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Americans Could Be Limited to Two Beers a Week

 Dr. George Koob, who is apparently the Biden Administration's alcohol czar (why the hell is there such a thing as an alcohol czar?) plans to issue strict new alcohol-intake guidelines limiting Americans to two beers a week. Good luck with that.

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Watch Charles Barkley’s expletive-filled message to ‘rednecks’ who boycott Bud Light

Former Auburn star had strong message for those protesting Bud Light.

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Kid Rock went wild with his rifle and shot up a few cartons of Bud Light, but somehow decided not to take the beer out of his bar: report

"It is not clear if the ban had been lifted or if there ever had been one to begin with," said CNN's Ryan Young on Tuesday.

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Help! Boycotting Bud Light Has Made Me Question My Sexuality Even More

I have been a loyal Bud Light drinker since the 8th grade and let me tell you, this loyal customer is NOT happy. I’m sick and tired of these companies turning their backs on traditional values. Values like getting hammered at Hooters and screaming at my

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The Way to Sell Beer - Pabst and Wade Boggs Show Bud Light How It’s Done in New Ad Campaign

Bud Light can learn there’s a way to reach a beer-drinking audience without resorting to politics and social activism.

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Budweiser Factory​ In Van Nuys Targeted With Bomb Threat

One Source tells Patch that Anheuser-Busch factories across the nation came under threat Thursday.

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Come on out for some fun and support a good cause.

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Conservatives Explain Why They’re Boycotting Budweiser

Following the backlash to Anheuser-Busch partnering with trans woman Dylan Mulvaney, The Onion asked conservatives to explain why they’re boycotting Budweiser and this is what they said.

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Kid Rock's Bud Light Tantrum Is Beyond Parody

Short answer: it's a sad, pathetic attempt to be relevant again.

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Tour My Bike Quiver: Peter Stetina

This pro racer provides a glimpse into his well-stocked garage, from what he uses to compete to his top choice for a beer run.

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Beer Cocktails You Should Be Making At Home - Mashed

Cocktails are mostly associated with hard liquor bases, but anyone who has had a cocktail made with beer will tell you that a beertail is the way to go. From well known favorites to a few newcomers, these are the beer cocktails worthy of drinking right no

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The failed Disneyland Park successor that beer helped kill

St. Louis wanted Disney for its downtown project Riverfront Square. What they got was a mess.

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San Diego Brewers Guild turns 25: A quarter century of craft unity

In honor of the San Diego Brewers Guild’s milestone anniversary, we take a look at the history of creativity and collaboration in the local beer community

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Rouleur Brewing Company | Brewing company, Brewing, Recipes

Dec 13, 2021 - Craft brewery with tasting room specializing in hybrid beer styles in Carlsbad, CA.

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The History Of Beer

Sign up for an annual Curiositystream subscription with 26% off and you'll also get free access to Nebula (a new streaming platform I'm helping to build alon...

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Old Style: The Chicago Beer That Isn’t – Chicago Magazine

It hails from the Wisconsin-Minnesota border, but good marketing made it the second city's first choice.

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These Scenic Microbreweries Offer Killer Craft Beers With a View

There’s more to marvel at than stainless steel vats at these scenic microbreweries, which offer big flavors and bold settings.

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Beer Recipe For Beginners: Chocolate Porter Beer Recipe

If you are just starting out at home brewing or if you are just a big fan of a nice English-style Porter beer, you have to try out this great Chocolate Porter beer recipe. It is a great beer recipe for beginners.

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Complete Guide To All Grain Brewing (Little Equipment or Experience Needed)

Before we begin I want to make a few things clear about what will be covered in this post just so you know what you’re getting into here: This is a post aimed primarily at beginners and people that have never brewed before. It is also good for people th

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Mujeres Brew Club

The Mujeres Brew House Mission is to Educate and Empower those who love Craft Beer! Shop for our latest merch, reserve and keep up with upcoming events, and learn about our Brew House and the industry of craft beer.

