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19 Things You Didn't Know About "Seinfeld"

There’s probably no more frequently quoted show in all of NYC, and maybe the country (and maybe the continent [and maybe the…

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What's the Deal With "What's the Deal With..."? Did Seinfeld Actually Say it? | Mental Floss

The phrase, "What's the deal with..." is so synonymous with a specific brand of '90s observational comedy, I bet you just read those words in Jerry Seinfeld's voice. It's funny because he always said it! Or did he?

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Celebrate 25 Years Of ‘Seinfeld’ With Julia Louis-Dreyfus And Jerry Seinfeld On ‘The Late Show’

Julia Louis-Dreyfus stopped by Letterman and talked a bit about 'Seinfeld' at 25, but the real treat is the classic clip that came with it.

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12 Underrated Seinfeld Episodes Nobody Yadas About But Should

There is no real-life situation that can’t somehow be compared to Seinfeld , no gripe too vain, no scenario too obscure. And this may sound sad to some (all), but if it weren’t for Seinfeld reruns, my parents and I would no longer have a reason to tal

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There are Seinfeld Emojis now, not that there’s anything wrong with that

Fans of the Seinfeld2000 Twitter account and Seinfeld in general will soon have a whole set of Emoji to call their very own. Created by Seinfeld2000 mastermind Jason Richards and designer Kevin McCauley, the 42 cartoonish drawings of Jerry, Elaine, Newman

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25 Future Stars Who Appeared on 'Seinfeld'

These now-familiar faces had minor roles on Seinfeld before going on to bigger and better things.

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Seinfeld at 25: There's Still Nothing Else Like It

Some TV shows are classics because of all the followers they influenced. Seinfeld is one great that's never truly been imitated.

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TBS Celebrating 'Seinfeld' 25th Anniversary with Most Famous Episodes

Relive the glorious nothingness of The Yada Yada, The Puffy Shirt and more this summer