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How NGOs Fabricate the Legal Definition of Apartheid to Attack Israel

Salo Aizenberg is the author of Amnesty International’s Cruel Assault on Israel: Systematic Lies, Errors, Omissions, and Double Standards (2022) and A Threshold Crossed: Documenting HRW's 'Apartheid...

Politics | "Apartheid" State?

Amnesty’s “Apartheid” Video: 15 Lies in 15 Minutes

Amnesty International repeatedly lies and distorts to sell its slur that Israel is guilty of 'apartheid.'  If Amnesty had a good case, why would

Politics | "Apartheid" State?

Elder Of Ziyon - More "Apartheid:" Israel helps free Israeli Arab anti-Zionist activist from UAE prison

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

Politics | "Apartheid" State?

Apartheid slander is latest verbal weapon against Israel

Two reports, one by Amnesty International and the other by Human Rights Watch add to the slander accusing Israel of apartheid.

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The myth of Israeli oppression

  While so-called “progressives” and biased media in the United States level a relentless stream of accusations against Israel, these

Politics | "Apartheid" State?

The history of apartheid proves Israel is not an apartheid state

The apartheid defamation is another example of antisemitic demonization.

Politics | "Apartheid" State?

Anti-Zionists advocate a global apartheid

Those who accuse Israel of apartheid want to make the Jews second-class citizens of the world.

Politics | "Apartheid" State?

The truth behind the anti-Israel 'Apartheid' smear

The Apartheid smear was not created to bring peace. Nor is it about human rights. It was explicitly created to deny Israel the right to exist

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We Must Put an End To Palestinian Apartheid

In Israel, the world's only Jewish state, the rule of law treats all as equals.

Politics | "Apartheid" State?

Israel: Where's the apartheid?

In Jerusalem, I was surprised to see a Muslim man praying in Machane Yehuda market. How could Amnesty International accuse Israel of apartheid?

Politics | "Apartheid" State?

Amnesty International’s Problematic Israel Report: Calling Israel an apartheid state is not legally accurate, but it’s strategically useful for Israel’s enemies.

The term “apartheid” evokes horrific images from nearly half a century of South African oppression. Given how charged a word it is, it’s imperative that those applying it to other contexts substantiate the allegation with solid evidence. A recent report from Amnesty International fails in that regard.

Politics | "Apartheid" State?

There’s no apartheid in the West Bank

The policies that Israel has enacted in the West Bank are not apartheid and this charge is being used to delegitimize Israel.

Politics | "Apartheid" State?

'Apartheid' Myth: The Improper Use of False and Misleading Claims Regarding Israel

Anti-Israel activists throughout the world are spearheading a full-blown assault on the Jewish state by disseminating outright lies.

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The Arab Apartheid No One Talks About

"Not all of the professions will be opened to Palestinians under the new decree...." — L'Orient Today, December 8, 2021. Palestinian refugees in Lebanon "are socially marginalized, have very limited civil, social, political and economic rights, including

Politics | "Apartheid" State?

The Baseless Charge that Israel Is an Apartheid State, Again

Advocates of the Israel-apartheid libel hope that their campaign will lead to Israel's eventual replacement with a Palestinian Islamic entity. - The Baseless Charge that Israel Is an Apartheid State, Again

Politics | "Apartheid" State?

No, Israel Is Not an Apartheid State

As Hamas rains rockets down on Israel, members of the Squad in Congress and other left-wing enemies are using the occasion to amplify their accusation that Israel is an “apartheid state.”

Politics | "Apartheid" State?

Israel Is Not An Apartheid State

HRW’s exploitation of the apartheid image in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a cynical appropriation of the suffering of the victims of the actual apartheid regime.

Politics | "Apartheid" State?

‘Our History Has Been Stolen From Us’: How South African Community Organizer Clive Mashishi Confronts Antisemitism, Holocaust Denial and Hatred of Israel

South African community organizer and Israel advocate Clive Mashishi. Photo: Cuerius Mosala. “Our history has been stolen from us,” Clive …

Politics | "Apartheid" State?

No one seems to criticize the Palestinian one-staters as “apartheid”

Yesterday’s “Day of Rage” demonstrations were ostensibly against Israel’s plans to “annex” parts of Judea and Samaria. The chants, however, told a different story: the message was to destroy Israel and replace it with a Palestinian state.

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Do Arab Israelis Really Suffer From Apartheid? | HonestReporting

The claims of “apartheid” regarding Arab Israelis often heard in college campuses and parliaments around the world ignore just one point – the facts. The 

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Video: Is Israel an Apartheid State? | HonestReporting

College campuses and other organizations all over the world promote an annual “Israel Apartheid Week". They say they work to raise awareness of Israel’s

Politics | "Apartheid" State?

I’m a Jew of Color and Accusing Israel of ‘Genocide’ Disgusts Me - Opinion – Forward.com

The Movement for Black Lives is erasing the experience of Jews of color and the whole Jewish people’s connection to Israel, Philip Mehdipour argues.

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A Black South African on Israel and Apartheid - Prager University

Is Israel an apartheid state, as its enemies claim? Who better to answer that charge than a Black South African who lived through apartheid? Kenneth Meshoe, a member of the South African parliament, fits that bill. He examines the evidence against Israel