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Oktoberfest/Märzen BIAB Recipe (2.5 gallon) - Mr. Small Batch Brewer

Enjoy your own homebrewed example of an Oktoberfest or Märzen this year! In this post, I'll outline my Oktoberfest/Märzen BIAB recipe.

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5 Summer Beer Styles That Taste Better Outdoors - Wine Making and Beer Brewing Blog | Adventures in Homebrewing

When asked what are some good summer beer styles for drinking outdoors, I’m inclined to say, “the one in your hand.” But some beer styles lend themselves to drinking in the summer some more than other, and likewise, there are … Continue readi

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Burton Ale BIAB Recipe - Mr. Small Batch Brewer

The grand Burton Ale, a wonderful style that has lost popularity recently. In this article, I'll discuss my delicious Burton Ale BIAB recipe!

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Porter vs. Stout: What’s the Difference? Beer Sessions

Can you tell whether this photo is of a porter or a stout? We can’t! These are both dark beers with a similar range of malty, roasted, and bittersweet flavors. They also both have a reputation for being fairly heavy and for making us feel quite toasty w

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Fuller’s London Porter Clone Recipe (All-Grain and Extract)

Try out this Fuller's London Porter Clone Recipe. There's both an extract and all-grain version of the recipe. Find more clone recipe at E. C. Kraus.

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Jackie O’s Oil of Aphrodite Imperial Walnut Stout Recipe

Belgian candi syrup and PNW hops provide a sweet, rich springboard for the deep nuttiness of local black walnuts in this imperial stout.

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Gravel + Beer + Foliage = SHREDXVT (Gravel Bikepacking Vermont with Ted King)

During the fall of 2019, Ansel Dickey and Ted King happened to have a couple free days on their calendar. They had both been optimistically planning a beer-c...

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13 U.S. Destinations That Are Secretly Hiding Incredible Beer Scenes

These surprising spots would be worth a visit even if they weren't drowning in excellent ales.

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These 7 Earth-size exoplanets named after beer may be incredibly similar

Just 40 light-years from Earth is the TRAPPIST-1 planetary system, which includes seven rocky Earth-size planets closely orbiting a dwarf star. Unlike in our solar system, these planets all have a similar density and may have the same composition.

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Good People Drink Good Beer | Singletrack Magazine

Have you ever noticed how good people drink good beer. And shitty people do shitty things? Take a look around you, it's true.

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Copper Kettle Mexican Chocolate Stout Recipe

This award-winning rich black ale with dark roasted malt flavors is blended with bittersweet chocolate, a blend of three Mexican chile peppers, and cinnamon.

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Easy Irish Stout

Irish stout is easy to brew and perfect for any weather.

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How to Make Beer at Home DIY Projects Craft Ideas & How To’s for Home Decor with Videos

How to make beer, including beer recipes, brewing, and different ways to homebrew. Make the beer you're drinking at home the best beer of them all!

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Sand Creek Brewing Co.'s Oscar's Chocolate Oatmeal Stout clone - Brew Your Own

Oscar’s Chocolate Oatmeal Stout clone Sand Creek Brewing Company, Wisconsin (5 gallons/19 L, partial mash) OG = 1.056  FG = 1.020 IBU = 30  SRM = 20  ABV = 4.75% Ingredients 6.6 lbs. (3.0 kg)

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A 93-year-old woman got a massive Coors Light delivery after a viral plea for more beer

Singing the folk song "99 Bottles of Beer" might be how some people are passing the time during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Wahoo Frontiers Episode 2: Peter Stetina

Riding is fun. Racing should be fun. But it’s hard to remember that when focusing on wins and watts, podiums and purses. It becomes exhausting. So there’s a ...

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We Ranked the Top Beers in All 50 States!

We tell you the best craft beers from each of the 50 states. Here's everything you have to try, no matter where you live.

