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Black Metal Parents Keep Pestering Daughter to Give Them Grandkids to Sacrifice

Local black metal parents Suzanne and Dmitri Ubnatern are persistent in asking their 30-year-old daughter to give them grandchildren to metaphorically sacrifice.

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45 Minute Presentation About the Dangers of Wokeness to Open For Upcoming Disturbed Tour

Long-running nu-metal band Disturbed surprised fans by announcing that the opener for their upcoming North America tour will be a 45 minute presentation about the “dangers of wokeness,” disheartened but unsurprised sources report.

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We Sat Down With the Remaining Members of Poison, Which Turns Out Is All of Them

Whether it’s “Talk Dirty to Me,” “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” or “Nothin’ But a Good Time,” chances are you’re familiar with iconic glam rockers, Poison. The Hard Times was lucky enough to score an exclusive interview with these legends.

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I Gave John Lennon the Finger Guns the Day He Died and I’ve Felt Guilty Ever Since

I have a confession. It's been eating away at me for decades. On December 8th, 1980 when I waited outside of the Dakota Apartments hoping for a glimpse of my idol. Though I wasn’t able to meet him, I was able to briefly make eye contact and fire of

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Anti-Government Conservative Adds 75th Thin Blue Line Sticker to Truck

Self-proclaimed freethinker Terry Schuse added a 75th thin blue line sticker to his prized truck despite constantly ranting about government tyranny.

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Trump Train Visit Cold Open - SNL

Donald Trump (James Austin Johnson) delivers a message to the residents of East Palestine, Ohio, following the train derailment.Saturday Night Live. Stream n...

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Most Racist Moments Compilation (not for snowflakes) #1

#familyguy #familyguyfullepisodes #familyguyfunnymoments #petergriffin #familyguydarkhumor #familyguynozoomMost Racist Moments Compilation Family Guy (n...

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President Biden Calls for National Moment of Silence for Lowered Railway Stock Price

President Biden called for a moment of silence after the stock price of the Norfolk Southern Corporation sharply dropped following a disastrous railway derailment that is currently leaking vast amounts of toxic chemicals.

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Roseanne Barr returns to standup: 'We're going to be more offensive than we've ever been before'

Comedian Roseanne Barr joined "Tucker Carlson Tonight" to rip into cancel culture in the country and discuss why she is coming back for a standup special on Fox Nation.

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Spy Balloon Cold Open - SNL

Katy Tur (Chloe Fineman) reports on the U.S. military shooting down a suspected Chinese spy balloon (Bowen Yang) with the help of a Pentagon official (Kenan ...

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Nation Surrenders To Chinese Balloon

WASHINGTON—Bowing down before the floating intruder mere hours after it entered American airspace, the entire U.S. nation reportedly surrendered Friday to the Chinese balloon spotted hovering over Montana. “Today, I speak to the Great Balloon to say u

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What Punk Documentary Interviewee Needs You to Understand Is That at This Point Reagan Was in the White House

Prominent documentary talking head Gareth “Rubber Duck” Wayne is repeatedly reminding everyone that, at the point of the story he is telling, Ronald Reagan was in the White House.

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Support Waning for Friend in Recovery Now That He Has Six-Pack Abs

Support for local man Kevin Davidson is reportedly waning amongst friends as they slowly realize his recovery bolstered his social status and helped tone his physique beyond their comfort level.

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Argument - Monty Python

One of my favourite sketches from the original TV series of Monty Python's Flying Circus

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Just Because My Last Piercing Never Healed Doesn’t Mean I Can’t Get Another One

I got my ear lobes pierced about seven months ago. The left one is still kinda swollen, crusty, and bleeds every night. And honestly, the right one isn’t doing much better. But does that mean I should wait another second before I get my next piercing? H

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Sure Maybe if My Parents Hadn’t Named Me ‘Maniac Mike the Motorcycle Madman’ I Wouldn’t Have Become a Daredevil but Such Is Life

At some point in everyone’s life, they stop and reflect on how things may have gone differently. Should I have gone on that date? What if I hadn't missed that train? Where would I be had I not failed high school? For me, that question is: What if m

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Desperate Kevin McCarthy Agrees to "special favors" in Exchange for House Speaker Votes in His Favor

Embattled Rep. Kevin McCarthy offered Republican colleagues two over-the-pants handjobs, redeemable at any time within his term, if they agree to vote for him in the ongoing Speaker of the House race.

