stimulus certainly raised public awareness and

Entertainment | Entertainment

The Right Stuff on Disney Plus review: Mad Men meets First Man

Meet the Mercury 7, the real-life playboy flyboys bedhopping their way into space in Nat Geo's new drama.

News | News

Disney's Bob Iger leaves California coronavirus task force as parks remain idle

His abrupt departure comes as Disneyland and Disney California Adventure in Anaheim sit idle while they wait for reopening guidelines from the state. 

Entertainment | Entertainment

Disney Plus is rolling out GroupWatch feature to all US subscribers

Disney Plus is bringing its GroupWatch feature to subscribers in the United States. The move comes after Disney started testing the watch party feature in other countries this month, including Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

Miscellaneous | Disneyland History

Marc Davis: The Imagineer Who Crafted Modern Disney Parks

The work of legendary Imagineer Marc Davis is still felt at Disney theme parks to this day.

Miscellaneous | Disneyland History

Early designs for Disneyland's monorail show how different the popular attraction could have looked

"The Disney Monorail: Imagineering a Highway in the Sky" shows rare concept art and designs of the popular mode of transportation inside the parks.

Politics | The China Threat

Backlash Against Disney For Filming ‘Mulan’ In Chinese Province With Concentration Camps

Disney’s live-action remake of “Mulan” has come under fire after the ending credits revealed for filming scenes in China’s Xinjiang Province, where more than a million Uyghur Muslims are housed in concentration camps by the Chinese government. The Hollywo

Travel | Travel

Eating Our Way Through 65 Years of Disney Theme Parks

The ever-evolving, always-enticing food stands and eateries at Disney theme parks have become can’t-miss stops—offering everything from fully immersive experiences to high-end dishes prepared by world-renowned chefs. But it hasn’t always been that way.

Miscellaneous | Disneyland History

10 most expensive Disneyland items sold at auction featuring 1,100 theme park collectibles

Van Eaton Galleries in Sherman Oaks held the Disneyland 65th anniversary auction on Aug. 15 and 16.

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous Disney

7 Disney landmarks inspired by places around the world

Walt Disney's travels, most notably to Denmark's Tivoli Gardens and Germany's Neuschwanstein Castle, had a direct influence on Disneyland's aesthetic.

Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Los Angeles

Celebrate Disneyland’s 65th Birthday Virtually

Check out Virtual Community Day | Disneyland’s 65th Anniversary Special at #DoStuffAtHome in on July 17, 2020 and get detailed info for the event - tickets, photos, video and reviews.

Travel | Travel Tips

7 takeaways from Disney World's July reopening

Walt Disney World Resort opened on Saturday after being closed for four months. CNN Travel attended the reopening and looks seven things you should know before you go.

Miscellaneous | Other Stories

Theme parks’ post-pandemic world: 5 changes to expect

Change is barreling toward Orlando’s theme parks and attractions, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Adjustments will be made in many ways — perhaps in every way — experts and analysts say.

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous Disney

See Disneyland as You’ve Never Seen It Before: Completely Empty

Disneyland in California has been closed for over a month due to coronavirus, and this video shows the park's eerie, empty attractions.

Travel | Travel

Take a Virtual Tour of Space Mountain and Other Famous Disney World and Disneyland Rides

Disneyland and Walt Disney World may be closed, but you can still experience Disney magic at home with a virtual ride tour.

News | News

Disney’s U.S. Parks Will Be Closed Indefinitely

After an initial decision to remain open, Disneyland announced that its Southern California parks and resorts will close for coronavirus beginning on Monday, March 16.

Recipes | Recipes!

Disney World Recipes to Try at Home: Comfort Foods Edition!

Wanting to make some iconic Disney dishes at home? All Ears Recipes have got you covered! Here's the Walt Disney World Recipes to Try at Home: Comfort Foods Edition!

Recipes | Recipes

How To Make Disney Parks' Desserts At Home To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Any Disney lover can vouch that the treats at the Disney parks are delicious AF. Even when you're not at "The Happiest Place on Earth," you're probably daydreaming about Dole Whip, the massive Kitchen Sink Sundae, and Mickey-shaped beignets covered…

News | News

Disneyland to donate excess food to a food bank during coronavirus closure

Disneyland will be closed the rest of the month due to coronavirus fears — but officials aren't letting food go to waste.

