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Of course there Is no Arab “Palestinian” People and there never was an Arab “Palestine.”

The dizzying repetition of that Big Lie for so many decades causes people who should know better to speak of a “Two-State Solution.” Op-ed.

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Lying Liars | PragerU

How many times can someone lie to you before you stop believing him? Popular podcaster Tim Pool applies this question to a source you might be trusting a…

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SHOCK VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Outs the Lies About January 6

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson was given access to more than 44,000 hours of video from the “deadly insurrection” of January 6, 2021. And after only “three weeks” of culling th...

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Deconstructing the Israeli Genocide Libel

Deconstructing the pernicious lie that Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians and its Arab citzens.

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New York Times Wins Award for Debunked Anti-Jewish Hit Piece

NYT's "news report" about Hasidic Yeshivas, was exposed to have been part of a political operation targeting the religious group.

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Elder Of Ziyon - No, Israeli rescuers didn't "steal" a megillah from Turkey

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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Just where on earth was 'Palestine'?

Exposing the media myth: Palestine - a land of authentic 'splendour' filled with indigenous Palestinians. Or was it? Have a read inside.

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Jews and the myth of greed

The evolution of the Jewish stereotype -from the Middle Ages to Joe Rogan, Ilhan Omar, Kanye, and more.

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Don’t Buy Into The Anti-Israel Movement’s Pack Of Lies

The gaggle descending on Los Angeles this month, with their desire to destroy and expel their “enemies,” must represent the past and not the future.

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First Came the Zionists, THEN Came the Palestinians...

The Palestinians like to tell everyone they lived in "Palestine" since dinosaur times then the bad Zionists came from Europe and displaced them. This is a ve...

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There Is No Such Thing As Palestinian Refugee Camps. It's a SCAM!

Biggest scam of the century. These cities full of settled Arabs are called refugee camps in order to get YOUR money. Find out how.Please like and subscribe. ...

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No! The Jews were not 'living happily' in Arab lands

Those that say Jews used to live in harmony in Arab lands are rewriting history and denying a brutal persecution that went on for centuries.

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Tom Friedman’s lies, damned lies and statistics

No, Tom, Biden ought to be told that the Jewish state isn’t “changing its fundamental character.

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Facts most Arabs and a hostile world would rather not admit

Jews were the indigenous inhabitants of the Land for millennia long before the Islam was created. There were always Jews in the Land. Op-ed.

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Israel War of Independence veterans protest 'defamatory' Netflix movie

Five ex-soldiers demand streaming service immediately remove film depicting them and their comrades killing Palestinian children and babies in cold blood

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Abortion Is Not a Jewish Sacrament

“Our Jewish brothers and sisters,” squad member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez explained during a recent rant, “are able to have an abortion according to their faith.” Many religions...

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Challenging the false anti-Israel narrative with facts

They demonise Jews for telling the truth while they spread fake narratives. This is our history. We must defend it or it will be stolen away.

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The ‘Jew-Free Zones’ at Berkeley story wasn’t ‘misinformation’

After leftists spent two months claiming outrage over groups vowing never to let Zionists speak on campus was overblown, the Department of Education is investigating.

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How academia omits facts to make Palestinians the perpetual victim

Opinion: Academics have personal opinions and agendas like the rest of us, but erasing evidence only because it contradicts researchers' political positions is wrong and misleading

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Is There Really a Climate Emergency?

The climate is the most complex system on Earth. Is it really possible to project with any precision what it will be like 20, 40, or even 100 years from now?…

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Toxic Femininity? Study Shows Schools Award Girls and Women Better Grades Regardless of Merit

Recent research has shone light on the current state of academia vis-à-vis “gender equality.” Unsurprisingly, it’s not looking up for the ungentler sex.

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Four Mass Shooting Truths to Shut Down Your Liberal Family Members at Thanksgiving Dinner

Let's talk about what the left doesn't want you to know about mass shootings, so you can dominate your commie relatives at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

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Thomas Friedman’s Latest Israel Column Is So Wrong It’s Funny

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman. Photo: Charles Haynes via Wikimedia Commons. So wrong it’s funny. That’s one way to …

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A New Israeli Film Purports to Expose the Story of a Massacre That Never Happened

Beginning this evening, the Manhattan Jewish Community Center is hosting its Other Israel film festival. Featured movies include Boycott, described as an “inspiring tale of everyday Americans” engaged in “legal battles that expose an attack on freedom of speech across 33 states in America”—namely, legislation that prevents states from doing business with entities that discriminate against and boycott Israel. Another film featured at the festival is about smugglers who help Palestinians evade Israeli soldiers, while a third film focuses on Mizraḥim who were “denied their right to a better life in Israel” by the Israeli government.

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An Inconvenient Truth: The Jewish People Never Left the Land of Israel

A general view shows the plaza of the Western Wall in Jerusalem, amid the coronavirus pandemic, May 6, 2020. Photo: …

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Seven times 'disinformation' turned out to be just the opposite

From Hunter Biden's laptop to the origins of COVID-19, numerous contentious claims deemed false and misleading by elites have since proven legitimate.