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We Reached Out to a Guy Who Posted a Meme Saying He’d Help Us Pack if the American Flag Offended Us and We Gotta Admit He’s Doing a Great Job

We all know moving is the worst, and packing is maybe the worst of the worst. There was so much we needed to load up for our big move and not enough time. We decided to take a chance and ask a guy who posted a badly-compressed meme with a watermark readin

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Report: Doctor’s Standards for Alcoholism Pretty Lame

A new report from local drunk Emily Kinder indicates that the standards of alcoholism held by her primary care physician are “weak as fuck.”

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Cecily Strong says farewell to Saturday Night Live

Strong is one of the longest tenured female stars of SNL who made a career out of spot-on impersonations of Melania Trump, Majorie Taylor Greene and Krysten Sinema.

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Black Metal Band’s Publicity Photos Clearly Taken at Christmas Tree Farm

Fans of black metal stalwarts Bloodfrost became disenchanted with the supposedly Satanic quartet when it was recently discovered the band’s latest publicity photos were taken at a nearby Christmas tree farm, confirmed corpse painted sources.

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Cop Plants Pot Brownie at Rival Bake Sale

Local police officer Brad Chapman allegedly planted a pot brownie at an elementary school’s bake sale, which was competing against his station’s own fundraiser, multiple sources confirmed.

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Convicted Oath Keepers Plead With Judge to Let Them Catch Just One Metallica, Pantera Tour Date

Members of the far-right militia group "The Oath Keepers" pleaded with a federal judge to let them attend just one date of the recently announced Metallica and Pantera tour before being jailed for participating in seditious activities during the January 6

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How I Learned To Avoid Politics at Thanksgiving and Dive Right Into Physical Violence

The holidays can be hard for even the closest families. Plus, with culture war tearing us apart, it can be difficult to sit down at the table and break bread with people on the other side of the aisle. That’s why I leave the bread basket alone and just

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We Beat on the Brat With a Baseball Bat and Our Attorney Says This Daycare Center Actually Has a Pretty Strong Case Against Us

The Ramones were masters at writing instructional punk songs. Songs that teach the listener how to sniff glue and how to not go down to the basement have informed generations of punks everywhere - and we here at The Hard Times consider ourselves well educ

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FDA Warns Against Viral "Kill Yourself Challenge"

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning against a new challenge that has gone viral on TikTok, pressuring teens to "unalive themselves" in a variety of ways that admittedly look pretty cool on camera.

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We Caught up With the Forgotten Fifth Bar in Black Flag’s Logo

The Black Flag logo is one of punk’s most iconic images. It's four simple bars that any drunk punk could quickly spray paint on a cop car. But behind those bars is a secret that not many people know. The original Black Flag logo featured five bars,

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Dave Chappelle monologue disappoints on 'Saturday Night Live'

Chappelle's monologue seemed filled with justification and minimization.

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Why I Quit My Job and Left My Wife To Defend Elon Musk Online Full Time

Like Elon Musk, I’m a doer, not a talker. So when I noticed the online attacks against my hero started to ramp up, I knew I could no longer stand idly by, which is why I quit my job and left my wife to defend Elon online full-time.

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Disappointed Trick-Or-Treater Was Really Hoping To Get At Least One Pack Of Fentanyl

KANSAS CITY, MO—Scouring the bag of candy before throwing it across the room in defeat, disappointed trick-or-treater Olivia Vercetti, 8, told reporters Monday that she was really hoping to get at least one pack of fentanyl this Halloween. “Aw, man, e

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Your Self-worth Shouldn’t Come From a Career, It Should Come From Social Media

Are you one of those people who derive their internal sense of worth and belonging from a career? That’s no way to go through life! You've been chasing that dragon for so long that you think it's the only way to feel accomplishment. Well, put

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Resurrected Christ Distances Himself From Republican Party

God’s only begotten son Jesus Christ is actively distancing himself and his constituents from Republicans across the globe upon his return to Earth this afternoon.

