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This New Study About The Unpopularity Of Political Correctness Will Shock You | Daily Wire

On Wednesday, Yascha Mounk, lecturer on government at Harvard University, wrote a fascinating piece for The Atlantic regarding a new study from Stephen Hawkins, Daniel Y

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The Phrase ‘As You Know’ Declared a Microaggression | National Review

Adult students should be able to at least handle hearing it.

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Mixed-race family asks Blue Bell Ice Cream to change flavor name to be more inclusive - CBS News

A family from Louisiana with both black and white children is asking Blue Bell to change the name of the flavor "The Great Divide" to be more inclusive

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‘The Simpsons’ Responds to ‘Problem With Apu’ Criticism

“The Simpsons” showed Marge and Lisa in conversation about political correctness in a response to criticism of the Apu character.

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Portland educators want to strip 'Lynch' from school names. But it refers to a family, not lynching - LA Times

Portland schools want to strip 'Lynch' from school names. But it refers to a family, not lynching

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The Lost Art of Preferring Others

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Political Correctness Has Peaked | National Review Online

If you’re Social Justice Warrior, you’re a liar. You actively spread absurd falsehoods about the nature of men, women, sex, and culture that can’t withstand even the slightest scrutiny. You change history and conceal facts to fit preferred narratives, even when it costs human lives.

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MEDVED: For California, Gay Astronaut Beats Sainthood | Truth Revolt

Which Californian represents the state’s splendor and greatness most appropriately;  the Catholic saint who founded nine settlements that grew into major cities or a recently deceased astronaut who completed two missions on the space shuttle? Does the

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Clorox's misunderstood tweet sparks racial outrage

Clorox apologized after tweeting that it wanted bleach added to Apple's emojis.

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Minnesota Board Forces Girls HS Teams to Include 'Transgenders'

After an aborted attempt earlier this year to institute controversial new

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Washington Post Stealth Edits Out Gender of Female Secret Service Agent

The Daily Caller's Derek Hunter caught yet another stealth edit at the Washington Post, a publication notorious for secretly rewriting its news pages without any sort of editorial note. In this case, the Washington Post changed its mind about letting its

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College Student Forced to Remove American Flag from Balcony, 'Could Offend Foreign People'

A San Diego State University sophomore was forced to remove an American flag from his balcony after apartment managers said foreigners could find the display offensive.

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California school drops 'Arabs' for 'Mighty Arabs' | KFI AM 640

California high school retires 'Arabs' moniker to become 'Mighty Arabs,' adopts nobler logo

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School bans ‘unsupervised cartwheels’ on playground!

Education Research, Reporting, Analysis and Commentary powered by Education Action Group Foundation

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Professor Bans College Students From Saying ‘Bless You’ In Class

One professor at the College of Coastal Georgia has banned students from saying “bless you” in his class.

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Robin Williams Emmys tribute led by Billy Crystal criticised for including 'racist'

"He could be funny anywhere. We were such close friends," Billy Crystal said of Robin Williams in a special tribute to the comedian aired midway through the Emmy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles last night (25 August).

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University Paper Changing 88-Year-Old Name Because of Ammunition Connotation Connection

The University of Mary Washington's (UMW) school paper is changing its 88-year-old name from The Bullet to The Blue & Gray Press out of a desire, in part, to avoid a name which "propagated violence."

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Student suspended for saying “bless you” at school | FOX2now.com

A young girl, who claims she was standing up for her religious beliefs in the classroom, was suspended after breaking a class rule of saying “bless you” after a classmate sneezed.

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Don't let American feminists or comedians see this!

Perhaps the most sexist car insurance company I never heard of until today, Sheilas' Wheels in Britain, unveiled last week its ideal highway — with bright pink-painted lanes just for the ladies. And it's not a joke. Sheilas' spokesman, Andy Sommer (yes,

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Dr. Ben Carson - Playing a Name Game with the Redskins

The audacity of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in canceling the trademark of the Washington Redskins is frightening. When the government is in charge of deciding what is offensive and what is not, and has the power to punish the

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Rhode Island middle school principal bans 'Honors Night' Because It’s Too “Exclusive"

Principal Alexis Meyer who heads up Archie R. Cole Middle School in East Greenwich, Rhode Island raised the ire of parents by canceling the school's long-standi

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School Cancels ‘Y.M.C.A.’ Performance After Parent Complains It’s Racist | Mediaite

Has Y.M.C.A. ever struck you as a racist song? Well, one North Dakota parent believes it is, and her complaint got Bennett Elementary School to pull the song from the school's talent show in May.