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If You Thought Harvard's Commie President Was Going To Be Fired, You Still Don't Get It

 In a real world of real consequences, Harvard's el Presidente, Claudine Gay, would have been sent to the showers for not condemning calls for the eradication of Jews on Harvard's hateful campus.

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The American Multimillionaire Marxists Funding Pro-Palestinian Rage

Neville Roy Singham and his wife Jodie Evans are China propagandists—and a primary source of the fury exploding on our streets.

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The Emerging Alliance Between America's Leading Socialist Organization and Teachers' Unions

Five years ago, the Democratic Socialists of America declared that infiltrating teachers' unions would be a prime way for socialists to boost the far-left movement's power and numbers. The "strategic" decision appears to be paying off, with unions across

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Use These Five Easy Tricks to Identify the Marxist in the Room

People are waking up to the Marxist onslaught facing our nation. If you still don’t see the pile of bolshie we are up against, I suggest you read this brilliant four-part series by Larry Alex Ta...

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Understanding Marxism: The Enemy of Being is Having

Capitalism is the source of all evil. If we can just get rid of the capitalist system, we can eliminate poverty, inequality, exploitation, class conflict,…

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With Just 1/3 of Voters 'Woke' Why Are We Taking a Knee to Totalitarianism?

A recent survey taken of one-thousand American voters revealed that under one-third of them consider themselves “woke.” This leads to the...

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High School English Teacher Downplays Holocaust

A North Carolina teacher’s lesson on slavery included a discussion question that downplayed the Holocaust and likened 19th-century Americans to Nazis.

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Teachers’ union adopts ‘Black Lives Matter at School’ resolution calling for ‘disrupting the … nuclear family’

New York City teachers have adopted the 13 principles of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Democrats in Congress Demand More Big Tech Censorship, Not Less

The hearings on social media censorship earlier this week saw Republican Senators, and some Democrat Senators, taking issue with Jack

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BAM: Trump Eviscerates the Noxious Marxism Behind the Riots and the 1619 Project

President Donald Trump announced a "1776 Commission" to counter the nefarious Marxist critical race theory behind the 1619 Project in schools.