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9 Embarrassing Bike Buying Questions, Answered | Bicycling

Make sure you’re picking the right bike by asking these basic questions while shopping, especially if you're too embarrassed to ask.

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4 Ways Your Tire Pressure Is Wrong | Bicycling

Your tire pressure is the biggest influence on your bike’s ride quality and handling. Here's how to dial it in.

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The Biggest Mistake You're Making on Climbs | Bicycling

You know that burning feeling you get 10 minutes into a hard climb? It shouldn’t be there. It’s your legs telling you that you’re burning too many matches too early—and if you’re not careful, you’re going up in flames before you reach the top.

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California Leads The Nation In Fatal Bicycle Crashes: Behind The Numbers: LAist

Not only has the number of bicycling deaths been increasing throughout the nation, it looks like California is leading the list.

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How to Make Cycling Across the U.S. Look Easy!

The open road is impossible to resist, and if you give yourself enough time to prepare, you can make an epic, once-in-a-lifetime bike journey look like a breeze.

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Los Angeles Launches First Bicycle Friendly Business District

Los Angeles is launching the city's first Bicycle Friendly Business District (BFBD) in Northeast L.A. that will serve as a pilot program for a larger citywide initiative in 2015-16.