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Economists use beer to explain how socialism affects societies | Fox Business

In a political environment where the word "socialism" is thrown around often, two economists decided to see the real-world examples out there by using one common denominator: Beer.

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Drink Issue

San Diego CityBeat's special issue focusing on the craft beer and cocktail scene in the city.

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Under the influencer

They’re hard to miss—@isbeeracarb, with her candy-colored hair and ornate septum ring, rocks tattoos from head to toe. Then there’s @thegirlwithbeer, who sports impeccably manicured eyebrows and thick, chestnut-colored hair.

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Bottoms Up: Israeli Scientists Brew Beer With 'Resurrected' Yeast From 5,000 Years Ago | Technology News

A team of microbiologists, archeologists, and beer experts made a beer with ancient yeast dating back to the time of the Pharaohs. | NoCamels

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Stone Brewing Crushes MillerCoors In Trademark Suit - YEW!

Courts confirm Keystone (by MillerCoors) is infringing on Stone Brewing's trademark rights, deserving of “strong protection.”

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These Are the Biggest Craft Breweries in the U.S. - Thrillist

It's no secret that the US has been in the midst of a significant craft beer boom. It's put big beer on the defensive, buying craft brewe...

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Reckless Brewing owner announces closure | West Coaster San Diego Beer News

Earlier this week, Reckless Brewing owner Dave Hyndman composed a post on his company’s Facebook page promoting the renaming of his black lager to Black Lagers Matter. That post leaned on a series of African-American stereotypes, racist themes a

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A real local pub in La Mesa

Sometime in my early 30s, I realized that I’d evolved from someone who would always pound a shot at last call to someone who rarely made it past happy hour and was asleep by 10 p.m. (even on weekends!).

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Fourpenny House: Food, Beer, and Spirits. 8323 La Mesa Blvd.

Fourpenny House specializes in bread, beer, and spirits. Our rotating seasonal menu features fresh ingredients at the prime of their flavor.

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Florida brewery unveils six-pack rings that feed sea turtles rather than kill them

Florida brewery unveils alternative to plastic rings that harm marine life.

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Watch Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl Fall Off Stage After Chugging a Beer

Guitarist took mid-song tumble during recent Las Vegas gig, recovered without missing a beat

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FROM INSIDE PELOTON: Eyes Open in Los Angeles - Peloton Magazine

6 hours, 5 stops, 27 miles Take the day off. There’s a whole world out there, which we generally miss every week on our lunch rides. More focused on getting in an hour-and-a-half of riding in at lunch, climbing our way back and forth between Strava segm

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These 9 Delicious Stout Beers Will Keep You Warm This Winter

Added bonus: Dark beer contains more good-for-you antioxidants than the lighter stuff.

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SLUG Magazine | Salt Lake UnderGround Magazine

SLC underground publication covering shows, music reviews, local culture, and the Utah skate and snow scene.

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Road Bike Practice.

We're pretty good at road bikes, Ornot.

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This Unique Craft Brewery In Illinois Is The Best In America

Discover the full history behind Illinois' largest craft brewery. Revolution Brewing in Chicago makes award-winning beer you have to try.

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The Death Ride

"There's a point in time when it comes down to personal grit."

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4 Ingredient Beer Can Queso

This 4 INGREDIENT BEER CAN QUESO is our absolute favorite EASY cheese dip! Made with just beer, shredded cheese, cream cheese, and spicy diced tomatoes! Game Day chips and dip here we come.

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Lost and Found Gravel Grinder

Lost and Found Gravel Grinder and Bike Ride in the North Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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Budweiser's new beer is based on George Washington's handwritten recipe

Budweiser's newest beer, Freedom Reserve Red Lager, out this month, is inspired by a handwritten recipe in George Washington’s military journal. This is the latest marketing move by Budweiser to tap into historical notes for its beers.

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In Charleston, Beer Gets Its Own Neighborhood

On tap in the city’s Brewery District: stouts, I.P.A.s, stewed oxtails, collard pizza — and a skatepark.

