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Do Drivers Even Know the Laws That Protect Cyclists? Do You?

Several new laws have been passed recently to keep cyclists and other more vulnerable road users safe.

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Opinion: Cars don't have to rule Culver City, or the future of L.A. transit

The Culver City Council will vote on its recently protected bus and bike lanes. At stake is how Angelenos see the future of transit in our region.

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Is Toxic Masculinity Causing Cyclist, Pedestrian and Driver Fatalities?

New podcast examines the connection between traffic injuries, car culture and toxic masculinity.

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USA Cycling Champion Killed While Biking in San Francisco

The San Franciscan was hit by a car on Tuesday afternoon near the Presidio.

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Bicyclists Deserve the Right to Free Movement

US infrastructure is unnecessarily dangerous for bike riders. There’s a better way.

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Commentary: Are L.A. drivers suddenly more OK with endangering lives?

There's a difference between knowing pedestrian deaths are up in L.A., and actually facing down increasingly reckless drivers on roads and sidewalks.

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'Lily's death was no accident': Chicago cyclists file lawsuit against city, ComEd over illegal parking in bike lanes

"When I'm biking in Chicago, there isn't a single day where I'm biking, and I don't feel like I could be killed."

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San Diego prepares to add bike lanes to Convoy Asian Cultural District

The addition of bike lanes on Convoy Street was called for in the 2020 update to the Kearny Mesa Community Plan. It will require the removal of nearly 300 parking spaces, which is upsetting some businesses.

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Stranded in the Bike Lane

The city's most powerful bike advocates are fighting to add more protected bike lanes, urging city leaders to spend money and political capital to keep its residents safe.

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North Park group loses lawsuit over 30th Street bike lanes

An appellate court rejected the group's claims that the city failed to do the adequate environmental review before removing parking and putting in bike lanes.

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Bill Text - AB-1909 Vehicles: bicycle omnibus bill.

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Column: Is turning right on a red light your California birthright? Absolutely not!

Cities are increasingly outlawing the practice of right turns on red lights as a way of saving pedestrian lives.

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At Media Roundtable, DOT Commissioner Tells NY'ers to 'Think Twice Before Getting a Car or Driving'

DOT Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez shares recent efforts to make public transportation more safe and accessible to residents.

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How to overcome common objections to bike lanes

In my 3+ years of local advocacy I’ve heard every objection under the sun to putting in safe bike infrastructure. It seems that no one…

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City Council member proposes bill to pay New Yorkers who report cars illegally parked in bike lanes

New Yorkers would be paid a portion of the fines that are collected.

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These Simple Bike Reflectors Offer 360-Degree Visibility to Keep Riders Safe at Night | Mental Floss

The FLECTR 360 WING wants to make sure your nighttime bike rides safe by offering visibility from all angles.

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Mountable Laserlight Projector Creates a Personal Bike Lane for Cyclists | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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The Revolutionary Bike Safety Breakthrough Every Cyclist Needs - Including You

Whether you are an avid road ride, gravel grinder, fitness cyclist or urban commuter, this simple but brilliant safety upgrade is a must have.

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BikeTag Is A Smart Safety Sensor For Cycling

Hardware startup Tagit Labs is building a tracking and safety device for extreme sports, focused initially on cycling. Co-founder John Anthony is a..