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Black Bear Family Proudly Displays Mounted Stuffed Ted Nugent Head Above Fireplace

A local American black bear family proudly displayed the stuffed head of the elusive Ted Nugent as a trophy above their cabin's fireplace after hunting him over several days.

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Hip Youth Pastor Doesn't Believe in God

Local youth pastor Chase Rexley gained quite a following in his church after revealing that he doesn’t believe in God.

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Day in the Life of Ben Shapiro

- A Day in the Life of Ben Shapiro -new secret 2nd channel: https://youtu.be/DZU3T8MnAX4((( Join The Cercle:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcoDpbA4c9HQY0Aj...

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Managers at Pediatric Blood Farm That Keeps Queen Alive Prepare for Layoffs

Upper-level managers at a clandestine facility specializing in removing blood from young children and pumping it into Queen Elizabeth II to keep her alive are now expecting layoffs following her death earlier today, sources who just put a down payment on

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24 Things You Don't Know About Alex Jones | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Subscribe to the Real Time YouTube: http://itsh.bo/10r5A1BBill shares a few fun "facts" about right-wing radio host and conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones. Conn...

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I Didn’t Vaccinate My Kids and the One Who Lived Turned out Fine

If you want to hear the TRUTH that the vaccine industry doesn't want YOU to know, keep reading.

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Hundreds of Nuclear Weapons Documents Found at Mar-a-Lago with Hillary Clinton's Name Hastily Scribbled on Them

The Federal Bureau of Investigation recovered stacks of highly-classified nuclear weapons documents with “Hillary Clinton” written in childlike scrawls on them from Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, flabbergasted yet unsurprised agents reported.

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FBI Agent Reveals Mar-a-Lago Safe Cracked With 0000 Combination

FBI Agent David Abramson revealed he was able to gain access to former President Donald Trump’s safe first try by using a 0000 combination during a raid of Mar-a-Lago this past Monday.

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5 Fox News Personalities And How Each Of Them Fared In The 'Saw' Style Deathtrap We Tricked Them All Into

Can a person simply pull themselves up by their bootstraps or is American exceptionalism a lie? We decided to test this on some of the most exceptional Americans we could think of, Fox News hosts. And what better test than a labyrinth of moral terror ala

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Conservative Boycotting Disney Now Will Only Visit Park 14 Times a Year

Staunch conservative Todd Anderson vowed to limit his annual Disney World trips to slightly more than a baker’s dozen because he is tired of supporting the major corporations' “woke politics.”

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Opinion: You’re Not My Real Soccer Mommy!

No, I will not listen to you! You can’t tell me what to do. You tell me to take out the trash, wash the dishes, and mow the lawn. But I will never do that just because you said so. You’re not my real soccer mommy!

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Sacha Baron Cohen defeats $95 million defamation suit filed by Roy Moore

Cohen defeated a $95 million defamation lawsuit by former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, who said he was tricked into an humiliating television appearance that lampooned sexual misconduct accusations against him.

Entertainment | Entertainment

6 'Seinfeld' Fan Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

The world of 'Seinfeld' grows even more bizarre when you account for some of these wild fan theories viewers have offered.

