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Park Employees At Yosemite Violate Uniform Code For Pride March

'Nothing like a horde of people making a political statement while you're trying to enjoy your brief break from society,' someone commented.

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Scary video: Pro-LBGTQ mob gangs up on, gets physical with lone woman holding sign defending female rights

Cellphone video captured the rather scary moment when a lone woman holding a sign defending female rights found herself surrounded by a pro-LBGTQ mob that ganged up against and got physical with her over the weekend.What are the details?The clip was poste

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When LGBT Activists Flood Target With Bomb Threats, Media Pretend Conservatives Did It

Media are so desperate for LGBT victimhood, they're pretending threats of violence from pro-'pride' perpetrators are threats against them.

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Here's how Sesame Street sells Pride Month to kids

 A couple of weeks ago, we posted a couple of videos showing elementary schools celebrating Pride Month. Kids lined up behind their teacher, who was dressed as a rainbow unicorn, and paraded down a hallway beneath inflatable rainbows and Pride flags.