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Talk of Palestinian state post-Oct. 7 sign of US moral collapse

Such an eventuality would "embolden Hamas and make the PLO irrelevant," the Israeli minister told JNS.

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‘Somalia first’ and other alarming signs of a failing American empire

When the ruling elite believes the military’s loyalty should be to the current president and elected officials declare their primary loyalty to foreign nations, these are late imperial hours.

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Victor Davis Hanson: Americans Must Choose Between Civilization—or Its Destroyers

 Nihilism is the religion of the Left. Anarchy is now at the core of the new Democratic Party.

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20% of Young Americans Think Holocaust Is a Myth

One in five young Americans say that the Holocaust is a myth, according to a poll released Thursday, and around 30 percent express anti-Semitic views.

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Victor Davis Hanson: Weimar America

Something eerie, something creepy, is happening in the world—and now in America as well. The dark mood is brought on by elite universities, the Diversity…

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Victor Davis Hanson: California, the Great Destroyer

In 1996, the California legislature created the high speed rail authority. In 2008, voters passed an initial nearly $10 billion bond to build an envisioned 800…

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Widespread Mass Looting Overnight in Philly

Mass looting is being reported all over Philadelphia tonight. There are accounts of Center City stores being cleaned out by looters, including Lululemon, the Apple Store, a Foot Locker near the Libert...

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Victor Davis Hanson: Post-Postmodern America

The Woke Revolution depends, one, solely on its advocates never having to experience firsthand any of the nonsense they inflict on others. And two, dangerous zealots with titles before, and letters after, their names prove to be quite stupid—and dangerous

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Victor Davis Hanson: What the Left Did to Our Country

In the last 20 years, the Left has boasted that it has gained control of most of America institutions of power and influence—the corporate boardroom, media…

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Just In Time for 9/11, NYC Allows Islamic Call to Prayer Over Loudspeakers

Twenty-two years after 9/11, the call to Islam will resound in the city that was attacked on that day by people who believed fervently in that call.

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Shane, The Classic Western, Goes Woke

I was looking forward to the Guthrie Theater’s last performance of the season, a theatrical adaption of the novel Shane. I read and studied Jack Schaefer’s...

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Who's the Real Barack Obama? Things Are Finally Becoming Clearer

Who is Barack Obama? You’d think a guy who’s penned three memoirs and is the subject of several authorized and unauthorized biographies would be an open book, but he isn’t, as most s...

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I Couldn't Believe the Truth About Shoplifting

It wasn’t until just moments ago that I became aware of just how shockingly bad the shoplifting crime wave is — and I’m the former San Francisco resident who can’t seem to stop writi...

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Mexican drug cartels are behind the surge in retail thefts

Mexican cartels are quietly expanding their global criminal empires to include mass theft operations targeting big-box stores, luxury retail brands, and small businesses, then selling the stolen goods online and laundering the profits through Chinese brok

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The Emerging Alliance Between America's Leading Socialist Organization and Teachers' Unions

Five years ago, the Democratic Socialists of America declared that infiltrating teachers' unions would be a prime way for socialists to boost the far-left movement's power and numbers. The "strategic" decision appears to be paying off, with unions across

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Victor Davis Hanson: What the Left Has Left for America

The present-day Left bears little resemblance to the old civil-libertarian, integrationist Democratic Party that existed from the 1960s through 2000.

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Gavin Newsom: The Groomed Leftist Who Expects To Be President

If lefty globalists were to spawn the perfect politician in a vat, Gavin Newsom would emerge from the goo.

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Scary video: Pro-LBGTQ mob gangs up on, gets physical with lone woman holding sign defending female rights

Cellphone video captured the rather scary moment when a lone woman holding a sign defending female rights found herself surrounded by a pro-LBGTQ mob that ganged up against and got physical with her over the weekend.What are the details?The clip was poste

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Opinion: This Pride Stuff Isn’t Healthy

I have never understood ethnic, race, gender, or sex pride. Even as a kid. For my bar mitzvah, someone gave me a book titled Great Jews in Sports or something…

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The AP got BLASTED by Twitter after claiming Fetterman’s sloppy clothes are a sign of progress

The AP pushed the idea that Senator John Fetterman dressing like a slob at work is a sign of progress. Twitter reacted harshly.

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Victor Davis Hanson: Do We Even Know We Are All Socialists Now?

Sometimes when you are in the midst of a revolution, you do not even know it. I doubt all the Germans who voted in National Socialism quite foresaw what quickly…

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How the CCP Is Embedding Itself in American Cities

China has embedded itself in more than 150 cities across the United States where Beijing is targeting local politicians to expand the Chinese Communist Party's espionage network, according to a Republican senator.

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Victor Davis Hanson: Can We Do Anything About America’s Decline?