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Republican Senator’s Mistress Too Busy Getting Abortion to Celebrate Big Win with Him

WASHINGTON – The much-younger girlfriend of a prominent Republican Senator is disappointed that she will be too busy having an abortion today to join the…

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Opinion: I’m Only Eating This Baby to Gain the Mental and Physical Prowess I Need To Hunt Baby Eaters in the Deep State

Ever since Q provided all free-thinking patriots with irrefutable proof that our country is controlled by a shadow governing cabal of baby eating devil worshipers who themselves are in the pocket of shape-shifting lizard aliens, I’ve dedicated a lot of

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God Has a Plan: When This Christian Rock Drummer Died in a Car Accident His Band Got a New Drummer and He Is Much More Talented

It’s no secret that our lord works in mysterious ways. He allows bad things to happen to good people, he buries dinosaur fossils to test our faith, and he allowed the democrats to steal our election for who knows what reason.

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Top Five Southern Rock Songs To Listen to While You Complain About Participation Trophies

I remember when this country had a pair! When I was growing up we didn’t have all the crybabies doing the tweets or the instgram. We had people who knew their worth and fell in a line. And mostly we didn’t have any participation trophies!

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Cat Rescues Scared Cop Stuck Hiding On Tall Tree Branch

A local cat known as Pudding saved an officer of the Chicago Police Department that ran up a very tall tree and got stuck after being spooked by a scary bug that caught him off guard.

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The Time Steve Martin Performed Stand-Up For an Audience of Dogs

Martin's jokes were a hit with his canine audience—until things got a little rowdy towards the end

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

'The Outlaws' deserves a top spot on your comedy watch list

It only took four words to convince us to watch the Prime Video comedic thriller: "Stephen Merchant" and "Christopher Walken."

Entertainment | Celebrities!

Betty White's funniest quotes and best life lessons as fans remember her 100th birthday

The actress, comedian, and star of hit TV sitcoms shared an array of helpful advice and funny takes over the course of her career; here are some of the best.

Entertainment | Entertainment

Sit Back and Enjoy 2 Glorious Hours of Seinfeld Bloopers

For all the footage that made it into the final cut of 'Seinfeld,' there were plenty of behind-the-scenes bloopers primetime viewers didn't get to see.

Humor | Funny Stuff

The Epic Prank John Madden Pulled on 'Saturday Night Live'

John Madden played a prank on producer Dick Ebersol in 1982 while hosting 'Saturday Night Live.'

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BBC Miranda Series 2 Episode 6 The Perfect Christmas Full Episode

It's Christmas and Miranda, for once, would like a relaxing and fun time without her parents. After Penny's Best Christmas Jumper Party on the 23rd of Decemb...

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Fred Armisen Hilariously Plays Guitar in the Style of Each Decade of Punk Rock Music From 1970 to 2000

While on "The Tonight Show", Fred Armisen picked up a guitar and played in the style of each decade of punk rock music from 1970 to 2000.

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EPIC Gutfeld vs. Tucker Debate: Who's Dumber? Chris Cuomo or Don Lemon?

People tune in for presidential debates, but this debate was pure fun. On Wednesday night's Gutfeld! show, Fox's Greg Gutfeld and Tucker Carlson had a debate over which CNN host is dumber, Chris Cuomo or Don Lemon? There's so much evidence for both sides.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Watch: A Deleted 'The Office' Scene Featuring "Threat Level Midnight" | Mental Floss

A never-before-seen moment from 'The Office' revisits Michael Scott's script for "Threat Level Midnight," in which the president asks 007-esque hero Michael Scarn to be his best man.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Why Bob Newhart Is Staying In Show Business At 91

For today's universally sore eyes, it's beyond uplifting to witness 91-year-old Bob Newhart still having the same wit, timing and love for comedy that has made him one of America's most beloved and cherished comedians for over 60 years.

Politics | Woke Insanity

'Sanford and Son' and the Almost Lost Joy of Brutal, Irreverent Comedy

Redd Foxx and Free Speech Were Comedy Gold 
There are a lot of classic sitcoms floating around on the various streaming services now and, for reasons I can’t really explain to myself, I haven...

Entertainment | Television/Film/Books

What's the Deal With Jerry Seinfeld's Apartment?

The internet is going wild over this layout diagram that shows why Jerry Seinfeld's apartment hallway could not exist by all known logic

Entertainment | Entertainment

Why Steve Carell Was Anxious About Being in 'The Office' Finale | Mental Floss

The Michael Scott actor revealed his feelings about returning to 'The Office' on Kevin Malone actor Brian Baumgartner's podcast.