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Is Guinness really 'good for you'? - CNN

Guinness, like other Irish stouts, enjoys a seasonal popularity every St. Patrick's Day. It has also been touted as "good for you," at least by its own advertising posters.

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Mosaic Multi-Grain IPA :: Brewing Recipe

A beer with a little of everything, I created this recipe with a variety of grains and only mosaic hops. Here's how you can make your own "Mosaic IPA".

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11 of Our Favorite Holiday Beers

Why yes, tidings of comfort and joy can come in bottle form

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Anheuser-Busch Stopped Making Beer To Send Drinking Water To Hurricane Harvey Victims

More than 50,000 cans of water have made it to flood-damaged communities.

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The L.A. Beer & Food Festival!

With samples from over 40 independently-owned brewers from around Los Angeles County — they're representing over 100 beers — this may well be the best beer event in L.A. Among the brewers represented at the event are Angel City Brewery, Arts Dist

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This Culver City restaurant has a nine-page beer list

At the Cannibal — the meat-centered New York import anchoring Culver City’s Platform retail and restaurant development — beer is given as much consideration as the sustainably farmed and heritage meats on the menu. 

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From Test Tube to Tavern: London Craft Brewery Uses DNA Testing to Create Bespoke Beer | Mental Floss

Customers pay nearly $31,000 to create a beer that appeals to their individual flavor profile.

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Music Subscription Service Pairs Craft Beer With Vinyl

Hurd offers monthly record releases along with four independently-made brews.

Music | Vinyl Records!

Beer is the New Vinyl: Boston-Based Band Releases Album on a Beer Can

Forget vinyl — a Boston-based sci-fi–inspired band has released its latest album on metal, via beer can.

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In Rwanda, Craft Beer Opens the Door to Female Empowerment

The country’s first microbrewery will be female owned and operated.

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The Smithsonian Is Currently In Search Of A Beer Drinking Traveler And It Pays $64,000 Annualy

If you've ever said to yourself, "Can't I just have a beer and tour the country and someone pay me for it?" Well, we have really, really good news for you! This job actually exists and The Smithsonian is currently hiring and we have a link to th

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7 Step DIY To Make A Wifi Booster Using Just A Beer Can

So you often need to rely on smart hacks to strengthen the wi-fi signal.

Science & Technology | Technology

This app is like Shazam for your beer

Your next mystery bottle could either be sinfully good or horribly awry. Don’t you wish someone had told you before you opened it?

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Alcohol to blame for Australians funny accents: expert | New York Post

Aussies with funny accents should blame it on the Foster’s, says a Melbourne-based language expert. Dean Frenkel, of Victoria University, believes the quirky Australian dialect stems from early settlers’ booze-filled conversations. “The Australian a

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Israeli Microbreweries Haven for Innovation in Trendy Field - Israel News

With 53 microbreweries established in the past decade, the fast-growing trend of boutique breweries creating small batches of craft beers is currently exploding on the Israeli scene.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israelis Invent Gluten-Free Hummus Beer | The Times of Israel

Chickpeas, the basis of one of Israel's quintessential foods, is now a main ingredient in a cold brew to go with that falafel

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Duvel Tripel Hop

Welcome to the official Duvel website, the place to learn more about this Belgian golden blond special beer.

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MLB Beer Prices from Cheapest to Steepest

For those planning on attending a Major League Baseball game this year, PointAfter put together a list of MLB beer prices from cheapest to most expensive.

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America's 10 Best Brewery Tours!

This St. Patrick's Day, the focus might be on the quantity of beer imbibed versus the quality. But with upward of 3,000 craft breweries now brewing in the US, there's no shortage of places to go to get a behind-the-scenes look and sample something sp...

Food & Drink | Chicago Food & Drink

Chicago Craft Beer Map

The Chicago Craft Beer Map helps you find the breweries, brewpubs, beer bars, tap rooms and bottle shops that make Illinois the beer destination that it is.