Twenty-first-century America was on a trajectory of gradual decline—until it began to implode. Was the accelerant the COVID-19 pandemic and unhinged lockdowns?

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Could It Happen Here? It Is Happening Here.

My field of study in graduate school was communism. As a fellow at the Russian Institute of Columbia’s School of International Affairs, I was, if I remember correctly, one of seven students in t...

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Victor Davis Hanson: Life Among the Ruins

American society is facing three existential crises not unlike those that overcame the late Roman, and a millennium later, terminal Byzantine, empires.

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‘Black Girl Magic’? Biden’s Acting Ambassador for Afghanistan Blasted After Sending Cringey Tweets

A series of condescending and cringe-inducing tweets sent out by Joe Biden's Acting Ambassador for Afghanistan has spurred a reaction of shock…

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Victor Davis Hanson: Race Everywhere

Recently an unarmed 29-year-old African American, Tyre Nichols, was brutally beaten to death by five black Memphis police officers. They were charged with…

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The AP Stylebook Now Has a Problem With the Word “The”

The AP Stylebook has been making a lot of recommendations in recent years that I disagree with—usually because they’re stupid.
For example, a couple of years ago they decided that the word ̶...

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Victor Davis Hanson: A Rendezvous With Rwanda?

“Despite being Black, he [Rep. Byron Donalds] supports a policy agenda intent on upholding and perpetuating white supremacy.”—Representative Cori Bush (D-Mo.)…

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Coup We Never Knew

Did someone or something seize control of the United States? What happened to the U.S. border? Where did it go? Who erased it? Why and how did 5 million people enter our country illegally?

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Baleful Cargo of Woke Diversity Worship

What do all our notable fabricators—George Santos, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama—have in common? Well, quite like the Ward ChurchilIs or Rachel…

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Woke Indoctrination: The Ads Tell the Story

 In Against the Great Reset, Harry Stein asks how the Left has managed to subvert the culture and trample so effectively upon the fundamental concepts of decency, equality, justice, morality, and even human biology itself, not to mention humor and modesty.

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Victor Davis Hanson: Our Parasitic Generation

Are we sure that there is all that much ruin left in the United States? We are $31 trillion in collective debt. The new normal is $1.5 trillion budget deficits.

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Victor Davis Hanson: If You Really Wanted to Destroy the United States, Then . . .

First, you would surrender our prior energy independence. Reduce new gas and oil leases on federal lands to the lowest levels of any president in history.

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Miss America Organization Crowns Its First Biologically Male Queen

Everything evolves.

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Totalitarianism: Can It Happen in America?

What does totalitarianism look like? In the 20th century, it took the form of secret police violently silencing anyone who spoke out against the government.…

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Thinnest Veneer of Civilization

Civilization is fragile. It hinges on ensuring the stuff of life. To be able to eat, to move about, to have shelter, to be free from state or tribal coercion…

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Reporter says it was ‘super amazing to witness’ Lizzo playing James Madison’s crystal flute

We just wish Lizzo had worn clothes for the occasion.

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Major Military Academies Have Been Teaching Critical Race Theory for Some Time

A new study by an education watchdog group claims that major military academies in the United States have been actively teaching the far-left and anti-White…

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Officials Identify First Case Of Polio In United States In Years

The first case of polio in the United States in nearly a decade was identified in New York Thursday.

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Here’s video of a toddler in his underwear beating a cop

You might be wondering where the child's parents are, or even where his clothes are.

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Ignorant Female Army Soldier Questions Loyalty to U.S. After Overturning of Roe v. Wade

“How am I supposed to wake up every day and put on a freaking uniform that says United States Army when the United States doesn't even give a rat's ass about me?” the solider asked during her nearly three minute rant on China's TikTok social media platfor

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Cycles of Revolutions in Our Midst

We are witnessing a number of radical military, social, and political revolutions that are changing the United States—and the world—in fundamental ways that we…

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Two Years After Lockdowns, The West’s Troubles Aren’t Ending — They’re Just Beginning

It's increasingly clear that, far from standing at the end of a dark era, our civilization teeters unsteadily at the very beginning of one.

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Victor Davis Hanson: Is America Heading for a Systems Collapse?

In modern times, as in ancient Rome, several nations have suffered a “systems collapse.” The term describes the sudden inability of once prosperous populations…

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It could be a problem that a U.S. three-star general can’t tell the difference between American and British troops (not to mention the spelling error)

"Try getting out of the office now and then."

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Victor Davis Hanson: Does America Still Work?

For nearly two years, Americans have engaged in a great woke experiment of cannibalizing themselves. American civilization has invested massive labor, capital…

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Victor Davis Hanson: Defenders of Civilization? - American Greatness

The year 2020 witnessed a long series of writs lodged against an America beset with plague, quarantine, recessions, riot and arson, and the most contested…