Entertainment | Entertainment

Will a Comedy Ever Play at a Movie Theater Again?

Long before COVID-19 curve-flattening measures jammed the revolving doors of movie theaters across the United States, the fate of the laugh-out-loud comedy was unsettled. Three Vulture writers wonder: Is 2020 the end of the end of laughing out loud?

Entertainment | Television/Film/Books

Carl Reiner’s pals, co-stars and admirers share memories of ‘Dick Van Dyke Show’ creator: ‘A real mensch’

Carl Reiner’s life and legacy are being remembered by those who knew him over the years.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Carl Reiner, creator of 'The Dick Van Dyke Show,' dead at 98

Legendary actor, director and producer Carl Reiner, best known for his work on “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” died on Monday at age 98. 

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Was The Office's Kevin Malone Actually a Genius?

Kevin Malone from 'The Office' was not known for his quick wit, but one fan theory suggests that it might have all been a ruse.

Entertainment | Celebrities!

20 Celebrities You Completely Forgot Were in the Cast of 'SNL'

From Robert Downey Jr. to Joan Cusack, you'll be surprised by this trip down memory lane. These 'Saturday Night Live' actors may have had a relatively short-lived appearance on the show, but for many, it was the beginning of a long Hollywood career.

Entertainment | Entertainment

'The Office' Fan Theory: Why Michael Scott Hates Toby Flenderson | Mental Floss

To some 'The Office' viewers, Michael Scott's deep hatred of Toby Flenderson seems irrational. But one fan thinks it stems from a childhood trauma.

Entertainment | Entertainment

You Could Get Paid $1000 to Host a Remote The Office Watching Party

It might sound too good to be true, but Overheard on Conference Calls wants to pay one winner $1000 to binge watch 'The Office.'

Entertainment | Movies & Other Stuff

5 Things That Don't Make Sense About Billy Madison

Straight up, I’ve seen Billy Madison at least 50 times since I was first introduced to Adam Sandler’s lovable man-child at a friend’s house in the second grade.

Entertainment | Entertainment

One of John Krasinski’s ‘perfect’ cold opens in ‘The Office’ was accidental

'The Office' co-stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey revealed that one of John Krasinski's greatest cold opens was an accident.

Entertainment | Entertainment

Buck Henry Dead: ‘Graduate’ Writer, ‘Get Smart’ Co-Creator, ‘SNL’ Favorite Was 89

Buck Henry, the screenwriter behind 'The Graduate' and 'What's Up, Doc?' who also co-created Get Smart and was an early 'SNL' favorite, has died.

Entertainment | Entertainment

Eddie Murphy on Returning to ‘SNL’ for the First Time in 35 Years

Eddie Murphy shared his excitement to host "Saturday Night Live" with Antonio Banderas for "Variety Studios: Actors on Actors."

Entertainment | Television/Film/Books

Friends is a Generation X Show. Why Don’t We Call It That?

Baby boomers created it. Millennials and Gen Y keep it popular today. But Friends, which premiered 25 years ago on NBC, will always be about Generation X, even if we don’t talk about it that way.

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Box Office: 'I Love Lucy' Tribute Screenings Score Huge Business | Hollywood Reporter

Moviegoers showed their love for Lucille Ball in a big way on Tuesday. 'I Love Lucy: A Colorized Celebration' grossed $777,645 from 660 theaters across the country, enough to beat out 'Aladdin' and come in No. 6 at the domestic box office.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

How The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s Stand-up Gets Written

On this week’s episode of the Good One podcast, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino explain how they wrote stand-up jokes for the show’s main character.

Entertainment | Television

How the unseen camera crew on 'The Office' played a bigger role than you think

Video essayist Jesse Tribble takes a deep dive into the people who were supposedly documenting the events on ‘The Office’—and their understated purpose on the show.

