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Shocker! Turns Out MSNBC's Programming From the GOP Convention are 'Cheap Fakes'

 For some shows on MSNBC this week you might have noticed the familiar backdrop of the Republican convention but for some reason they haven't interviewed many people who are actually there:

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As America Teeters on Brink of Chaos, WaPo Highlights Taliban Climate Change Initiatives

The Washington Post failed to assuage critics on Monday, when the once-respected paper's published a front-page story touting the Taliban's efforts to fight so-called climate change in Afghanistan. The repressive terrorist group hosted an "international c

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The AP got BLASTED by Twitter after claiming Fetterman’s sloppy clothes are a sign of progress

The AP pushed the idea that Senator John Fetterman dressing like a slob at work is a sign of progress. Twitter reacted harshly.

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TIME Magazine: Exercise in U.S. Originated as ‘White Supremacy’ Project, Wrong to Presume Fat People ‘Not Fit’

Early 20th century pushes for exercise stemmed from “white supremacy” in order to produce “more white babies,” a TIME Magazine piece argues.