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‘The Myth Of American Income Inequality’: The Federal Government Drastically Overestimates Earnings Disparity, Study Says

The federal government drastically overestimates income inequality in the United States by failing to account for certain welfare programs and income taxes on the wealthiest earners, according to a study released on Tuesday by the Cato Institute.

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Is There Really a 'Glass Ceiling'?

Kim Kiyosaki is co-founder and CEO of The Rich Dad Company and a spirited advocate of financial education. In this episode of Real Talk, Kim and PragerU CEO…

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The Truth About Israel

Interestingly, VICE News shows concern for the civilians on only one side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Wouldn't a true humanitarian be equally worrie...

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SMART yet brutal thread on the ‘insanity of Pseudo-Science’ makes climate change and its believers look even MORE … insane

Gosh, climate change sure sounds like Pseudo-Science to us. But we’ll let you read this thread, dear reader, and decide for yourself. This is actually one of the most fascinating threads this…

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KJP Tells Us That Biden Has Created 'Ten Thousand Million Jobs'

Saying that she's an incompetent fool who doesn't belong in such a high-profile position in the White House would be racist, sexist, and homophobic of me.

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Here’s why the truth about Palestine is silenced

The ‘fixers’ on whom journalists rely know that their lives depend on not angering Hamas

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Ken Burns distorts FDR's policy on Jewish Refugees

Burns' claim that FDR took in more Jews during the Holocaust than other country is simply false. Is the rest of the movie the same? Op-ed.

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Elder Of Ziyon - When is a Brooklyn Tourist Not a Tourist? When He’s an Israeli Settler (Judean Rose)

A Jerusalem terror attack wounded 8, including tourists from Brooklyn. Local Arab media call the victims "settlers" to lend legitimacy to the attack.

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False and Malicious Catchphrases and Buzzwords in the Israeli-Palestinian Context

“The State of Palestine, illegal occupation, settler violence, and 1967 borders” are all misused and false terms. - False and Malicious Catchphrases and Buzzwords in the Israeli-Palestinian Context

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Biden Takes Credit For Hearing Aids Made Available Over The Counter. The Law That Made It Happen Was Signed Under Trump.

President Joe Biden touted news Tuesday that the Food and Drug Administration is making hearing aids available over the counter — a move begun through a law signed under former President Donald Trump’s administration.

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CBS reports breaking news about the Dems’ ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ (Shocker: ‘They waited to report this until after it passed’)

Imagine Biden/Dem approval if they didn't have so many water carriers in the media.

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FBI Trump raid exposes Washington's secrecy shams

“The Presidential Records Act is critical to our democracy, in which the government is held accountable by the people,” Archivist of the United States David Ferriero declared.

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Joe Biden rewrites Israel’s history

It’s no secret why Biden chooses to promote the falsehood that the Palestinian Arabs have “deep and ancient roots” in the land. Op-ed.

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Media and Select Committee Continue to Lie About Sicknick

Sandra Garza is something of a fixture at January 6 Select Committee hearings. Routinely described as the “life partner” of the late Brian Sicknick—even though…

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Palestinian lies - built upon Jewish blood

The Jerusalem Airport story is a microcosm of the conflict and the Palestinian propaganda war against the truth.

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The Israel Guys: Joe Biden LIED About Israel & Jerusalem

President Joe Biden visited the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Friday as one of his last stops in Israel before leaving for Saudi Arabia. I...

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Former Trump COVID Honcho Birx Admits to Deceiving the White House and Just Making Stuff up to Push Her Personal Agenda

The Trump administration didn't have a COVID response policy, an unelected bureaucrat did whatever the hell she wanted.

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AOC's Lie About Ectopic Pregnancies Could Get Woman Killed

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Lunatic) is lying about ectopic pregnancies and abortion, which could get women killed.

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Biden Claims He Never Said Anything Negative About John McCain. He Lied.

President Joe Biden claimed on Thursday that he “never said a negative thing” about the late Senator John McCain (R-AZ) — but a quick search of his comments during the 2008 presidential campaign alone reveals that Biden’s statement is not true.

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AGAIN: Joe Biden Falsely Claims That the United States Has a Lower Inflation Rate Than Most of the World

Joe Biden repeated a debunked lie about inflation during a press conference Thursday at a NATO summit in Spain. In response to a reporter's question…

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Ilhan Omar Tells 5 Whoppers About SCOTUS, Which Guy Benson Promptly Dissects

Don't you just love how Democrats shamelessly concoct lies out of whole cloth?

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DEBUNKED: Lies the Pro-Choice Movement Tells

Pro-abortion advocates are still lying and demonizing people of faith. They are not interested in what science says about the biology of the unborn child.

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Report Reveals Top Secret Service Agent’s Story Of What Happened Inside Car With Trump

Former President Donald Trump’s lead Secret Service agent is reportedly ready to testify that testimony given by a former White House staffer on Wednesday to the January 6 House select committee is false.