Entertainment | Television/Film/Books

Want Bill Murray to Star in Your Movie? You’ve Got to Call a 1-800 Number

To pitch your film to the 'Ghostbusters' star, you have to track down an unlisted 1-800 number and leave a message.

Entertainment | Movies & Other Stuff

David Harbour’s Netflix Comedy Special, ‘Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster,’ Looks Delightfully Eerie

Netflix released the first trailer for David Harbour’s new comedy special “Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein,” in which he explores his father’s acting career to gain more insight about him. It looks weird and funny!

Entertainment | Entertainment

Still flying: Monty Python to mark 50th anniversary with record bid

Cast of seminal comedy TV show reveal details of events to celebrate its inception

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Lisa Kudrow and Greg Kinnear to Star in Amazon Comedy Pilot Good People

Lisa Kudrow, Whitney Cummings, and Greg Kinnear will star in a comedy pilot at Amazon co-created by Cummings and Lee Daniels titled Good People, in which she’ll play a university ombudsman.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

7 Wackiest Tim Conway Sketches on 'The Carol Burnett Show'

Tim Conway's unpredictable ad-libs and spontaneous slapstick is legendary for pushing his scene partners out of character and passed the forth wall

Entertainment | Entertainment

MeTV Presents The Three Stooges on Saturday evenings beginning June 1

Get your "Nyuks" with full-length, unedited shorts without commercial interruption.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence Remember Tim Conway; Conan O’Brien, Patricia Heaton Among Many Praising The Comic Legend

Refresh for updates... Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence are remembering their friend and The Carol Burnett Show co-star Tim Conway today. “I’m heartbroken," Burnett said in a statement. "He was one in a million, not only as a brilliant comedian but as a l

Entertainment | Entertainment

R.I.P. Tim Conway, comedy legend of The Carol Burnett Show and McHale's Navy

The man who brought us Mr. Tudball and Dorf passed away at 85.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

It's Been 15 Years Since 'Friends.' So Why Does It Dominate Netflix?

'Friends' is so valuable to Netflix that it reportedly cost the company $100 million to renew its rights to the show this year.

Entertainment | Television

Every Episode of Arrested Development, Ranked

What’s the greatest episode of Arrested Development ever? We ranked all 84 episodes of the wildly influential sitcom to find out.

Entertainment | Movies & Television

6 Seinfeld Fan Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

The world of 'Seinfeld' grows even more bizarre when you account for some of the wild fan theories viewers have offered. What really happened to George's brother, anyway?

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Angry Jay Leno Interrupts Jimmy Fallon's Monologue (Video)

Jay Leno is mad as hell, and he's not taking it anymore. The former "Tonight Show" host hijacked Jimmy Fallon's monologue to get a few things off his chest

Politics | Woke Insanity

Move Over ‘Friends,’ Millennials Now Find ‘Seinfeld’ Problematic | Daily Wire

So much of our culture today seems to be about finding reasons to hate pop culture from even a decade or two ago.

Politics | The Hall of Idiots

WATCH: SNL Comedian Mocks Veteran Who Lost An Eye To An IED Blast In Afghanistan

Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson mocked Texas Republican Congressional candidate Dan Crenshaw, who lost an eye in an IED blast while serving in Afghanistan, during the show's "Weekend Update" sketch Saturday night, in a segment on "first impr

Entertainment | Television/Film/Books

For A 20-Year 'Big Lebowski' Cast Reunion Photo, These Dudes Abide | HuffPost

John Goodman, Jeff Bridges and Steve Buscemi all look great, but that's just, like, our opinion, man.

Entertainment | Entertainment

Watch Flight of the Conchords perform new song 'Father and Son' on Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Flight of the Conchords performed their new song 'Father and Son' on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, ahead of their HBO special.

Entertainment | Television/Film/Books

17 Things to Look for the Next Time You Watch Office Space

14. The movie reintroduced red Swingline staplers.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Best Romantic Comedies of 2018 - Why Romcoms Are Having a Comeback This Year

It's clear that a slew of romantic comedies that are coming out in 2018 prove that the romcom movie genre is having a certifiable moment.

