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Inside / Out at Santa Barbara’s Boom Boom Bike Room – Jim Bob Barnett

I met Alex when he was probably 15 or 16 years old in our local Santa Barbara bike shop Velo Pro. I had recognized him from punk/hardcore shows and I vividly remember him wearing a Minderaser shirt. He came up and was like “what's up dude I’ve

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Espresso: Britain’s Coffee Revolution - Peloton Magazine

Coffee and cycling are so symbiotically connected that it is tempting to think that the two cultures must have developed in unison.

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Women take a knee at US Pro Road Nationals after Roe vs. Wade overturned

Over half the field kneeled in a gesture of solidarity before the elite women's criterium race.

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Create true multimodal networks for vibrant cities, Griffith Park Drive closes to cars next week, and ticketing speeding bicyclists - BikinginLA

...says the secret to creating vibrant US cities — and meeting US climate goals — is to invest in true multimodal transportation.

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After 3-Year-Old Killed In Uptown, North Side Alderperson Wants City To Tow Cars Blocking Bike Lanes

"With all the people who have been in accidents over the past month, especially on the North Side, we need to do the right thing and keep our neighbors safe,” Ald. Andre Vasquez said.

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Car blocking a bike lane? You might be able to report it and make some money soon. - Austin Monitor

In an effort to help city employees cite vehicles for illegally blocking bike lanes, the Urban Transportation Commission unanimously approved a “bike lane bounty” program at its meeting Tuesday night. The program, inspired by one in New York C

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People turn to bikes as gas gets expensive, but face supply chain issues

With gas reaching a national average of $5 per gallon, people are turning to bikes to save money.

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An Ode to the Inaugural Ozark Gravel DOOM Depart – Andrew Onermaa

6:27 a.m., Friday the 13th, 2022. Twenty-four grown-ass adults are walking around in circles ringing bells and there is a dude wearing a Scream mask counting down the minutes until a bike ride begins. What the F%#k is going on? DOOM Why sugarcoat it? It i

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A 'Tough Love' History Of The Bicycle : 1A

Bicycles are a symbol of freedom. Women suffragists hopped on bicycles to defy the patriarchy at the turn of the century. A child learning to ride their bike – and finally freeing themselves from their parents' grasp – is an early step towards indepen

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3-year-old girl in bike carrier dies when mom goes around ComEd truck parked in bike lane and is hit by passing semi

The semi was pulling away from a stop sign at Leland and Winthrop when it knocked the mother off balance and the girl was thrown under the wheels of the truck, police said.

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Biking Montreal: Montreal's Newest Bicycling Infrastructure Dazzles!

THIS IS THE 1,000TH STREETFILM OF ALL-TIME!I was preparing to plan a visit Montreal (and also Paris!) just as Covid-19 halted plans last year. But one benefi...

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Cycle Speeway Perth late 50s in 2022 | Cycling, Speedway, Perth

Speedway cycle racing in Perth was controlled by the West Australian Amateur Speedway Association and was heavily inluenced by Speedway solo racing, as some of the names indicate, the young riders...

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'' look at life (cyclespeedway) '' - 1962?

I've been looking for the full version of this film since I first saw it at a cinema circa 1964.....this is the full length version and features 'south Lond...

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Grinduro California 2022 Presented by Giro

Highlights film from 2022Whoa… Something special happened Mt Shasta, California - a place uniquely touched by all four seasons and watched over by a legendar...

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More cyclists are being killed by cars. Advocates say U.S. streets are the problem

The pandemic got more people riding bikes, but the number of cyclists hit and killed by cars is rising at an alarming rate. "We're buying materials for ghost bikes in bulk," one cycling advocate says.

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THE PEUGEOT - Steel is Real - 80s Aero French Bicycle

My Peugeot PH10L from 1982 -ish. I bought this beat up steel bicycle for 30 bucks then put thousands of miles on it after fixing it and sourcing parts. In th...

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HOW to WIN a Fixed Gear Crit Elimination Race.

A commentary video on how to race and win a fixed gear crit elimination race like Rad Race Last Man Standing, Off The Streets, Mission Crit and more. Tactics...

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Rouleur Brewing Company | Brewing company, Brewing, Recipes

Dec 13, 2021 - Craft brewery with tasting room specializing in hybrid beer styles in Carlsbad, CA.

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Outlaw Origins of Mountain Biking // Born From Junk

"Born From Junk" traces the outlaw roots of mountain biking back to its raw beginnings in Crested Butte, where a crew of unlikely pioneers in pursuit of wild...

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1984 Coors International Bicycle Classic

The final big race before the 1984 games. Used by permission of the Race Director and Film Producer.

