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International Space Development Conference 2024 beams up Star Trek's William Shatner and more in Los Angeles

The stars of Star Trek are about to get a taste of real-life space exploration when they beam into the 2024 International Space Development Conference in Los Angeles this weekend.

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William Shatner's Idea For Star Trek II Would Have Altered The Course Of The Franchise

William Shatner pitched an idea for a potential Star Trek 2 that was totally different than what became Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

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William Shatner, Star Trek's Captain Kirk, takes on an AI chatbot

Legendary "Star Trek" actor William Shatner has been spending time exploring the new frontier of artificial intelligence.

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William Shatner Nearly Changed Star Trek: Enterprise Season 4

Star Trek: Enterprise Season 4 almost featured a cameo from Willam Shatner as Captain Kirk - but not the version that fans would have expected.

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William Shatner calls UFO hearings ‘ridiculous’

Beloved Star Trek legend William Shatner said recent congressional hearings about unidentified aerial phenomena are “ridiculous.”

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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Anson Mount has been studying William Shatner’s turn on Star Trek

Anson Mount will once again star in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, and ahead of season two, we found out that he studies William Shatner.

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Star Trek legend William Shatner is Mission Control for Fox’s Stars on Mars

William Shatner will do anything if he's paid enough, just not more Star Trek. The history of William Shatner's career is a wild one after Star T...

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William Shatner documentary 'You Can Call Me Bill' will help expand access to space

The non-profit organization Space For Humanity will receive 25% of the proceeds from the new William Shatner documentary "You Can Call Me Bill."

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William Shatner Recalls Landing His Star Trek Role as Captain Kirk

William Shatner shared the story behind his casting in Star Trek at SXSW 2023.

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Revisit William Shatner's unhinged cover of The Beatles song 'Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds'

Join us as we revisit one of the most bewildering covers of all time: William Shatner's 1968 rendition of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds' by The Beatles

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William Shatner's Right About Modern Star Trek

William Shatner said Gene Roddenberry would hate modern Star Trek during a panel at SDCC 2022... and even though he was joking, he's probably right.

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William Shatner Says Star Trek Creator Would Be Spinning in His Grave Over the Modern Franchise

William Shatner gave his opinion on what Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry would think of the franchise in its current form.

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55 Years Ago: William Shatner’s Favorite ‘Star Trek’ Episode Airs

'The City on the Edge of Forever,' regarded by many as the best ‘Star Trek’ episode ever, first aired on April 6, 1967.

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10 Unmistakable Captain Kirk Character Traits In Star Trek

James T. Kirk is the most famous character in all of Star Trek, thanks to a set of particular traits that made him the legendary Captain fans love.

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‘Star Trek’ alum William Shatner, 90, becomes the oldest man to travel to space

Three, two, one... the "Star Trek" alum, 90, blasted off to space on Wednesday aboard the Blue Origin's New Shepard 4. Details on his mission.

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William Shatner Watches Years of Captain Kirk Impersonations

William Shatner watches several years' worth of clips of various comedians and actors doing their best Captain Kirk impersonations.

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William Shatner reflects on 55 years of 'Star Trek' — and that controversial 'SNL' sketch

The erstwhile Captain Kirk looks back on his "Trek" timeline, the notorious "Get a Life" skit, and his memories working with Leonard Nimoy, Lucille Ball and Christopher Plummer.

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William Shatner Has Never Watched Star Trek

Star Trek: The Original Series lead William Shatner has never watched an episode of Star Trek. That's what he told People in a recent interview promoting his new film Senior Moment. Discussing his role as Captain James T. Kirk that helped launch his caree

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The Star Trek Episodes That Define Captain Kirk

On March 22nd both William Shatner and Captain James Tiberius Kirk celebrate their birthday—so to mark the occasion we look back at 10 classic episodes of Star Trek that all speak to different facets of the iconic Captain of the starship Enterprise.

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12 wonderful William Shatner television performances beyond Star Trek

Happy 90th birthday, Shatner! He has played everything from a drug lord to an astronaut who can talk with dolphins.

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William Shatner is headlining regional Star Trek Creation conventions

William Shatner is headlining regional Star Trek Creation conventions in Vancouver, Edison, NJ, and Jacksonville, FL in 2021

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William Shatner Does NOT Get Royalties from Star Trek: The Original Series

During one of his endless troll fights on Twitter, William Shatner reveals that he receives zero royalties from playing Kirk on Star Trek: TOS.