Politics | Leftists Are Insane

The Left Gives Up on Comedy  |  Ricochet

Four years ago, progressives were riding high. Obama was president, healthcare was fixed forever, and the reset-button Ruskies were our best pals. But even in that golden age, there was a growing sense that comedy was … well … problematic. The 2014 N

Humor | Funny Stuff

Aaron Paul Discovers Bryan Cranston Living in Breaking Bad RV // Omaze

To celebrate Breaking Bad’s 10th Anniversary, Bryan Cranston (Walter White, aka Heisenberg) and Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) invite you to cook breakfast, not ...

News | The News

Terry Gilliam on diversity: 'I tell the world now I’m a black lesbian' | Film | The Guardian

The film-maker weighs in on the controversy surrounding BBC comedy chief Shane Allen’s comment about ‘six Oxbridge white blokes’

Entertainment | Entertainment

Kenan Thompson admits he’s scared to leave SNL

Way back in 2014, rumors started to swirl that Kenan Thompson was preparing to leave Saturday Night Live, a decision that was supposedly reversed after Lorne Michaels stepped in and convinced him to stay. The rumor was disputed at the time, and seeing as

Entertainment | Entertainment

‘Arrested Development’: We Sat Down With the Cast. It Got Raw.

In a wide-ranging conversation about the new season, cast members became emotional as they discussed accusations of sexual misconduct against Jeffrey Tambor.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

'Saturday Night Live' cast decisions: Who should stay, who should go

The 43rd season of "Saturday Night Live" has come to a close, which means it’s time for casting decisions. The official verdicts won’t come until late summer, and no one has announced a departure, but there’s no reason to wait until then to speculate.

Some points to consider:

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Matt LeBlanc Is Actually The Reason Joey & Monica Didn't Get A 'Friends' Love Story

After witnessing the glory of Ross and Rachel, and Monica and Chandler, Friends fans probably aren't looking back and yearning for another love story. So it may be best that Matt LeBlanc prevented Monica and Joey from having a romance. In a new excer…

Entertainment | Netflix

The Entire Monty Python Catalog is Headed to Netflix!

Fans of the legendary sketch comedy troupe Monty Python can rejoice, as Netflix has acquired the rights to the group's entire catalog.

Entertainment | Entertainment

Can You Be Addicted To Watching ‘The Office’? Here’s Why You Actually Can’t Get Enough

A few weeks ago, I tweeted that I was looking for fans of The Office who can't stop, won't stop rewatching the series, and that they should email me if they'd like to contribute to an article about their obsession. By the next morning, I had 32 messa…

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Marty Allen, Comedian and Daytime T.V. Favorite, Dies at 95 – Variety

Marty Allen died from complications due to pneumonia in Las Vegas at age 95.

News | News

Chris Rock Opens First-Ever Tel Aviv Show With Expression of ‘Love’ for Israel

American comedian Chris Rock started his first-ever show in Israel on Tuesday by talking about how much he adores the...

Entertainment | Entertainment

These people just watched Friends for the first time – and have questions

The beloved '90s sitcom is now available to stream on Netflix, and a new generation is binging it until their eyes fall out.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Larry David on Coming Back to Curb Your Enthusiasm and When He'll Walk Away

After a six-year hiatus, creator and star Larry David and Curb Your Enthusiasm will return to HBO on Oct. 1.

Entertainment | Movies & Other Stuff

How Kevin Smith Makes Big Business Out of Niche Audiences

After years in critical exile, the onetime poster boy for slacker filmmaking reinvents himself for an era of narrowcast fame.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Jerry Lewis: Life in Photos

The comedian and trailblazing filmmaker died Sunday at age 91

Entertainment | Television/Film/Books

14 Pretty Far Out Facts About 'Flight of the Conchords' | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

Entertainment | Entertainment

T.J. Miller Explains Why He's Leaving 'Silicon Valley'

He once told a drug-dealing kid that he brought piss to a sh– fight. He flew into a petty rage because someone was stealing his narrow spoons, which were the only ones that could effectively …

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

‘Arrested Development,’ With the Whole Bluth Family, Will Return in 2018 - The New York Times

Netflix said the entire regular cast would return for a fifth season, more than a decade after Fox canceled the cult comedy.