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62.2MPH (100KMPH) On A Road Bike - Cycling Mt. Whitney Portal

Part 2 of our mountain cycling adventure took us up Highway 395 to Lone Pine, CA home to The Whitney Portal. This area is the base camp essentially for hiker...

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Bangkok Hidden Gems ???? Thailand Cycling Tour on Folding Bikes

4K Thailand Cycling Tour - Bangkok Canals and Temples route. Bike Touring on folding bikes. Explore Bangkok by bicycle, today we are cycling through some of ...

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CritCross is INSANE - Crit Racing Meets Motocross?

Welcome to CritCross. This is a weird mash-up of criterium bike racing with some parts similar to what would usually be considered super cross on a dirt bike...

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1986 Pikes Peak Bicycle Race Part 1

6:00 AM, September 5, 1986. This was one of the cycling events during the World Cycling Championships that the public could participate in. As I remember,...

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A Bike race at a GoKart track at night - Adam's Historic Sprinters Challenge

First event of the Adam's Historic Sprinters Challenge held at Adam's Motorsports Park in Riverside, California. Eric Bierman hangs on with cycling superstar...

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The Tee Shirt Ride EP005 - Taylor Warren (CS Velo and Source Endurance Cycling Coach)

I recently linked up with Taylor Warren, my coach and San Diego local to go for yet another tee shirt ride. On this episode we cruise his neighborhood of Nor...

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RAD RACE Last Man Standing 2022 * Documentary * Fixed Gear

The OFFICIAL documentary about RAD RACE Last Man Standing in Berlin, March 26 2022 in the official program of https://www.kolektif-berlin.com/* The event is ...

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Bicycling Trends in the 70s, 80s and 90s!

A walk through memory lane flipping through Bicycling Magazine in the 70s, 80s and 90s to see what was trending.PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/PathLessPeda...

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Chrome Hacks: Tire Tips | Chrome Industries

Presenting Hacks With Chrome: Tire Tips. We got a few from our friends, Eric Spinney, Chris Namba, Donovan Rice, and Ivy Audrain, to share how to fix a flat ...

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Simply, Larz - RAW Cycling Magazine

Simply, Larz. 1. Wolvh. What’s the essence of Wolvh? We…

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1985 Coors International Bicycle Classic

Bernard Hinault works hard for Greg LeMond in this, the first race appearance of the Badger. The roster includes the East Germans. Davis Phinney complains ab...

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The man challenging anti-cycling trolls to change their ways

Andrew Tierney is part of a new breed of cycling activists tackling a rise in online abuse head-on

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Moth Attack Moves to Tucson: A Shop Visit and Interview with Framebuilder Megan Dean – Josh Weinberg

Longtime readers of this site are likely very familiar with Megan Dean and her frame building operation Moth Attack. Her builds span the typology gamut - track, 'cross, road, mountain, etc. - and she's been doing it for quite some time now. Check out John

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STOP BUILDING CITIES FOR CARS - What Bikes Are Up Against and How To Get Involved (Wherever You Are)

Event this weekend: https://www.strava.com/clubs/310850/group_events/1120941If you’re a registered city of LA voter, are involved with cycling club or a bike...

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Maine: America’s New Fatbiking Biking Mecca? – Lizzy Scully & Steve "Doom" Fassbinder

My friend Seth Levy, an obsessive bicyclist of the most masochistic variety, relentlessly tried to get me to fatbike with him when I lived in Maine in the mid-2010s. “But I don’t like being cold, and I’m not a cyclist,” I explained

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The Simes Family Story Is the Story of U.S. Bike Racing - Peloton Magazine

Jack Simes got his first real race bike—it was a chrome, fixed-gear Landini with 24-inch wheels and Continental tires—when he was only nine, perhaps too young to comprehend he was inheriting a rich family legacy yet old enough to appreciate the storie

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The Art of Cycling: Icons in Posters - Peloton Magazine

These posters represent the golden age of cycling artwork, from the late 1800s to the 1940s

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Old school BMX magazines

OldSchoolBMXTV: Experience OldSchoolBMX like never before

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San Diego installs counters in new protected bike lanes

Cyclists say the devices can debunk the myth that bike lanes are wasteful because no one uses them.

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You Pedal Backwards to go Forward! | Portland Cycling Culture

A Cycling Culture filled day in Portland with Chris DiStefano and Hur of cars are coffinsl!????Become a Member: http://bit.ly/EBD_Insider???? EBD Newsletter: ht...

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3 in 4 people want to ride a bike but are put off by lack of safe lanes

We surveyed over 4,000 Victorians and found more than three-quarters are interested in riding a bike, but only in infrastructure that separates people from cars – such as protected bike lanes.

