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The Complete Bulletproof Guide to Gluten and Grains

Despite what you likely grew up hearing, grains are not the nutritional staple they’re claimed to be. Here's a breakdown of grains, gluten, and more.

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What’s a Low FODMAP Diet for Crohn’s Disease?

This eating plan can ease tummy troubles, but it’s not for everyone. Learn if it might help you and how to follow the diet the right way.

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What’s really behind ‘gluten sensitivity’? | Science | AAAS

Conflicting research points to an immune reaction or indigestible carbs

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Pill Makes It Safer for People with Celiac Disease to Eat in Restaurants

A drug already on the market could help protect diners’ guts against small amounts of gluten, thereby reducing fears of cross-contamination.

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4 Simple Exercise Tweaks for Stronger Glutes

No, that doesn’t say exercise twerks for a stronger butt. It says tweaks because you only need a few moves for a well-developed backside, but a few small changes to those exercises can make them dramatically more effective. We’ve taken our four favori

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Israelis Invent Gluten-Free Hummus Beer | The Times of Israel

Chickpeas, the basis of one of Israel's quintessential foods, is now a main ingredient in a cold brew to go with that falafel

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Yes, There Are Risks To Going Gluten-Free If You Don't Have Celiac Disease

A whopping 21 percent of Americans are currently making an active attempt to eat gluten-free, according to a Gallup poll published July 23. That percentage dwarfs the 1 percent of the U.S. population diagnosed with celiac disease — the only medical condition that requires gluten-free products for someone with the disease to live a healthy life.

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Think You’re Sensitive to Gluten? Think Again

Chances are, you can still enjoy bread, pasta and other gluten-containing foods.

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Think You’re Sensitive to Gluten? Think Again - US News

Chances are, you can still enjoy bread, pasta and other gluten-containing foods.

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Gluten Intolerance May Be Completely Fake: Study

If you're not celiac, you're probably not gluten intolerant. That's according to an academic study that effectively overturned the results of a previous one in 2011, which had served as evidence that non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) is a r