Miscellaneous | Other Kinds of Whatnot

FCC insists John Oliver didn’t break its website, net neutrality group disagrees · Newswire · The A.V. Club

Last night, John Oliver put a call out for his Last Week Tonight viewers to band together and let the FCC know how they feel about net neutrality and the need for ISP regulation, going so far as to buy gofccyourself.com

Entertainment | Movies & Other Stuff

5 Underrated TV Comedies to Binge Right Now - Thrillist

Hulu has a wide selection of underrated TV comedies to watch, from "The Carmichael Show" to "Home Movies" and "Superstore."

News | News

Don Rickles, legendary lightning-fast launcher of comic insults, dies at 90

Comedian, who sharpened his barbs on TV and at clubs, was dubbed Mr. Warmth by Johnny Carson.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Leah Remini and Kevin James Reuniting in 'Kevin Can Wait' Finale | Hollywood Reporter

The two starred as husband and wife for nine seasons of 'The King of Queens.'

Entertainment | Movies & Other Stuff

'SNL' Has Never Been More Popular and Less Fun

Everyone is watching to see how the show takes on Donald Trump, and it’s been a real slog.

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Rough Night Trailer: Scarlett Johansson and Kate McKinnon Have a Wild and Murderous Bachelorette Weekend

A days-long bachelorette party in Miami with your five best friends may seem like a great idea in theory, but when a male stripper accidentally ends up dead in your rental unit surrounded by a few hearty grams of cocaine, it definitely doesn’t scream super-fun girls’ weekend, huh?

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Late Night’s Best Jokes About Trump’s Instantly Infamous Press Conference

There’s a lot to unpack, and Colbert, Fallon, Noah, Meyers, Kimmel, and Corden are here to unpack it.

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Bill Hader explains how he and Fred Armisen came up with ‘The Californians’

They, like us, are obsessed with LA driving directions

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Gene Wilder, ‘Willy Wonka’ Star and Comedic Icon, Dies at 83

Gene Wilder, who regularly stole the show in such comedic gems as “The Producers,” “Blazing Saddles,” “Young Frankenstein,” “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” and “Stir Crazy,” died Monday at …

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‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Returning for Season 9 on HBO

Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” will return for Season 9 on HBO, the premium cabler announced Tuesday. “We’re thrilled that Larry has decided to do a new season of ‘Cur…

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Weber Cooks How to Make Chili Cheese Nacho Dip (Sad music included)

Like and Subcribe for more videos like this Credit for making it goes to spookyandthethief.tumblr.com This is just so perfect and deserves to be seen The man...

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Colbert hilariously skewers Ted Cruz over 'Basketball Ring'

Ted Cruz's "basketball ring" comment was the ultimate alley-oop for late night comedy. Stephen Colbert had a great time laughing at the gaff.

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Pickle Wizard

Pickle Wizard Want To Mess With Someone's Mind?Mail Them Pickles!!! If you're here, odds are a pickle has been bestowed upon you

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How to Stop Procrastinating by Using the “Seinfeld Strategy”

Want to learn how to stop procrastinating? Read this article to discover the best productivity tips of comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

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Night on Earth - Rome (Roberto Benigni)

Taxi ride in Rome from: Night On Earth (1991) by: Jim Jarmusch Roberto Benigni as Gino (taxi driver) Paolo Bonacelli as Priest (passenger) music: Tom Waits

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You've got to be kidding: Man dons hooves and lives as a GOAT

ONE man was curious about what life was like as a goat – so he decided to live among them.

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£200m ship possibly to be named Boaty McBoatface thanks to an online poll

The British public have decided to christen this magnificent ship with a ridiculous name