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Writing the Constitution: Miracle in Philadelphia

Spring 1787. The American revolution had been won, but no one seemed to know how to govern the new nation. There was no chief executive, no agreement taxes,…

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Philadelphia to Ban Police Stops For Minor Traffic Violations

If you have a broken brake light or headlight in Philadelphia, you no longer have to worry that you'll be pulled over by police.

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Philadelphia librarians under fire, accused of indoctrinating children with anti-Israel material

The Philadelphia Free Library said that it would be auditing its social-media posts, which with all its branches was going to be time-consuming; update its blog guidelines and social-media policy; and meet with members of the Jewish community to help guid

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Yale Trained Mathematician Flags 100,000 Pennsylvania Ballots As Likely Fraudulent

As the days count down to the ultimate deadline – the seating of the Electoral College, a flood of evidence

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PHILADELPHIA: Female Trump Lawyer Protected By U.S. Marshals After Receiving Death Threats

As the battle for the White House reaches the level of white-hot intensity, the Marxist-Progressive Left and power-hungry Democrats are

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‘American Hustle’: Party Insiders Tell The True Story Of How Philadelphia Elections Work

Judges who obtained their positions by fraud, according to an indictment, have provided crucial unsupervised time to Democrat vote counters in Philadelphia.

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VIDEO: Philadelphia Poll Watchers Turned Away, Illegal Electioneering Caught On Camera

As Philadelphians head to the polls on Election Day, several instances of electioneering, illegal voter contact, and refusal access to

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Philadelphia expects to release police body camera video in Wallace death next week

Philadelphia officials said they expect to release police body camera footage and 911 audio in the fatal shooting of Walter Wallace Jr. next week.

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VIDEO: BLM in Philly Chant ‘Every City, Every Town, Burn the Precincts to the Ground’

Philadelphia experienced a second night of violence and destruction as Black Lives Matter activists continued sowing chaos in the streets

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BREAKING: 30 Cops Injured By Anti-Police Rioters In Democrat-Controlled Philadelphia

Violent anti-police rioters attacked law enforcement officials in Philadelphia on Monday night, injuring 30 officers in response to police killing a man

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Philadelphia Commission Looks the Other Way on Islamist Anti-Semitism

When Representatives Lee Zeldin (R-NY) and Scott Perry (R-PA) wrote to the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations (PCHR) in September to discuss a horrifying instance of anti-Semitism, they did so with good reason. Some months earlier, in May, local

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The 18 Best City Parks in America

From well-known emerald gems like LA’s Griffith Park in Los Angeles, to underrated spots like Forest Park in St. Louis or Falls Park in...

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Muslim schoolchildren in Philadelphia perform anti-Israel/antisemitic songs at event 'Islamic science' event.

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The forgotten story of Pure Hell, America’s first black punk band

The four-piece lived with the New York Dolls and played with Sid Vicious, but they’ve been largely written out of cultural history

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Mischief Brew- The Dreams Of The Morning

Mischief Brew- The Dreams Of The Morning #PunkRock #FolkPunk #Philadelphia #Pennsylvania

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Affirmative Action Jackson "Mr. Softee Goes To The Prom"

Affirmative Action Jackson "Mr. Softee Goes To The Prom" #PunkRock #Hardcore #Philadelphia #Pennsylvania

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What Is It That Makes Philly Fans So...Unique?

A conversation with Jon Wurster, a.k.a Philly Boy Roy.

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Why do Eagles fans wear dog masks?

You may have noticed Philadelphia Eagles fans wearing (creepy) dog masks at, in or around the Super Bowl. Here's why. The legend of Philly fans wearing dog...

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Sixers rookie Ben Simmons has a fracture in his foot

Snakebitten Philadelphia sees another first-round pick with injury

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76ers get No. 1 pick in the draft - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: The Lakers got the No. 2 pick in the lottery, with the top prizes being Brandon Ingram and Ben Simmons.

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Housecleaning continues, Eagles send DeMarco Murray to Titans | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: If you are on the Philadelphia Eagles and were acquired by Chip Kelly, watch your back. It seems like the Eagles are intent on getting rid of most reminders of the Kelly era.

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Experiment over: Philadelphia Eagles fire coach Chip Kelly

Less than a year after giving coach Chip Kelly control of personnel as well, the Philadelphia Eagles announced they've fired their head coach.

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Charles Barkley on Moses Malone: 'I called him 'Dad'

Hall of Famer Charles Barkley issued a statement about the death of Moses Malone.

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Report: Eagles plan to sign Tim Tebow as team's fourth QB on Monday | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: Fox Sports is reporting that the Eagles plan to sign Tim Tebow on Monday.

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22 things you've definitely eaten if you grew up in New England

These foods got us through so many Nor'easters together.

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Rangers beat Flyers 4-1, lead series 2-1

Never afraid to raise his fists, Dan Carcillo made his mark in the league as a puncher more than a postseason star. Derek Stepan, Martin St. Louis, Dan Girardi and Carcillo scored goals, leading the Rangers to a 4-1 win over the Philadelphia Flyers on Tue

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Luke Schenn scored the go-ahead goal in the second period, and backup Ray Emery made 31 saves for the Philadelphia Flyers, who rallied to beat the New York Rangers 4-2 on Sunday to even the first-round playoff series.