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From Jew vilification to the delegitimization of Israel

Why do so many people dislike the Jewish state? Is it because we Israelis are a bit loud on planes? Is it the genuine challenge to find an Israeli who doesn't cut in line? What is the correct answer?

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Make Yourself Heard! 5 Tips For Getting Your Letter to the Editor Published | HonestReporting

With some newspapers receiving dozens and even hundreds of letters to the editor each day, you face severe competition in having your letter published.

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The British soldier who won't stop defending Israel

Colonel Richard Kemp explains how he came to be one of the UK’s most strident advocates of the IDF

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The Five Commandments of Successful Israel Advocacy | HonestReporting

Guest Post by Dr. Michael Harris It often happens in the middle of an otherwise pleasant day -- you’re shopping, or walking across a college campus-- and

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ACT NOW! Don’t Let Amnesty Bully Companies into Boycotting Jewish Towns in Judea and Samaria!

Amnesty is urging international travel and tourism companies to boycott Israeli towns in Judea and Samaria. This must be stopped!

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Liberals' Anti-Semitism Problem Isn't Going Away

There are three questions that can best gauge whether people are being critical of Israel's policies or critical of the existence of the Jewish state.

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Bashing Israel Is Big (State-Sponsored) Business | Daily Wire

A recent report by NGO Monitor revealed that between 2012 and 2016, 39 Israeli non-governmental organizations (NGOs) received NIS 515.8 million ($142.6 milli

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NO HOLDS BARRED: The apotheosis of Sheldon Adelson

Where have we seen one of the foremost contributors to politics in the world dedicate his influence to the interests of his people over and above any personal consideration?