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William Shatner sings ‘The Blues’ backed by Rock & Roll Hall of Famers and other stars

Actor William Shatner, best known for playing Capt. James T. Kirk on “Star Trek,” has a new album out Friday, Oct. 2. "The Blues" finds Shatner singing iconic fare such as "Crossroads," "The Thrill is Gone," "Route 66," "Sweet Home Chicago" and more, join

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William Shatner’s NFT Collectibles Sell Out at Warp Speed

Fans bought 125,000 non-fungible token trading cards featuring Star Trek’s William Shatner on the WAX Blockchain

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William Shatner’s ‘Captain’s Log’ Post Amid Coronavirus Will Make Your Day

William Shatner hands down won the day Wednesday when he took to Twitter and made a post that started with "Captain's Log: Stardate 1" amid the coronavirus.

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William Shatner Gets In Twitter Feud With Millennial Who Said ‘Ok Boomer’

The “Ok Boomer” trend has become so ubiquitous that even celebrities like William Shatner are fighting back against millennials employing it as a term of dismissal. On Wednesday, the “Star Trek” actor got into a heated exchange wit

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William Shatner would play Captain Kirk again for Tarantino -- but don't ask him to really go into space

William Shatner admits he's not completely sold on the concept of alien life and he's even passed up the chance to actually travel into outer space, but he would return to the role of Captain Kirk for a Quentin Tarantino "Star Trek" project.

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How 'Twilight Zone' Pays Homage to Classic William Shatner Episode Without Being a Copy

"Nightmare at 30,000 Feet" has the same overall structure to the classic William Shatner "Twilight Zone" episode, but it's not a straight-forward retelling.

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Happy 88th, William Shatner: We're toasting the 'Trek' legend's birthday with a look at Kirk's best moments!

William Shatner — the man, the legend, Star Trek's original Captain James T. Kirk — turns 88 years young today, and there's just no stopping him! He’s still acting, singing, writing books, riding horses, raising money for charity, and traversing

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How horses and e-bikes help William Shatner stay fit and creative at 87 - Los Angeles Times

Still active in show business, legendary performer William Shatner discusses a key element in his long, joyful ride: daily fitness activities.

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Adam Scott taking William Shatner's role in classic Twilight Zone episode reboot

Are we having a fear of flying yet? As the new remake of The Twilight Zone slowly comes to life, with Jordan Peele serving as humble narrator to deliver ambiguous exposition and perhaps some archly ironic concluding messages, another recently supernatural

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Jewish Actor William Shatner Talks About Facing a ‘Great Deal’ of Antisemitism as a Child

Jewish Canadian actor William Shatner opened up in a recent interview about being the target of antisemites during his childhood....

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For William Shatner, Early 'Star Trek' Was Far From Glamorous

William Shatner had a difficult time the first few years after 'Star Trek' premiered, as it wasn't popular yet.

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12 wonderful William Shatner television performances beyond Star Trek

Shatner has played everything from a drug lord to an astronaut who can talk with dolphins.

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How Kirk and Spock’s Relationship Held Star Trek Together | TIME

The friendships that developed initially were in the scripts: the relationship between Kirk and Spock held the show together.

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Star Trek Shatner Goes Stormtrooper at CMAs

Star Trek News -- William Shatner beamed into the CMAs last night... as a Stormtrooper!

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William Shatner charity ride to honor vets

A fundraiser and publicity event for the American Legion features actor William Shatner, who will ride the "Rivet," a three-wheeled, open-air motorcyclelike hot rod. The eight-day, 2,400-mile drive, mostly along Route 66, starts in Aurora, Ill.,

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William Shatner Returns As Captain Kirk‏ (Kind Of)

Star Trek News - William Shatner will beam down to San Diego Comic Con next month to read excerpts from The Autobiography of James T. Kirk.

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William Shatner: Solve California drought with Seattle pipeline - LA Times

Actor William Shatner is hoping to save California from further drought by proposing an enterprise of his own — importing water from the Seattle area, where rain is plentiful.

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See How William Shatner Held a Twitter Funeral for Leonard Nimoy | TIME

William Shatner was unable to attend the Sunday funeral of his Star Trek castmate Leonard Nimoy, who died last week, so he paid tribute to his longtime friend by answering Twitter questions about the man behind Mr. Spock.

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Star Trek's William Shatner Set to Narrate Clangers

Star Trek News - William Shatner is beaming over to Clangers and will serve as the Narrator of Sprout's upcoming reboot of the old British children's show.

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The 25 Shatneriest William Shatner Moments Of All Time | Features | Empire

The original Captain Kirk may be 83-years-old, but he’s still gallivanting about the internet like a 20-something with a GoPro stuck to his head

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Shatner & Nimoy Reunite For Volkswagen Germany Commercial

News - Trek legends William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy reunite for a charming Volkswagen Germany commercial. Check it out at StarTrek.com.

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William Shatner Confirms He Was Contacted About Star Trek 3 And He Would Love To Do It!

Despite tweeting out a denial that anybody had contacted him about Star Trek 3, William Shatner confirmed today that he had indeed been contacted about Star Trek 3 by none other than J.J. Abrams. However, Abrams asked him to keep it a secret, so he hadn