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Elder Of Ziyon - Amnesty calls for the destruction of Israel on Nakba Day (update)

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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Amnesty’s “Apartheid” Video: 15 Lies in 15 Minutes

Amnesty International repeatedly lies and distorts to sell its slur that Israel is guilty of 'apartheid.'  If Amnesty had a good case, why would

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When ‘Fact-Finders’ Don’t Care About Facts: A Case Study on Amnesty International

Last week saw the leak of an internal report that was sharply critical of Amnesty International’s conduct and conclusions related to an August 2022 press release, which claimed that Ukrainian forces were illegally endangering civilians. For those who foll

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Apartheid slander is latest verbal weapon against Israel

Two reports, one by Amnesty International and the other by Human Rights Watch add to the slander accusing Israel of apartheid.

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Amnesty International’s Orwellian Turn

Its new report on Ukraine exposes how the group has subordinated human rights to its leaders’ leftist politics.

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Amnesty International’s Campaign to Destroy Israel

In March, the human-rights organization Amnesty International engineered a publicity stunt. It wasn’t aimed at condemning Vladimir Putin’s Russia, which

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Behind the Scenes of Amnesty International’s Report on Israel

I wish to address the report itself, particularly at the methodological level.

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Debunking Lies: Amnesty USA Director Paul O’Brien’s remarks to the Woman’s National Democratic Club

In response to claims from O'Brien regarding Jewish Insider’s reporting, JI is publishing the audio of his remarks and excerpted transcripts.

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Amnesty International is no longer a human-rights group, it’s just another ‘progressive’ lobby

If you had any doubts that Amnesty International opposes the very existence of Israel, its executive director just made it crystal-clear: Addressing the...

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Amnesty International admits - it wants the destruction of Israel

The bottom line is this. Amnesty seeks the destruction of Israel. They want a world without an independent state for the Jewish people.

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On Amnesty’s car-crash interview in Israel

When the two most senior Amnesty officials presented their new report in Israel they struggled to answer the most basic questions. Their responses, writes Shany Mor, were ‘a mix of exasperation, ign...

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Amnesty International’s Problematic Israel Report: Calling Israel an apartheid state is not legally accurate, but it’s strategically useful for Israel’s enemies.

The term “apartheid” evokes horrific images from nearly half a century of South African oppression. Given how charged a word it is, it’s imperative that those applying it to other contexts substantiate the allegation with solid evidence. A recent report from Amnesty International fails in that regard.

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Learn the facts: Countering the sham Amnesty Report with truth

Spencer’s, The Palestinian Delusion: The Catastrophic History of the ME Peace Process counters the sham Amnesty Report with truth. Op-ed.

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Left-wing Israeli groups make up 77% of references in Amnesty report

  The prevailing majority of sources in Amnesty International's anti-Israel report came from left-wing organizations, a report published this week

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Where are the real journalists? 15 questions for Amnesty

Where are the real journalists? Here are fifteen questions for Amnesty International that I would ask. Why is almost nobody else asking them?

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The Anti-Defamation League and Amnesty International

The Anti-Defamation League, which has an annual budget of around $100 million, is supposed to be the leading Jewish organization in the Diaspora in the fight against Jew-hatred. But Amnesty's declaration of war against the Jewish state placed the ADL in a

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Amnesty's 'apartheid Israel' calumny

The allegation is unjustified and malicious -- deeply harmful to Israel for those who take it at face value; damaging to Amnesty's credibility for those who know better

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Amnesty International’s Big Lie about Israel | CAMERA

Amnesty International has a long history of leveling maliciously false charges against Israel, and its leader Agnès Callamard had to apologize after her bizarre

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ACT NOW! Don’t Let Amnesty Bully Companies into Boycotting Jewish Towns in Judea and Samaria!

Amnesty is urging international travel and tourism companies to boycott Israeli towns in Judea and Samaria. This must be stopped!

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‘Antisemitic’ Amnesty International Campaign Targets Historic Jewish Sites in Israel, Watchdog Says

Jews praying at the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem. Photo: Noam Revkin-Fenton / Flash90. Human rights group …

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Latest Amnesty International report shows ignorance, bias and excuses Hamas war crimes

It is clear that Amnesty is more interested in damning Israel with war crimes charges than with the truth.