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Now The Simpsons Is Also Stepping Away From White Actors Voicing Characters of Color

Following in the footsteps of Big Mouth, Central Park, and Family Guy, The Simpsons has decided to replace white

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Disney+ Heard Everyone’s Complaints Loud & Clear: They Are Fixing The Simpsons

Simpsons fans can breathe easy: Disney+ will soon offer the show's original aspect ratios, keeping the screen from being cropped.

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The Simpsons Is Pulling the Episode Starring Michael Jackson

James L. Brooks told The Wall Street Journal that the season 3 Simpsons episode, “Stark Raving Dad” will be pulled from circulation. The creative team, including Matt Groening, came to the decision after watching the HBO doc, Leaving Neverland.

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Actual Myrtle Beach Kwik-E-Mart to make your 'Simpsons' junk-food dreams a reality

A real-life Kwik-E-Mart has opened in Myrtle Beach and fans of 'The Simpsons' can't get enough of the cartoony goodness.

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The Simpsons Wouldn't Exist Without Yellow Submarine

This year, Yellow Submarine celebrates its 50th anniversary. Today, animators from The Simpsons to Adventure Time can connect their cartoons back to Yellow Submarine.

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The Simpsons shoots past Gunsmoke to become the longest-running primetime show

It's Dillon vs. Simpson, and this Sunday, the family man pulls ahead.

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‘The Simpsons’ Responds to ‘Problem With Apu’ Criticism

“The Simpsons” showed Marge and Lisa in conversation about political correctness in a response to criticism of the Apu character.

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'The Simpsons' turns its 600th couch gag into a virtual reality 'Planet of the Apes' parody

“The Simpsons” kicked off its milestone 600th episode with a new couch gag that took audiences inside the family’s two-dimensional, yellow world. 

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8 Early Versions of Famous Fictional Characters | Mental Floss

Every popular movie and TV character has to start somewhere. Here are 8 early versions of famous fictional characters.

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13 Facts About The Simpsons' 'Treehouse of Horror' | Mental Floss

'The Simpsons' have been telling scary tales for over 25 years. Some secrets have been drowned out over the frightened screams of its audience.

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Homer's Last Theorem - Boing Boing

A look into the deep, dark, strangely complicated world of Simpsons mathematics. By Simon Singh.

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Every episode of 'The Simpsons' is coming to your devices with this new app

Remember when FXX played every episode of The Simpsons and we were all held hostage by our television sets? Well, good news: FXX has announced its

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'The Simpsons' 'Family Guy' Crossover Photos - Business Insider

At the end of September, two of TV's biggest animated cartoons, "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy," will unite in an epic crossover episode.

A road trip gone awry will send the Griffins to Springfield in the one-hour 12th season premiere of "Family Guy."

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10 Words 'The Simpsons' Made Famous | Mental Floss

For better or worser, 'Simpsons' jokes have changed the way we write and talk.