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Hillary Clinton's sordid legacy of lies

We have known since the Robert Mueller report in 2019 that the charge that Donald Trump colluded with Russia was fake news.

Politics | Media Watch

Will the Lies and Smears Ever Stop?

Without fail, when there’s a mass shooting, the mainstream media will collude with the Democratic Party to blame conservatives.
In 2019, a deranged man named Brenton Tarrant shot and killed 50 people...

Politics | Media Watch

The Media's Big Lie About the 'Great Replacement Theory' and Conservatism

This week, a racist mass shooter massacred 10 people and wounded three others at a Buffalo, New York, supermarket. The shooter was a white supremacist; his hate-filled 180-page screed about why he had...

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Biden Lied About Mass Shooting in Dallas, Falsely Attributing It to 'White Supremacy'

Biden did that while speaking to the families of the Buffalo mass shooting victims...

News | Abortion

Tell the Truth about Abortion | PragerU

Fireside Chat revisits 2019 with an especially relevant episode about abortion. Dennis responds to the most common pro-abortion arguments to help equip…

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Media Working Hard with Amber Heard's PR Team to Keep the #BelieveWomen Narrative Going

#MeToo activist and “Magic Mike XXL” actress Amber Heard, who is being sued for defamation by Johnny Depp, fired her PR team last Friday because the headlines were just too devastating to...

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Biden's Disinformation Chief: Non-Binary People Can Give Birth

The woman Biden chose to be the government-sanctioned arbiter of truth believes "there are many non-binary people who give birth."

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‘In Other Words, It Was Made Up’: Jim Jordan Rips Trump/Russia Conspiracy After Latest Durham Filing

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan (R) blasted the Trump/Russia collusion narrative after a Friday court filing by special counsel John Durham suggested that key evidence supporting the conspiracy was implausible.

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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is ‘horrified and outraged’ by the anti-LGBTQIA+ legislation just signed into law in Florida

Gov. Kate Brown assures us that sexuality is in the curriculum starting in kindergarten in Oregon.

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NewsGuard Ultimate Fake News Humiliation: ‘Fact-Checking’ Org’s Co-Founder Called Hunter Biden’s Laptop a ‘Hoax’

NewsGuard, the establishment “news-rating” project that presents itself as a source of expert knowledge on which news sources can be trusted and which ones cannot, defended its track record on the Hunter Biden laptop story in comments to Breitbart News, d

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New Book '12 Seconds in the Dark' Destroys False, Breonna Taylor Narrative

'12 Seconds in the Dark' paints a clear picture and presents a rock solid case that blows up the myth created about Breonna Taylor's death.

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The Truth About 'Don't Say Gay': How the Left Is Sexualizing Children

The left is lying about a bill that will prevent them from sexualizing kids in classrooms. Here’s why.

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As threat of nuclear war looms, how Democrats spin a crisis

No wonder Putin regards the West as so weak that he could stroll into Ukraine with impunity. The fact he met such fierce resistance is due to the courage of the Ukrainians, not fear of the West.

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Biden blames Jan. 6 for Putin's invasion other whoppers of the Ukraine war

Diary of disturbing disinformation and dangerous delusions

This claim:

“Vladimir Putin was counting on being able to split up the United States. Look,...

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VIDEO: Exposing the Media’s Big Lie About Elections

For the past year, journalists have dishonestly claimed that the fight over election reform in Congress is a struggle over “voting rights.” Specifically, they allege that Republicans have been trying to rescind the right to vote from some portion of the e

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Democrats Begin Pushing a Major Elections Lie

After a year of appropriating Joseph Goebbels's "Big Lie" language, they do this?

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California’s Riverside School District Lies About Teaching Critical Race Theory

Leadership at Riverside Unified School District claimed that CRT was not taught in the district despite hiring a firm to push the theory.

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AOC Says She Represents As Many People As Manchin. Not Even Close.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) may have graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in both international relations and economics, but numbers apparently aren’t her strong suit.

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Atlas: The Nation’s ‘Top Scientists’ Lied About COVID And Got Away With It

After watching this debacle on TV, I knew full well what was coming later that day. The media would latch on to this and create even more public panic.

Politics | Media Watch

Retract Every Russian Collusion Story and Fire Everyone Who Wrote Them › American Greatness

As the Democratic National Convention descended into chaos in July 2016, Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch, co-founders of Fusion GPS, high-tailed it from…

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WaPo Op-Ed: 'Democrats Are Lying About Critical Race Theory'

The Washington Post published an opinion article on Tuesday titled "Democrats Are Lying About Critical Race Theory."

Science & Technology | Science & Technology

Six Facts the Left Doesn't Want You To Know About Climate Change

President Biden implores us that climate change is an “existential threat” to humanity. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry preaches to us that “[t]he climate crisis as

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

The Sheikh Jarrah property dispute and the false claim of Israeli land discrimination

The claim that Israeli law permits Jews to reclaim ownership of lands they owned prior to 1948 but denies Palestinians such a right is false in every particular.