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While there was some brutality in the Western Hemisphere, we never considered women to be property, fought wars over religion & converting others, or shunned...

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FRAUD: Native Americans Were Bribed With Gas Cards, Vacations To Vote Biden – Soros Money Involved

As if illegally programmed voting machines, ballot tampering, and corrupt election officials weren’t enough to steal an election for the

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How The Navajo Nation Helped Flip Arizona For Democrats

Support from Navajo voters may have been what pushed the Grand Canyon State to support its first Democratic presidential candidate since Bill Clinton in 1996.

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97% of the Navajo Nation voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They were not alone. Here is why. Native Strength is the Native American centuries-old traditi...

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I have personally experienced a bit of prejudice in my day. Native Strength is the Native American centuries-old traditional path to happiness, harmony, heal...

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Some statues belong in museums so people can learn the horrors of the past in order not to repeat them. They do NOT belong in places of honor. Native Strengt...

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Native American son of Redskins logo designer says it's not offensive, calls the change 'hard'

The son of the creator of the Redskins logo says he doesn't believe it is offensive, he sees it as evoking a sense of pride.

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The first vice president of color was a Republican elected over 90 years ago

Joe Biden's pledge to choose a woman as his running mate, and his consideration of several black female officeholders for the role, has spurred considerable chatter about diversity in the nation's second-highest office.

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Land O Lakes Bows to Political Correctness, Scrubs Indian Maiden

The latest victim of political correctness is the Indian maiden from the Land O Lakes packaging. There is no evidence the maiden offended Native Americans but there is reason to believe she almost certainly did not.

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You Know Who Else Colonized 'Indigenous Peoples'? Native Americans

The 'settler' argument exacerbates racial tensions by projecting a historical narrative that white persons are always aggressors, never victims.

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Elizabeth Warren should apologize to Native Americans (Opinion) - CNN.com

Elizabeth Warren should show she is a real friend to the Native American community by calling Donald Trump out on his rhetoric, writes Simon Moya-Smith.

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Where Our Soul Goes When We Dream, According To Native Americans

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Columbus Day Is Now Indigenous People’s Day in Seattle And Minneapolis

Some cities seek to change the second Monday in October to a more politically correct, inclusive holiday

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This Powerful Anti-Redskins Ad Will Play During the NBA Finals

The California tribe Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation paid to run the minute-long commercial during the NBA Finals