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Bike Lanes Don't Cause Congestion

Research from Europe shows bike infrastructure doesn't add to urban traffic and can shift mode share from cars to bikes and reduce the need for solo car trips.

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My Name is Windy: The Scene at the 2021 CX Nats – Carmen Aiken

Act One: We Can’t Stop Here, This is Nats Country! In which our anti-hero-TeamLifeLOL-genderwhatever sets the stage with cold takes on Chicago-lite. What a December it was for The Cyclocross in Chicago. I’ve seen a few different versions of th

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Why Do Americans Hate Bikes So Much?

How low will some of us go to keep our neighborhoods bike-free? And won’t somebody please think of the children?

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There May Never Be a Better Time to Go Car-Free

With used car prices through the roof, it’s time for cyclists to put our money where our mouth is

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Global Fat Bike Day 2021

#globalfatbikeday #ftdc #fattire #fatbikes Donkeys go to Cougar Buttes

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The Starling Cycles Roost Hardtail is Pure, Undiluted Fun

You asked and we delivered. The Starling Cycles Roost.Starling’s very first hardtail had to be something special, so we went all out to make a bike built for...

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Pan Celtic Race 2021 ~The Film~

On July 4th 2021, after the postponement of our 2020 race, riders from all over the UK set off from Maker Heights in Cornwall to embark on a much needed and ...

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Weis Manufacturing

Weis Manufacturing is a Brooklyn-based manufacturer of handmade bicycles built for racing and available in steel and aluminum 

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Peloton X Explore Whitefish: Going-to-the-Sun Road, Glacier National Park - Peloton Magazine

no visit to Whitefish would not be complete without riding the famed, Going to the Sun Road in nearby Glacier National Park

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Riding the Isorakka North winter trail with Canyon Dude Fat bikes

Tässä jaksossa ajetaan Isorakan pohjoispuolen reitti eli Mustarakan reitti Laurin selostamana. Tervetuloa mukaan!In this episode we ride North trail of Isora...

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Best Bike Paths for Kids in Los Angeles, CA

Whether your kids are newly-minted two-wheeled warriors or still rocking the training wheels, visit one of these awesome bike trails in LA.

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Why not encourage cycling during the coronavirus lockdown?

Bikes allows people to maintain isolation but provide important respite from being indoors

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8 surprising things I learned after testing an electric bike for a year

E-bikes may be too heavy for some commutes, but your heart will be happy with the exercise.

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Want To Lower Your Risk Of Heart Attack? Try Walking Or Cycling To Work If You Can - Study Finds

A study by two former Olympic athletes suggests that walking or cycling to work on a daily basis may lower one's risk of suffering a heart attack.

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These Simple Bike Reflectors Offer 360-Degree Visibility to Keep Riders Safe at Night | Mental Floss

The FLECTR 360 WING wants to make sure your nighttime bike rides safe by offering visibility from all angles.

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The secret science of cycling fitness, by a Tour de France pro

From fasted training to HIIT workouts, Australian pro cyclist Adam Hansen – an eight-time Tour de France veteran with a passion for performance science – discusses the best training techniques to help amateur riders improve their fitness and s

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These Amazing Cycling Photos Will Send You Back in Time

From the very first hobby horse to Lawson Craddock’s heroic Tour this summer, cycling has had a long and glorious history.

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How horses and e-bikes help William Shatner stay fit and creative at 87 - Los Angeles Times

Still active in show business, legendary performer William Shatner discusses a key element in his long, joyful ride: daily fitness activities.

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Female Cyclist Who Lost To Transgender 'Woman' Speaks Out: 'NOT Fair' | Daily Wire

On Sunday, biologically male cyclist Rachel McKinnon, competing against biological females, unsurprisingly took home a gold medal at Sunday's UCI Masters Track Cycling World Champions

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Mountable Laserlight Projector Creates a Personal Bike Lane for Cyclists | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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The Revolutionary Bike Safety Breakthrough Every Cyclist Needs - Including You

Whether you are an avid road ride, gravel grinder, fitness cyclist or urban commuter, this simple but brilliant safety upgrade is a must have.

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This device turns any manual bike into an electric vehicle in seconds

Rubbee X is an e-drive that can turn almost any manual bicycle into an electric hybrid.

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AI could help reduce bike accidents | VentureBeat | AI | by John Brandon

I started biking on a regular basis last summer. On almost every business trip, I’ve arranged to use a bike as a way to stay in shape or to commute around a city. And I’ve taken countless bike-camping trips, most of them in my home state of Minnesota.

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Most Bike Friendly Cities in the US - Thrillist

More cities are building out their biking infrastructure and working to keep cyclists safe. Almost like it’s a competition or something.