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The Best New Breweries in America - Best American Breweries 2014

2014 was one of the biggest years in American beer history. Breweries opened at a rate of 1.5 per day and over 4,500 licenses were issued. As of last June, over 3,000 breweries were operating in the US, which means we have the most options for top-quality American brews for the first time since...

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This beer tells you how much to drink to boost your creativity

When you've been stuck on a problem or that creative spark just won't come, the chances are you've turned to a cup of coffee to get things moving. A quic

Food & Drink | Food & Stuff

Thanksgiving Beer and Wine Pairing Guide

We've enlisted a beer pro and a certified sommelier to come up with the best wine and beer pairings for your Thanksgiving feast.

Food & Drink | Chicago Food & Drink

12 Midwest craft beers to drink on Thanksgiving

Not sure what craft beer to pair with turkey, mashed potatoes or pumpkin pie? We asked beverage directors and bartenders to help.

Food & Drink | Chicago Food & Drink

14 breweries to fill up a beer growler in Chicago

Skip the six-pack and fill up a growler with local beer at these area breweries. Then, take it to a party or BYOB restaurant.

Food & Drink | The Cocktail Hour

Perfect beer for every NBA team!

The new NBA season is underway! And with the NBA's mandatory policy of a foul being called every 15 seconds, you'll have plenty of time during the game to get up and grab another beer. But which beer?

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A truck with 44,000 pounds of Miller High Life beer is stolen and one man breaks down in tears | EpicTimes

A semi driver whose truck and cargo of 44,000 pounds of Miller High Life beer were stolen broke down in tears while telling how he was robbed and left stranded in Orlando, Florida. While a lot of guys might be crying over the stolen beer, you have t

Food & Drink | Chicago Food & Drink

5 New Chicago Breweries You Need To Try Right Now!

Chicago is in the midst of a beer renaissance -- a beerenaissance, if you will (Editor's Note: You will.) -- here's how to be a…

Food & Drink | Chicago Food & Drink

In Chicago, a Tasting Tour of Barrel-Aged Beer

The city is a bastion of craft brews that gain character from time spent in bourbon barrels.

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Hop To: 11 Top Breweries for Your Worldwide Boozy Bucket List | Cheapflights

"Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit and promotes health." Wise words from former U.S. President Thomas Jefferson, and three perfectly good reasons to drink beer. We're wondering: Did he ever make it to Oktoberfest?

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ManMade Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Make Awesome Beer Cocktails

Our love for beer is sincere and it grows stronger every year (and so does our beer belly, but it's so worth it.) Like whiskey or quality tequila, it can...

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7 wines guys might like even as much as beer - Guyism

Beer is cool as hell – we all know that. But wine is pretty cool too. In fact, here are 7 wines guys might like even as much as beer.

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The U.S. Craft Beer Market Is Way Overcrowded - Bon Appétit

With 3,000+ craft breweries now operating in America, it's tough for makers to stand out in the crowd—and for consumers to decide what craft beer to drink

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The U.S. hasn't had this many breweries in operation since 1870

For the first time in two centuries, the number of American breweries has finally reached pre-Civil War levels. There are 3,040 breweries currently churning out beer in the U.S. The last time we saw this many breweries, the transcontinental railroad had j

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Self-serve beer stations flow at Target Field

Self-serve beer stations are up and running in Target Field, so Minnesota Twins fans and those who attend the Major League Baseball All-Star festivities next week can decide what they want and even how much they want of it.

Business & Finance | Business

Would You Pay $1,000 Once to Get Free Beer for Life?

A brewpub and a coffee shop in Minnesota's Twin Cities have used this one-time payment method to save their businesses. And there's no reason to think the model can't spread.

Food & Drink | The Cocktail Hour

If you want to ruin the taste of beer, pour it into a cold glass

Put the freezer-burned mug down and step away from the beer.

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America's taste in beer, in five maps

There is an unmistakable geography to beer preferences in America.