News | The News

Disneyland Closes for Only Fourth Time in History Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

The parks previously closed down in the wake of the JFK assassination, the Northridge earthquake, and 9/11, but this will represent their longest closure in history.

Travel | Travel

41 Insane Facts You Definitely Don't Know About Disneyland

From details about the park's history to downright crazy things you never knew, these are the wildest facts all Disneyland-lovers should know.

Entertainment | Entertainment

Hey, let's not do this: Bambi is the next film slated for a "live action" Disney remake

Today in Christ, They’re Really Never Going To Stop Now, Are They? News: Disney has announced that it’s beginning development on a live-action* remake of its beloved 1942 animated film Bambi. Per Variety, the studio has tapped Geneva Robertson-Dworet

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Disney ditches Fox name from branding, emails and logos

Nearly a year after acquiring 21st Century Fox's film and television assets, Disney is finally dropping the Fox name from its studio's names.

Politics | Woke Insanity

Billy Dee Williams: Disney Should Not Have Made Lando Pansexual | The Daily Wire

After rejecting assertions of being “gender fluid,” actor Billy Dee Williams now says that Disney made a mistake by turning the iconic character Lando Calrissian into a pansexual for the “Solo: A Star Wars Story” movie, arguing tha

Travel | Travel

Epcot is getting the biggest renovation in Disney history

Epcot is getting the biggest overhaul of any park in Disney history, with new rides and experiences being rolled out over the next few years.

Entertainment | Entertainment

Not Everything in Disney's Vault Is as Good as You Remember | WIRED

Disney+ gives streaming subscribers access to nearly all of the classic back catalog, but not all of the old movies stand the test of time.

Entertainment | Movies & Other Stuff

Disney’s cringe-worthy Baby Yoda merch goes on sale | TechCrunch

1Password has been around for 14 years, and the founders grew the company the old-fashioned way — without a dime of venture capital. But when it decided to take venture help, it went all in. Today, the company announced a $200 million Series A from Acce

Entertainment | Entertainment

Disney+ Heard Everyone’s Complaints Loud & Clear: They Are Fixing The Simpsons

Simpsons fans can breathe easy: Disney+ will soon offer the show's original aspect ratios, keeping the screen from being cropped.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Best TV Shows on Disney Plus: What's Available to Watch Right Now? - Thrillist

We've rounded up the best shows to binge, from Disney Channel classics to Marvel animated shows.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Disney Plus: 23 Hidden Gems And Forgotten TV Shows And Movies

From Return to Oz to Recess, you need to drop everything and watch these Disney+ movies and TV shows right now.

Miscellaneous | Disneyland History

14 vintage photos of Disneyland behind the scenes that will make you see the theme park in a whole new light

In the '60s, some photographers got behind-the-scenes looks at the California theme park, and captured their experiences through film.

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Disney Is Quietly Placing Classic Fox Movies Into Its Vault, and That’s Worrying

Disney is quietly placing classic Fox movies into its vault, preventing them from playing at local theaters for repertory screenings, which is bad news for movie theaters that depend on such events to shore up increasingly shaky bottom lines.

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Disney to Netflix: Drop Dead

Disney's ban on Netflix advertising comes a few weeks before the launch of Disney , which could directly compete with Netflix.

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Vegan Disney World Guests Now Have 400 New Menu Items to Choose From | Mental Floss

Starting this month, it will be a lot easier to find vegan menu options at the food stands and restaurants at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

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Disneyland’s First-Ever Customer Has Been Using His Lifetime Ticket Every Year Since 1955

There are so many things in life that bring joy to us humans and various amusement parks can sure be taken into the list of those little simple pleasures this world has to offer. Just think about the utopia of it - you get to walk around the fantasy world

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Disney CEO Bob Iger: I believe if Steve Jobs were still alive, we might have combined with Apple

Disney CEO Bob Iger writes in his autobiography that he believes he would have discussed combining Disney with Apple had Steve Jobs lived.

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Snow White Soothes 6-Year-Old Boy with Autism During Disney World Meltdown - Southern Living

Snow White swooped into action and seemed to know just what to do to make Brody feel at ease.