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Biking or Walking to Work Can Improve Your Health Dramatically

Two new studies point out the benefits of walking or bicycling, especially if you make those exercises part of your daily commute.

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8 Habits Fast Cyclists Swear By | Bicycling

Coach Brandon Davis shares the habits he sees in his speediest cycling clients.

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Lessons on Aging Well, From a 105-Year-Old Cyclist

At age 105, Robert Marchand, a French amateur cyclist, is fitter than most 50-year-olds, and appears to be getting fitter with age.

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105-year-old Frenchman cycles into history with hour-long ride | Reuters

QUENTIN-EN-YVELINES, France (Reuters) - Robert Marchand, a 105-year-old Frenchman, made cycling history on Wednesday by covering 22.528 km (14.08 miles) in one hour on a track near Paris.

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How to Bicycle Around the World | Travel Leisure

Read on for a personal account and what to expect when touring the world by bike.

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9 Things Drivers Need to Stop Saying in the Bikes vs. Cars Debate

Before the next big wave of internet arguing, I’m proposing we retire a few overused and underwhelming opinions in the bikes vs. cars debate. Though I drive and bike, my allegiances skew in the cyclist direction (feel free to scroll straight the comment

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How Riding the Tour de France Damages Cyclists' Bodies | Bicycling

Exercise scientists say the Tour de France is the hardest endurance race in the world for a reason—it kicks everyone’s ass in the end.

Science & Technology | Tech

Google talks up its self-driving cars’ cyclist-detection algorithms

Today might be conspicuous in the annals of autonomous vehicles for a more serious reason, but another month is over and Google has issued its self-driving..

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4 Ways Your Tire Pressure Is Wrong | Bicycling

Your tire pressure is the biggest influence on your bike’s ride quality and handling. Here's how to dial it in.

Health & Fitness | Wheels

It's Time to Embrace Riding in the Rain | Bicycling

Into every cyclist’s life a sprinkle, shower, or torrential downpour inevitably comes—but with the right gear, skills, and attitude, riding in wet weather can precipitate a sense of freedom, joy, and accomplishment.

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BikeTag Is A Smart Safety Sensor For Cycling

Hardware startup Tagit Labs is building a tracking and safety device for extreme sports, focused initially on cycling. Co-founder John Anthony is a..

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7 Bike Maintenance Tips | Bicycling

A pro mechanic reveals the most common bike-maintenance and fit problems she sees, and how you can avoid them

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Tour De France Won By Rowdy, Tattooed Biker From Harley Davidson Team - The Onion - America's Finest News Source

PARIS—In what many are calling the single most dominant performance in the 112-year history of the event, the 2015 Tour de France was won Sunday by Jason “Scab” Vickerson of the Harley Davidson Team.

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Dozens Of Bikes Stolen From Local Program, Community Donates Hundreds Of Replacements

When the wheels came off for a neighborhood bike program, the community rallied to keep it cruising. After dozens of bicycles were stolen late last month from the Conkey Cruisers, a bike program in

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Cycling and Weight Loss | Bicycling

Bicycling is a nonimpact exercise, which means there’s no jarring on your joints, so even the heaviest rider can climb aboard a bike and pedal. With today’s fully geared bicycles, anyone from the most out-of-shape beginner to the recreational racer can pedal for miles (and burn loads of calories) hour after hour.

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Bono might never play guitar again after bicycle accident - The Independent

Bono might never be able to play guitar again after a bicycle accident in November.

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This Electric Bike Folds Up To Fit Inside Your Backpack!

There goes your last excuse for not biking to work. Most folding bikes are still fairly large even when they're folded up, and they're awkward to carry on a crowded subway car or elevator...

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California Leads The Nation In Fatal Bicycle Crashes: Behind The Numbers: LAist

Not only has the number of bicycling deaths been increasing throughout the nation, it looks like California is leading the list.

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Chicago Named Second-Best City for Cyclists, Magazine Says

Bicycling Magazine said only New York ranks ahead of Chicago as a bike town.

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Why Riding A Bike In NYC Is The Best

1. My bike almost never smells like someone puked inside of a shoe.

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How to Make Cycling Across the U.S. Look Easy!

The open road is impossible to resist, and if you give yourself enough time to prepare, you can make an epic, once-in-a-lifetime bike journey look like a breeze.

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Backtracker Helps Bikers Keep From Being Rear-Ended | TechCrunch

iKubu has created something that just might save a biker's life. Called the Backtracker, the device notifies you how fast and how close cars are approaching..

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How to: 5 Easy DIY Bicycle Tune-Ups Every Guy Should Know

A bicycle is an amazing machine. Easy to ride, but full of all sorts of moving parts that work together smoothly when everything is aligned, just so. As an active...